Apple is unbeatable and its iPhones lead the market stronger than ever, although there are nuances

In a clearly disastrous 2022 for the smartphone sector, Manzana has once again peaked its worldwide sales profit share with its iPhone. In recent years we have seen how mythical but uncompetitive brands like Nokia, Blackberry, Palm and HTC have been eliminated, but Apple is resisting stronger than ever.

Specifically, and according to data from Bloomberg, we are talking about Apple managed to generate 85% of operating profits and 48% of revenue from sales of smartphones during the year 2022. Both figures represent new highs for the company, 15 years after the launch of the iphonewhich has brought so much joy to the company.

It is logical that brands like Apple or Samsung have been the only ones to establish a certain benefit, even if we are talking about only 1% and it is that, they are the marks of smartphones that sell a higher proportion of premium devices, such as Apple’s iPhone 14 series or the newly released Samsung Galaxy S23.

However, qualify again that we are talking about the year 2022, although, according to our colleagues from Business Insider, the economic results of its first fiscal quarter of 2023, belonging to the final three months of 2022, fall in revenue for the first time since the 2019, with 117.2 billion dollars, 5% less than the billing of the same period of 2021.

A disastrous 2022 in the smartphone sector in which only Apple and Samsung have barely survived

Also We already announced that the last quarter of 2022 was going to be quite turbulent and finally this is demonstrated by the latest data from Apple. Qualcomm, one of the leading providers of smartphone chips, has already predicted that sales will drop much more than expected by the end of 2022 due to the uncertain economic environment.

As indicated, only Apple and Samsung have managed, albeit with difficulty, to overcome a 2022 fraught with economic difficulties, in which the main factors that have contributed to this disaster have had a strong impact on low sales due to the economy. world.

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The rising cost of living due to inflation and a weaker economy has caused and is causing sales decrease and those who start buying a new smartphone prefer to opt for cheaper models.

Another interesting fact is that the sector seems to have gone from a concern about scarcity to a problematic glut. The rapid deterioration in demand and the easing of supply restrictions in the semiconductor industry have led to an increase in inventories.

As we already know, Samsung, for its part, says it’s tapping into the emerging market for foldables, like the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, to help boost its sales, which have also seen it plummet. In June, it was claimed that Samsung then had 50 million smartphones in stock and very dubious sales.

With all this, many analysts agree that, despite the relaxation of restrictions in China, “it is currently not known for certain whether the reopening will contribute to the recovery of the global smartphone market”says MengMeng Zhang, an analyst at Counterpoint.

It is true that has seen an increase of up to 20% in smartphone sales in the month of January 2023 with Apple presidingbut the economic situation does not point to an immediate recovery of the smartphone market, at least for the moment.