Cool technology at a price you wouldn’t expect

There are barely a couple of months left until Christmas, a time when it is a tradition to give gifts to the people we care about the most and even to treat ourselves to the occasional whim. Therefore, if you are one of those who is preparing the list of the Magi, we show you a list with the Very cool technology at a price you wouldn’t expect.

And it is not necessary to spend too much to get a device with a decent quality / price, since there are many brands that offer very interesting proposals.

In our ranking you will find gadgets of all kinds: for athletes, hipsters, as well as for the most geeky. All of them for a price that will surely surprise you.

So now you know: forget about comparisons or searching the web for which product is the best, and take a look at our list.

Weimei We

Weimei We technology cool price you don't expect

Weimei We It is a smartphone that has some very interesting technical characteristics that are accompanied by a very reasonable price.

But this mobile is not only interesting on the outside and inside, what is really “important” is everything that surrounds it.

Although the manufacture and assembly of the parts is carried out in China, the sale, marketing and repair of the parts is carried out in Spain. In fact, one of the company’s strengths is its technical support, since the repair service is 5 days with pick up and home delivery.

He Weimei We has a screen 5 inches with HD resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels), which means it has a pixel density of 320 ppi.

Analysis and characteristics of the Weimei We

mount a processor Octa-core MediaTek MT6753, so we will not have problems with the performance of the device. This one is accompanied 3GB RAM, enough quantity to run the apps that we want at the same time. As for its internal memory, the device comes with 16 GB expandable via microSD up to 64 GB.

Its main camera has a sensor of 13 megapixelswhile its front has one of 5 megapixelsperfect for selfies.

As for its connectivity, it stands out for being compatible with networks 4G And be Dual SIM, which will allow you to have two phone numbers on your mobile. In addition, it comes with other types of more basic, but essential connections, such as Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11ac and GPS.

Finally, your battery is 2,600mAhwhich means an autonomy of one day, approximately.

Ultimately, one of the smartphones with the best value for money from the market, since it only costs 189 euros.

Weimei We

Check the technical characteristics and all the information about Weimei We and its best offers.

Archos Music Beany, the hat to listen to music

Archos Music Beany technology cool price you don't expect

By now we are used to seeing smartwatches, smart glasses or bracelets for athletes, but what about hats? At Computer Today we propose a most interesting gadget that, in addition to renewing your wardrobe and sheltering you from the cold, you will find it very entertaining during the winter.

And it is that this hat will allow us listen to music for 8 hours thanks to the fact that it is synchronized via Bluetooth with our mobile, regardless of whether it is Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

The device takes 90 minutes to charge, so you only have to plug it into the network a little before leaving home to enjoy your favorite music in the coolest way.

If you are interested, it is available from 26 euros ingrey, blue, black and whiteand you can buy it through Amazon or the official website of the company.

For the most detailed, we have to say that the Archos Music Beany is composed of a 95% polyacrylic, 3% cotton and 2% polyester.

So if you like fashion and technology, this is your gadget.

Syma Fordex Group FG-X5C flying drone

Syma X5C cool technology price you don't expect

In recent months, drones have increased in popularity exponentially.

Therefore, one of them could not be missing from this list of best gadgets of the moment with a good value for money. And it is that the Syma Fordex Group FG-X5C can be purchased from 47 eurosand has quite decent technical characteristics.

One of the most interesting specifications of this drone is that it includes a pack of 4 spare propellers that will probably be very useful for you… especially on the first flights.

In addition, it incorporates a camera with HD resolution and an SD slot, where you can store the videos and images you have captured. By default it comes with a 2 GB microSD, an interesting detail to take into account.

The kit comes with a Control command, which will make the drone more sturdy and stable when controlling it. This can be configured in Normal or Expert mode, which will allow you to increase or decrease the difficulty of managing it.

As for its battery, the Syma X5C has 500mAhwhich translates into a range of up to 8 minutes of flight.

Although it is true that this quadcopter is not one of the latest on the market, it is one of the best options if you want to delve into the world of unmanned aircraft. Also, for that price it is impossible not to be tempted to buy one.

Riggad lamp from IKEA Home Smart

Riggad lamp IKEA cool technology price you don't expect

A few months ago, IKEA presented its Home Smart collection, a selection of furniture that has a wireless charging point for our smartphones. Among them is the riggad lampavailable in any of its stores for 59 euros.

In order to charge our mobile we will need our phone to be compatible with the charging system. Qi wireless chargingsuch as the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or buy a special case (available in any of its stores) that acts as an induction charger.

This lamp has two parts, so its assembly is very simple. All you have to do for the smart device to do its job is place the terminal on top of the lamp base…et voilĂ ! It will start charging instantly.

The intelligent furniture has a LED that will indicate if we have correctly placed the terminal or if, on the contrary, it is badly positioned. If it remains static, it is charging.

In addition, it also has a connection USB in the base that will allow us to fill other equipment that is not compatible with wireless charging with energy. And all this for a small price.

Of course, one of coolest gadgets from this list.

Li-Ning Smart Shoes, Xiaomi’s smart shoes

Xiaomi Li-Ning Smart Shoes cool technology price you don't expect

One of the things we like most about the technology sector is when brands surprise us with a device that apparently isn’t smart, but actually is. Therefore, the Li-Ning Smart Shoes they remain with the silver medal of our ranking.

These shoes connect to our smartphone via Bluetooth. Thanks to this, we will be able to know the calories we have burned, the steps we have taken, as well as other functions related to fitness.

The Li-Ning Smart Shoes are perfect for runnerssince they will be able to track the distance covered, as well as the calories burned along the way.

They are also resistant to water, sweat and can withstand high pressure, so they will also be useful for hiking.

At least for a year, which is what Xiaomi ensures that they last if we use them intensively.

If we add to that that they only cost 48 eurosit is impossible that they were not on our list of the coolest gadgets at an amazing price.