Easy exercises to tone your legs and improve circulation that you can do at home

Elena Romero Vargas

Exercising the legs is not only a matter of sports lovers, but rather it is a habit that we should all include in our routine, especially if our day to day is more inclined towards a sedentary lifestyle than an active life. Spending many hours sitting can take its toll on your legs in the long run, but don’t worry, because with these super simple exercises you can keep your legs healthy and toned.

If the circulation in your legs suffers, you may notice several symptoms that generate
discomfort and annoyance. This can be a problem especially after 40, when you have to pay more attention to these issues. Practicing exercises to activate circulation favors blood flow,
Avoid liquid retention and helps prevent fat from accumulating in the area, so it will also favor your figure.

The best option to take care of your health is to wear a
active lifestyle and incorporate sports activity into your routine. However, the lack of time in daily life can be an impediment when it comes to finding a place to exercise. Therefore, these exercises that you can do
no need to leave home and in a very short time they will help you keep the health of your legs at bay.


To perform this exercise,
stand up and stand on your toes. Go up and down to this position about ten times. This will help stimulate the contraction of the calves and promote venous return. To give it a plus of intensity,
walk a few steps on the balls of your feet to strengthen your muscles. You can also alternate toe and heel for a more complete exercise.

bike on the ground

lie down on the ground and
move your legs as if you were pedaling. This exercise exercises the leg muscles and promotes the return of blood to the heart. Support your back well on the ground and place your hands behind the neck, and from this position, raise your legs and perform the pedaling movement. A few minutes will be more than enough for it to be effective.

Woman training in the gym/PEXELS

leg extensions

Lie face down on the floor, with your body weight supported on your forearms and knees, which should be at hip height.
Raise and lower your legs, straightening them when you raise them, and perform about 10 repetitions with each leg without actually supporting the knee of the leg that you are exercising on the ground. When you complete this series, switch legs. If you keep your abdomen contracted, this exercise will also help you
work the core.

jump rope

This exercise, in addition to being the most fun, is one of the most complete not only for your legs, but also for working the rest of the body. Jumping is an aerobic workout that helps
burn calories, improve lung capacity and tone the whole body, and especially work the legs. Of course, watch the technique to
not harm your joints.

leg separation

This is one of the star exercises when it comes to activating circulation, and it is especially easy to do. you just need
lie on the floor and stretch your legs up. In this position, he opens and closes his legs and repeats this exercise several times. In order not to lose balance and facilitate the activity, you can help yourself from a wall and open and close your legs guiding you along it.

Woman training legs/PEXELS

foot push-ups

This exercise not only activates circulation, it is also great for strengthening muscles. The best:
you don’t even need to get up from the chair to do it. Sit with your heels flat on the ground, raise your toes and stay in that position for a few seconds, and alternate with raising your heels. Perform about 20 repetitions of each exercise.