Casa Decor 2023 Guide: everything you need to know (dates, address, hours, tickets) and the ten most beautiful spaces created by the best interior designers

Ana Calvo

Six weeks, more than two hundred exhibitors, fifty spaces created exclusively for the fair by
the best interior designers and about 40,000 visitors. Casa Decor reopens its doors this
April 13 and, until May 28, will show us the trends and the most beautiful decoration ideas for our home. This 58th edition, in addition, the exhibition returns to the Barrio de Salamanca, where it was born in 1992: you can visit it from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Sunday, on the street
Serrano, 92semi-corner with Juan Bravo street.

Home Decor It is the most important interior design, design, trends and lifestyle event in the sector in Europe due to its magnitude, duration and media relevance. With a unique format, which is held every year in a different location in the center of Madrid, this year
return to the Barrio de Salamanca who saw him born more than 30 years ago to stay for a month and a half in an emblematic building on the Golden Mile.

Neoclassical in style and with natural light as the main element, the choice of the Serrano building, 92, has not been accidental:
Home Decor 2023 wants to “celebrate a
Deluxe Edition in one of the most iconic commercial arteries of the capital, integrating naturally into the exclusive offer offered by Madrid’s Golden Mile.

Casa Decor 2023, according to Natuzzi.

«When we say that Casa Decor 2023 is a ‘jewel edition’, we are not only referring to being surrounded by illustrious neighbors. Entering through the Serrano 92 portal is like entering a jewelry store of ideas, where
each space is a different gem, with designs and stones each more exuberant and precious. A luxury showcase where the spaces are threaded with artisan delicacy, in a game of surprising contrasts”, they report from Casa Decor.

What will we find at Casa Decor 2023

Throughout the tour, in which 50 spaces intervened by the most important interior designers and firms in the sector have been adapted, «we discovered
halls pristine and elegant faceted with the delicacy of a diamond.
kitchens and bathrooms with the intense blue of sapphire and the subtle transparency of aquamarine. Pearly environments to match the sparkling shine of gold, and spaces that dare with impossible figures and strange metals. All of this makes up the creative wealth of this vibrant and imaginative 58th edition, whose creators are not afraid to express themselves and take risks, delving into the old, venturing into the future and reinventing what has already been traversed”, they state.

· Technology and creativity to the limit: the Meraki show by Bang&Olufsen x Miriam Alía

The Bang&Olufsen x Miriam Alía space at Casa Decor 2023.

Miriam Alía has created the impressive Meraki room for the Bang&Olufsen space. «It is a space where we wanted to take creativity to the limit, through l
the transformation of colors, light and sound producing a direct effect on our state of mind and perception of reality”, says the interior designer.

· The most beautiful bathroom in the world: the union between Jacob Delafon and Guillermo García-Hoz

Jacob Delafon and Guille García-Hoz at Casa Decor 2023.

«This room recreates much more than a bathroom. It is a place to be, rest, and stay forever away from the immediacy, the rush and the algorithms typical of recent times. Through the elements, shapes and neutral tones, where
the floor and its combination of colors and materials are the undisputed protagonistsand an inspiration that fuses crafts, nature and human character with the futuristic, modern and innovative spirit, opens a new path and a unique concept: an authentic journey through time where the past, present and future come together. hand”, they tell us from the brand.

Spaces that invite you to sigh, to find joy, rest and feel at home: the Italian label, according to Beatriz Silveira

«To develop the project I have been inspired by the values ​​of
quality, elegance and modernity together with functionality and style, since they are concepts that serve to define Italian design, a way of understanding the art of everyday life that has crossed borders and has become an international benchmark”, explains Beatriz Silveira about the deco proposal “Sospiro ! Living Room »that she has created at Casa Decor 2023 for the space intervened by the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Embassy in Madrid.

· Sustainable, respectful and pet friendly salons: Saloni’s Pets&Humans proposal

The new from Saloni is called Essence and it is a collection of advanced ceramics that seeks
build sustainable and respectful spaces, filling any surface with light and naturalness. «The beauty of this small apartment of more than 30m2 lies in the fact that its forms are born from the context and from the inevitability of structural and functional logic, something that we find in the instinctive sensitivity with which the animals choose or produce the materials and shapes for their homes”, they say from the Italian design firm.

· Minimalist author designs: the new mosaic trends, according to Hisbalit

bathroom becomes the new focus of attention in the home through the proposal by Daniel Pérez, Felipe Araujo and Diana García “Upper West Salamanca (The Bathroom Act)” at Casa Decor, a space in which Hisbalit has participated with its incredible mosaics : «they are unique, subtle and elegant motifs created by hand to cover floors, walls and all kinds of surfaces. The perfect point of personalization”, they say from the brand.

· My kitchen with a gazebo, the fusion of ideas from BC3 Cocinas and Ele Room 62

“This year, on our first visit to the house, we saw this space and we all fell in love with its viewpoint.” For this reason, in this joint project with BC3 Cocinas, the interior designers Inmaculada Recio and Silvia Trigueros, from Ele Room 62, »we wanted to bring the concept of
the kitchen as the core of the home where you can eat, relax or even work, achieving an integrated, functional and welcoming space. Our inspiration is reality, we create real spaces where people want to stay and feel at home.”

· Neoclassical canvas and eclectic interior, the blue and red room of El Corte Inglés

Faithful to its principle of respecting the spaces found in its clients’ homes, El Corte Inglés is carried away by the emblematic neoclassical building at Serrano, 92, to create
an eclectic corner, modern and full of colorwhich fuses the Spanish and the Asian and adapts to the rhythms of life and the passion for beautiful spaces.

· Curves and color, the reconceptualization of the La Mancha countryside in the heart of Madrid

That curved deco elements are back in full trend is nothing new. However, the Castilla-La Mancha Crafts Space at Casa Decor 2023 is, perhaps, one of the most surprising in the exhibition due to the way in which the Machego countryside is evoked with a spectacular and extravagant fusion of shapes, colors and materials. The project is by Ricardo de la Torre.

· Color block and sophisticated Art Brut, the commitment of Jaime Jurado and Mónica Bartolessis

As if it were a Mondrian painting, or as if we were slipping through the pixels of a Tetris or entering a Lego box, geometric games of color are the protagonists of the Espacio Laminam and the “Color Block” room created by Jaime Jurado and Mónica Bartolessis at Casa Decor 2023. «Our space is conceived according to the idea of
sophisticated Art Brutcombining the rough forms of the most refined architecture with the elegance and neatness of the materials”, say the interior designers.

· A bedroom full of joy, color and cuteness, the deco revolution by Leroy Merlin

Without a doubt, El rincón de la monería, the space intervened by Leroy Merlín at Casa Decor 2023, is one of the most surprising. The DIY store proposes a trip to the past with
a bedroom full of joy and color and they explain that «we wanted to get out of our standards to immerse ourselves in this beautiful journey full of adventure and bet on curdling our intervention of textiles rich in color and textures. Getting out of the usual trends of our projects to create an atmosphere that invites us to travel ».