Control your expenses with Advanced uses

If you already use and you know how to check your latest expenses in the cloud, it’s time to learn how to use its advanced tools. You can schedule transactions to run automatically on specific dates, limit spending with alerts for certain categories, or create savings plans.

Schedule moves to be added automatically

there are certain fixed costs that are generated on a recurring basis, such as the rent or the internet bill. To save you having to enter them every month of the year, it is possible to create a periodic repeat motion. from section movementsclick on the button add movement.

Complete the panel as usual, indicating the amount and category of expense. Before pressing confirm movementgo to the tab optional fields and check the box Define periodicity at the end. After clicking on Following, you will see the different scheduling options: repetition until a specific date, for a certain number of times or without a defined limit. Set the start date, choose the repeat mode and points to the periodicity pattern. When you have it, click on Define periodicity. For example, if you want an expense of €25 to be added every month for the next 6 months, you would have to put it like this:

Program automatic repeat movements

Set a spending goal

If, after reviewing the movements of the last month, you discover that there are some categories in which you have spent more due, it may be a good idea to configure some type of alerts that notify you of these economic “oversights”. Access the section Goalswhere you can review the current status of conflicting categories and see how successful you are having with your savings purposes.

Control what you spend in each category

You can reuse the goals created by default or set your own with the button add goal. Select the category in which you want limit spendingindicate the maximum amount and, if you want, check the box repeat every month. Confirm the changes with the button create goal. If you get too close to the spending limit, will send you an email alerting you to the situation.

Control what you spend on tobacco

Set a spending goal

Whether it is for a trip in summer or to acquire a gadget that you have become infatuated with, it is important to know how to wear goals to save a certain amount and not fail in the attempt. with section Goals it’s very simple, thanks to tremendously visual graphics to monitor progress.

Set savings goals and see how you are meeting them

Access this section and click on add goal. In the floating panel, enter a name, the amount you want to save, the deadline to achieve it and, if you have several goals at the same time, the priority you want to give them.

Set the amount you want to save for the given date

Click on Following and choose which account you will get the savings financing. You can limit a percentage of monthly income or a maximum amount per month. The help balloon will tell you what is the minimum amount you need to collect each month to meet the savings goal on the proposed date. Click on create goal to apply the changes.

Choose which accounts you want to load the savings into and what will be the minimum amount

Create custom categories

If the default spending categories don’t quite fit your needs, you’ll be glad to know that you can add as many as you like. From the top menu, click on the option my content and go to the section Categories. Click on create one now , and in the flyout panel, select the parent category of your new subcategory. Give it a name and, after clicking on the blue button, you will be able to choose it in the next movements that you add.

Create custom categories for your expenses