All the benefits of power yoga, the exercise that Kate Winslet practices to tone her body at the age of 47

Sara Flamenco

We love the trajectory of
Kate Winslet. The actress, who became known worldwide thanks to her role in Titanic for which she was nominated for an Oscar, has always been questioned about her physique, pressure from her that, fortunately, has not affected her greatly. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take care of herself and, like other actresses like Demi Moore, for her to look like she’s 35 at 60, she practices
sport on a regular basis.

But not just to keep
a toned figure (which too), but because the actress, who is a vegetarian, takes care of her health as a priority. And what sport does she usually do? “I take classes
power yoga a couple of times a week, some barre, cardio and we have a dog, so I love going for walks,” he has said on occasion.

The benefits of Power Yoga for Kate Winslet

power yoga is one of the most demanding types of yoga known and is designed for those seeking a more dynamic style, in which the
asanas are done smoothly. Being a type of vinyasa, the practice is fluid and dynamic, which helps to tone different areas of the body and, in turn, develop concentration, putting balance and flexibility into practice.

The practice of this type of yoga has many
benefitssince it strengthens and
tones the muscles in addition to the bones, preventing diseases such as osteoarthritis. But not only that, but on a mental level it generates a great feeling of well-being and relaxation, helping you increase your self-esteem. Here we further develop its benefits:

Kate Winslet posing in a black dress. /Gtresonline.

Helps burn calories, reducing body fat

You are likely to burn more
calories doing an hour of intense cardio, like jumping rope, but Power Yoga fuels your muscles, which also helps you lose calories even after class is over. That also helps you
lose weight.

You tone muscles and joints, developing strength

The objective of Power Yoga is to acquire a greater
muscular strength to help us achieve certain postures in less time than with a traditional practice. Thus, among his most frequent exercises are warrior postures and complex inversion and balance asanas, as well as
ABSpush-ups and sustained tension exercises.

Increases resistance and flexibility

Its main characteristic is that it is a very strong, energetic and intense practice that works on power and
flexibility at a deep level through the realization of a sequence of asanas in a very dynamic and fluid way that require greater
endurance And control.

Kate Winslet posing in a black dress. /Gtresonline.

improve posture

All Yoga modalities, from the most traditional to the most physically demanding, help you improve your
position. To begin with, because you strengthen the body muscles, which has a supporting effect, and also because yoga is based precisely on that, on performing different postures (asanas) that you have to perform correctly, which makes you more aware of your
postural hygiene.

speeds up metabolism

Red muscle fiber development is very effective for
lose weight since you need a higher calorie intake to maintain yourself. But not only during the exercise, but also afterwards, when we are at rest, accelerating our metabolism and helping us to
slim down.

Boost your concentration

Performing the different asanas fluently is not so easy, which forces you to be
focused on the here and now. What seems obvious is not so easy, since we have so many responsibilities and we always go so fast that our thinking is never focused on the now, we are always anticipating things. Practicing Power Yoga helps you focus, which
relax the mind.

Helps reduce stress and anxiety

As in any other modality, Power Yoya sessions end with a period of
relaxation in it we return the body and mind to a state of calm. These minutes dedicated to
meditation They help you eliminate stress and all the tension accumulated throughout the day.