Anonymous attacks Elon Musk and accuses him of playing with the cryptocurrency markets

Elon Musk is a controversial character who has been involved in controversy on numerous occasions. When we published the list with 10 of his best-known eccentricities, it was possible to see how he has always known how to attract the attention of the media. This leading role has led in recent times to your views on cryptocurrencies cause financial earthquakes and unintended consequences.

As reported in Futurism, a group of people who claim to be associated with Anonymous have shared a video in which they accuse Elon Musk of playing with the cryptocurrency markets and be part of movements that are destroying people’s lives. Something very consistent with some news that we have seen previously about Elon Musk and bitcoin.

In the almost 4-minute video, Musk is accused of believing himself too smart and states that “has been forced to denounce his company’s involvement with bitcoin to keep government money flowing into Tesla’s coffers“.

Regarding the consequences of Musk’s comments and their effect on cryptocurrencies, it is commented that “While the working people see their dreams destroyed by your tantrumsyou keep taunting them with memes from one of your million dollar mansions“.

Elon Musk’s response has been what could be expected and this has decided not to be intimidated or ignore the video, but to openly mock it. In general, he is accused of not even being from Anonymous, but from possible cryptocurrency investors who try to separate him from this business.

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In any case, it is true that there are many doubts about the authorship of this video, in the same way that Elon Musk is aware of the consequences of his words and how they affect the finances of many people. Now It remains to be seen if this confrontation continues and has a second partwith both participants it is difficult to make predictions.