Emily Ratajkowski gets a heart-stopping body thanks to Strong by Zumba: these are its benefits

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The model and actress
Emily Ratajkowski He has always stood out for his incredible physique, in particular for his marked abdomen and a line of separation between the two abdominal walls called AB Crack. But if your abdominal is marked so much, it is not only thanks to genetics and specific exercises to strengthen it (which also), but because you follow cardiovascular training that eliminates fat so that the muscles are exposed. We are talking about
Strong by Zumbaand if you are interested we will tell you what it is about.

«I am one of those people that if I go to the
gym alone, there’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll actually work out and push myself really hard, so the class environment works really, really well for me. I’m also someone who, even in a class, will get chatty (and get distracted). I think that’s the best of
STRONG: music really keeps me focused“Emily said in an interview.

But what is modality?
Strong by Zumba? It is a high-intensity workout that combines cardiovascular exercises, plyometric exercises, and movements performed with your own body weight, all synchronized with music. It is integrated into the
HIIT modalityor high-intensity interval training, which combines maximum-effort exercises with active rest periods, to the rhythm of hard-hitting, catchy songs.

The training lasts 50 minutes and is made up of four quadrants. In the first three, the
leg and arm musclescombined with cardio, and in the last one the
ABS. In addition, this modality includes movements from other disciplines, such as boxing, so fashionable thanks to celebrities such as Elsa Pataky or Pilar Rubio.

How many calories can you burn in a Strong by Zumba class?

If we talk about calories, as it is a HIIT workout, experts say that they can be lost
between 550 and 700 calories. This is a highly variable amount, since it depends on many factors such as gender, age, type of diet and level of training. But it is also that, as they are high-intensity exercises, they
speeds up metabolism and you continue to burn calories after class is over.

Benefits of Strong by Zumba practiced by Emily Ratajkowski

tones the muscles

It is a variant of zumba, but it differs from it in the
intensity of exercise, much higher. With your regular practice, you can strengthen your abs, legs, buttocks, and arms, thanks to basic exercises such as squats, planks, or burpees. In short, it is an effective physical preparation for
whole body.

Helps burn calories

This powerful modality combines high-intensity training (with aerobic exercise) and muscle conditioning, helping to stimulate greater burning of
calories during the session and up to 48 hours later, due to an acceleration of the

Emily Ratajkowski shows off her flat and toned abdomen / Gtresonline

You gain strength and power

The increase in strength and body power comes as a result of the mixture of
synchronized plyometric exercisesin which the muscle contracts rapidly to achieve greater power (with exercises such as high knees, burpees or jumping jacks), with
isometric movements (squats, lunges or kickboxing).

Work the core

Within any session
Strong by Zumba there are routines in which one’s own body weight plays a very important role, which requires the use of
abdomen to stabilize the body and keep it firm. In addition, as we have already explained before, in the last quadrant of the session there are specific exercises for the abdomen, with which this musculature benefits especially.

fast results

If you need to find a type of exercise with which to achieve quick results, the
Strong by Zumba it’s your thing Music, created with reverse engineering techniques, makes us work harder and achieve results faster.

against monotony

There are people who don’t like sport for sport’s sake, and need an extra
fun When are they going to practice it? If this is your case, Strong by Zumba is for you since the music guides each squat, lunge and burpee to help you do until the last repetition. Likewise, instructors change the
music and the choreographies often to motivate the students and challenge them to the maximum.