A flat abdomen in just seven days with this viral workout that only takes 15 minutes

Sara Flamenco

Have the
flat stomach It is one of our most desired objectives, but we do not know how, fat tends to accumulate in our area
abdominal and there is no way to get rid of it. In addition to following a good
feedingone of the keys to say goodbye to that fat is to continue
a HIIT workoutas Elsa Pataky knows well, and you can combine it with specific exercises to strengthen the abdominals.

But of course, as always, the
time it is scarce and you have to optimize it to the maximum to reach everything you have to do. This is not why you should give up
exerciseyou just have to look for a routine that, in a short time, achieves the same
results than a longer series of exercises.

And does that work? Well according to
Vietnamese coach Thanh LĂȘ Yes, and we are going to tell you why. The expert has managed to go viral with a series of videos in which she teaches you how to do it in
a single exercise that, if you practice it in
between 15 and 20 minutes a day, you can see the first results in just a week.

It is very easy to do, since it consists of
jerk the hips, which causes the pelvis to move in anteversion and retroversion, that is, forwards and backwards. The goal is to activate the muscles
ABSstrengthen the core and reduce the
Abdominal fat.

You gotta keep your feet firmly planted on the
floor and move the
hip forward while the
stomach pulls back to the rhythm of fast music. In this way, you activate and strengthen the muscles
ABS in just a few minutes.

Woman with flat abdomen /

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.

In short, the exercise
consists in:

1. Get high
standing Feet slightly apart and knees slightly bent.

2. Collapse the

3. Don’t move
feet or knees in any moment.

3. Slide the
hip forward and, at the same time, carry the
stomach backward.

4. Put out your chest, carry the
stomach forward and the
hip backward.

Of course, like all these videos that go viral on
TikTok and that promise almost magical benefits with little effort, has its
detractors. There are experts who warn that this move should be made
slowly and not abruptly, to avoid damaging the lower back.

Furthermore, for
lose belly fat a caloric deficit is necessary, so it is almost as important to follow a
feeding balanced consuming less
calories than the ones you spend through your
metabolismactivity and training«.

In short, the experts say that no, with being
15 minutes a day putting in and taking out gut, you are not going to get rid of the
Abdominal fat. You should worry about a plan
feeding long-term healthy
caloric deficit and exercises of
cardio and of
force that works all the muscle groups of the body, not just the

Our joy in a well.