Easy exercises to work your abs and reduce your waist in 20 minutes

Sara Flamenco

We would all like to have
flat stomach and the
toned abs with little effort, but miracles do not exist. To achieve this, you must combine the
exercise diary with a
feeding balanced, but sometimes these small renouncements are very difficult for us. We suggest you start
little by little to overcome laziness and achieve results, although more modest, enough to encourage you to introduce the
sport in your life.

For this reason we love
sports routines of a few minutes that we find in our favorite fit accounts. We have found one for which you only need
20 minutes and that, by introducing a pilates ball in its execution, it can be fun for you to do it

are just
five exercises that you must do consecutively without rest between them and repeat the series until
three times with two minutes rest between sets. If you establish it as a routine, you will see how little by little you are noticing
results. Take a look at the video and then we will explain the exercises
Step by Step:

High plank bringing the knees to the chest

Get in position to
high plankwith the palms of the hands on the ground and the feet resting on the
pilates ball. It is important that you keep your back straight throughout the exercise as you bring your knees to your chest, dragging the softball with you. Makes
25 repetitions.

ball crunch

Lie face up on the
pilates ball cWith the soles of the feet on the ground and the knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Place your hands behind your neck and bring your chin to your chest, doing all the work with your
abdomen, without helping your hands so that the cervicals do not suffer. Makes
25 repetitions.

High griddle

Get in position to
High griddle classical with feet resting on the
pilates ball. This posture is achieved with the palms of the hands on the ground, the arms fully extended and the body forming a straight line, from the neck to the ankles. Hold the pose for
one minute.

leg raise

Lie on your back with your hands under your sacrum and your
pilates ball firmly held between your ankles. Next, she brings her legs to her chest without bending them and lowers herself back down to the floor without actually touching him. Makes
25 repetitions.

knee raise

lie down
face up With the knees bent at a 90 degree angle, the
pilates ball resting on your legs and arms stretched above your head. Carry
knees to chest while you raise your arms straight up to catch the ball and return to the starting position carrying the ball between your hands. Repeat the movement to return the ball to your legs. Makes
25 repetitions.

jousfitthe same fitness guru who brought us this abs routine has the best
trick so that you can take advantage of your exercises 100%. And which one is it? Nothing more and nothing less than to do the
slow reps and focusing on focusing the force on your

It may look like a
nuisancebut as you can see in the video, if you do the exercise
quickly to finish before, not only can you hurt yourself, but you also end up making force with
other muscle groups and you don’t get the result you want.