Five easy tricks that work to order your entire house in five minutes

Ana Calvo

An unexpected visit, your mother-in-law ringing the phone without prior notice or that friend who calls you to let you know that she is going up for a coffee when she already has the car parked at your door. And you, with the house not swept or, rather, with each
room like a battlefield (remember, domestic chaos is fattening) to which you have to put order as the elevator goes up. Mission Impossible? No, with these tricks.

My grandmother always said that no one is going to run a finger over the furniture to see if there is dust, but no matter how clean everything is, if it is not tidy, the house will be a disaster. The years have proved him right and now I know that
the key to order is precisely not to mess up. That is what allows you, before that unexpected visit, to compete with Marie Kondoin five minutes without messing up

Rule number 1: don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today

As we said, the key to order is not to mess up and, therefore, it is essential
do not leave routine tasks undone. After cooking, leave the pots and pans clean and everything in their place, ventilate the room and make the bed before leaving the house, clear the table when you finish eating, don’t leave the towels on the floor when you get out of the shower or the beauty products out of place when you finish your beauty ritual. Of course, teach the little ones to pick up their toys when their leisure time is over. It all seems very obvious but we guarantee that if you comply with it, you will save time and surprises.

Rule number 2: the kitchen, impeccable

We have already said that
a tidy kitchen it looks bigger, cleaner, it helps us save money and, in addition, it helps to lose weight. But, as if that were not enough, it will be the reflection of the rest of the house. Avoid accumulating pots and pans in the sink, go collecting utensils according to the kitchen and always clean the hob and hood when finished, do not use the dishwasher as a cupboard and do not accumulate gadgets on the counter. And the pantry, well organized.

Rule number 3: clothes, ALWAYS in the closet

I don’t even pick it up afterwards, nor is it that I haven’t had time. It takes the same
hang clothes in the closet than leaving it piled on a chair and the difference is abysmal. A gesture as simple as that will completely change the perception of order and cleanliness in the bedroom. Of course, it is extensible to bags, coats or shoes in the hall. No never. Always in the closet.

Rule number 4: cushions, in their place

You may not have vacuumed or dusted in a couple of days (no more, please, as dirt accumulates without realizing it), but your living room will look like a real mess if the textiles aren’t in place. Therefore, an exercise as fast as
place cushions or blankets when you get up of the sofa will achieve spectacular results.

Rule number 5: laundry, up to date

Let’s face it, doing laundry is perhaps one of the most tedious domestic routines because of the time it takes and the tasks involved. Putting the washing machine, drying, picking up the clothes, ironing, placing… It’s a drag, yes. But let’s go back to point one: don’t delay jobs that you know you eventually have to do. For this reason, do not leave your clothes hanging in the middle of the room for five days: as they dry, at least put them away and put them away.