Ariadne Artiles’ trick to tone buttocks while drying hair and show off perfect legs after 40

raquel rodriguez

Are you one of those who makes the excuse of not doing
exercise due to lack of time? Well, dear reader, if the answer is yes, you have to see the latest viral publication of
instagram. We are talking about a video that Ariadne Artiles has published and that is proof of “if you want, you can”.

Laziness, lack of will and motivation and the hectic routines that we usually have make training go into the background and we don’t feel like
dedicate an hour a day to take care of our body and that we make cheap excuses to avoid it.

And yes, the
lack of time It is usually one of the most common. Don’t you have ten minutes to do a simple routine a day with which to activate muscles and clear your mind? Well of course you have. But even so, for those who continue to affirm that life does not allow them to exercise their bodies, we have the publication of Ariadne Artiles.

The model, who
boasts daily in the networks of a healthy life in which food and sports play an essential role, he has taught his followers how to make the most of time and manages to exercise his body even when he dries his hair.

Ariadne Artiles with toned legs/@ariadneartiles

Yes, you read it right. Those minutes in which you are with the dryer on is no longer wasted time, it is time for you to take advantage of them by doing a
squat. Pay attention to how she does it in the video that she has shared with her ‘followers’. You have no excuse for this, right?

Under the hashtag #unminutodesillateponeelculoarriba, Ariadne has encouraged her followers to try this tip. “There are no excuses! A way to entertain and
amortize the time that we use to dry our hair for those whose children do not let them go alone or to the shower either“, has written.

With feet hip-width apart or slightly wider, toes facing forward and bottom out, the model squats down as she dries her hair and
strengthens the buttocks and abdomen. Trick!

But, what is achieved by spending a few minutes in this position? The squat is one of the most common exercises when doing a complete workout. And the reason is that it has multiple
benefits. It costs, yes, but the results are quite efficient. Take note of what you can get.

benefits of squats

  • Increases strength and tones the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

  • It also strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and hips.

  • Reduce back pain.

  • Strengthens the joints.

  • It stabilizes the muscles, which will help to better maintain balance.