Exercises with elastic bands to strengthen and stylize your legs and buttocks

Sara Flamenco

There are many ways to exercise your body. If you like the gym, you can choose between group classes, such as
the pilates either the boxingor the use of
machinesbut you can also exercise from home, using the weight of your own body or different
tools fitness.

There are many
tools that can help you make your exercises more intense and the
elastic bands They have become the favorite accessory, especially because they are an accessory
economicversatile and practical for training at home without taking up much space.

elastic bandsThese are tools that are used for training with the aim of increasing muscle thanks to the
endurance that it provides when stretching them. They can be used to strengthen various muscle groups, but are especially effective in the
legs (especially in the
thighs), managing to tone and stylize them.

The key to getting the most out of them is knowing
where to put themchoose the degree of
endurance appropriate and, above all, do the
exercises suitable to get the most out of it. Get your elastic bands at any sports equipment store and write these down
seven basic exercises to have legs of heart attack:

1. Front squat

Grab some elastic bands
longstep on them with both feet in the middle of the band, pass it behind the shoulders and hold them by the
extremes with the hands. With each repetition, you should stretch the band and
control descent using for this the quadriceps, femorals and glutes.

Woman working legs/Photo by Gustavo Fring at Pexels

For the rest, the
position is the same, standing up, with your feet shoulder-width apart, you must go down slowly and controlling the movement until the
thighs parallel to the ground concentrating all the tension in the muscles of the
legs and buttocks.

2. Glute Bridge

Place the
elastic band fair above the knees, lie on the back and place the feet flat on the floor so that the knees are bent at an angle of
90 degrees. Next, he raises his hips to shoulder height by contracting his

The goal is to keep your legs apart and hold the
strain of the elastic band throughout the exercise. So you can work the external face of the

3. Work adductors

Get some elastic bands of the most
long and fasten them to a column passing the opposite end through the ankle. Stand on your side so that the foot that is holding the bench is the one that is furthest from the
column and raise the leg to the side, away from the midline of the body.

to work the
inner thigh position yourself in the same way but placing the foot that holds the band closer to the spine. Next, bring the leg in from the midline of the body.

Woman training legs/PEXELS

4. Walking on the side

Get in the position of
half squatwith the legs separated to the width of the shoulders and the bands placed just above the
ankles. Then move your body by walking
sideways and opening the distance with one foot and closing it with the other.

5. Lateral squat

Place the rubber band on your
thighs, above the knees, and spread the legs until the rubber is taut. To the
descend To perform the squat, spread your legs out to the side, with a
stride broad, bringing the buttocks back. Going down, she brings one leg up
a sidewhile when you rise and descend again, you will have to perform another lateral displacement.

6. Glute kick

Place the elastic band on your
ankles and stretch one of the legs back, so that the elastic band is stretched. After,
raises the leg stretched up to activate the muscles of the
buttocks with a kick back with the leg

7. Quadruped side kick

Place the rubber band on your
thighsabove the knees, and place yourself in a position of
quadruped with hands and knees on the floor. Keeping her back straight, she raises one leg up
side overcoming the resistance of the elastic band thanks to the activation of the muscles of the
buttocks. When you finish with one leg, do the same movement with the other.