Five easy exercises you can do at home to get a flat and defined stomach

Sara Flamenco

‘six-pack’ It’s not just a thing for men anymore, and they tell it to famous people like
Elsa Pataky either
Jennifer Lopez. And it is that we no longer have the
smooth bellybut we like it to be noticed that our lifestyle is healthy and we grant the
sport the importance it deserves.

But get that
marked abdomen It is not an easy task, since it is not only worth going crazy to do the classics
ABS. If that is what you want, you should combine exercises of
force and control your diet
eitherno. In this way, you will be able to burn the
fat that you have left over and, when exercising force, your
abdominal muscles will be marked. Of course, do not expect to get results from one week to the next, it is not that fast.

Benefits of strengthening the abs

In addition to the merely aesthetic, strengthening the abdomen has wide
benefits to health:

1. Reduces back pain: When we have slightly worked abs, our back has to work harder and support more weight. If we strengthen them, we distribute the weight towards the abdominal area, thus saving us those annoying back pains.

2. Improve Posture: By strengthening the abdominals, our posture is better, which prevents certain specific problems such as hernias or, in the long term, the wear and tear of certain areas of the spine.

3. Improves balance: The abdominals are the support of our trunk and if they are not strengthened, that support function has to be performed by the back.

4. Improves Functional Strength: Functional strength is what we need to do our daily tasks. The abdominals are involved in a large number of movements and tasks, so working on them will make our day to day more bearable.

Woman with defined abs / PEXELS

Exercises to strengthen the abdominals

And now yes, here are the five easiest exercises to achieve that desired
‘six-pack’. Remember to combine them with a little
cardio (run, ride a bike, jump rope…) and follow a
feeding balanced.

abdominal wheel

abdominal wheel is a fitness accessory that has become very popular for exercising not only the abdominal muscles, but also the
shoulders and back, increasing flexibility and strength. You just have to get on your knees and grab the wheel with both hands. Letting her roll with her arms outstretched until you are almost
horizontal to the ground, return to your starting position and repeat. With this movement you will improve the
core stability and, in addition, you will indirectly work muscles such as the
deltoid and the

mountain climber

Get in position to
High griddle, with the palms of the hands and the tips of the feet anchored to the ground. Next, she brings her knees to her chest.
energetically to get more fat burning. However, be careful
don’t arch your back to avoid injuries to the lower back. The objective is to maintain a rhythm, regular and constant, to favor the
fat burning.

Woman in sportswear /



The iron has replaced the classics
ABS as the key exercise to strengthen the
abdomen (with permission from the hypopressives). It is a very effective exercise that will help you improve the
position body and the
coordination In addition to accelerating your
metabolism. You must place yourself face down with the balls of your feet and forearms resting on the ground. With your back straight and your core and glutes firm, hold your body like a board.
between 30 seconds and a minute.


To perform it correctly, you must lie on the ground
face down and simultaneously raise arms and legs while maintaining the
core and the
buttocks very active. With this exercise you will not only strengthen the abdominals, but also your


burpees They are the most complete and intense exercise. This is the
sequence of movements that you must repeat for 1 minute without rest: To begin, place yourself in
squatting with hands on the ground and head up. She moves her legs back with her feet together and performs a
flexion. Then, collect the legs returning to the position
initial. And finally, he lifts the whole body of a
leap and claps