Floor wipers, the most complete abdominal workout that strengthens your core and speeds up your metabolism

Tamara Villa

If you want to avoid basic training routines, sometimes you need to switch things up and do something new. And the
floor wiper they are. This exercise involves holding a barbell across your chest, just like you would on top of a weight bench. You will work your abs like never before and you will condition your whole body.

Back in 2006, a movie called “300” introduced the world to the legendary
spartans. Warriors without comparison, they were the dominant military force in ancient Greece. Spartan children were raised to be professional soldiers, and as is well known, the city of Sparta had no defensive walls because their army was believed to be invincible.

The actors playing the Spartans were sent to a
intense boot camp designed to make them look like the warriors they were playing. The trainer, Mark Twight, used many intense training methods, including HIIT, weighted circuits, and interval training, to turn the actors into believable-looking warriors. And the floor wipers were an essential part of this training.

Woman training/PEXELS

How to make floor wipers

As you may have guessed,
this is not a training for beginnersbut something really serious. To start doing floor wipers, lie on your back with your legs straight. Press and hold a barbell across your chest, as if you were doing floor presses. Mark Twight specified to use 60kg, but don’t overdo it either. He uses a weight that is challenging but safe. Even an empty bar or a broom if you want to start mastering the move safely.

Engage your core and lift your legs, touching the right side of the bar with your feet. Lower your feet toward the floor, and then lift your legs to the left. He continues to lower and raise his legs, alternating sides rep for rep, throughout the set, keeping his arms straight and vertical throughout.

Benefits of floor wipers

Floor wipers are a
basic but demanding exercise with several notable benefits. If crunches or planks are no longer a challenge for you, this could be the exercise you need to take your core development to another level. Even with light weights, this is a very hard exercise.

It’s about a
comprehensive core exercise. Floor wipers work virtually every muscle in your midsection, making it a time-efficient exercise. If you want to work your core from all angles simultaneously, you’re definitely interested in this exercise.

While there’s nothing wrong with training your core muscles in isolation, that’s not how they work on a day-to-day basis. your core almost always
work with your arms and legs, such as when you kick, punch, or throw something. That is why floor wipers are a very functional basic exercise.

Woman training/PEXELS

Disadvantages of this exercise

While floor wipers are a mostly beneficial exercise, there are also some drawbacks to consider. Obviously, it’s not for everyone because it requires not only strong core muscles, but also a
minimal upper body force. It is for women who are already experts in fitness and hard training.

There is also the risk of dropping the weights. Holding a barbell across your chest while moving your legs is a real
balance and coordination test, and there is a risk that you will lose control of the bar and drop it. As such, this exercise is best performed with a trainer nearby or, at the very least, wearing protective pads.

If done incorrectly, floor wipers can exert a lot of
pressure on the lower back. If you don’t support yourself correctly, your lower back may lift and arch off the floor, which could lead to back pain or injury. Be sure to use the proper technique to protect your lower back.