Can a Bizum sent to a wrong number be cancelled?

The simplicity of applications like Bizum can play tricks on you. We have used this application so often this year that we even carry out the procedures with our eyes closed, but this excess of confidence translates into errors that are later difficult to reverse.

From the application they remind us that it is not possible to cancel a payment that has already been approved and sent. If you have the wrong person or have paid more than necessary, there are several options, but they are not as simple as clicking the cancel button.

the first thing we can to try is to reason with the other person which, in general, will be a friend or relative, and ask them to return it to us with another Bizum. If the person is unreasonable or we do not know them, Bizum advises us Ask the bank for help with which we have processed the transfer and see the options that they give us.

I have been scammed by Bizum, what can I do?

I have been scammed by Bizum, what can I do?

Bizum has become the most popular mobile payment system between individuals in Spain. As in any other medium, scams are also possible. What are the steps to follow to claim?

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On the other hand, if the ruling is that we have received money that does not correspond to us or a person we do not know, the alternatives are similar. If you know that person, returning the money with another transfer is the fastest and most responsible process.

If you do not know the number, you can contact the bank to locate that person – perhaps it is a contact that you inadvertently deleted – it can be confusing, but also a scam system.

In third place, We may receive a collection request that does not correspond to us. A friend asks us for the part of a dinner that we have not been to by mistake. In this case, the Bizum application does have the possibility of rejecting it and there is a process for up to 7 days to accept it or not. In the case of payments, the process is completed after 5 seconds, so it is not so easy to cancel them.

In any case, many of these mistakes can be avoided from the start. reviewing the data multiple times before finishing the process and accepting the payment. In addition, Bizum advisesuse only the contacts to send the money and Do not write the number by hand to avoid dialing errors.

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