Get Aitana’s ab crack with six easy exercises that you can do at home


Sara Flamenco

A few years ago, the ab crack became fashionable, marked abs but characterized by a line that crosses the abdomen, from the chest to the navel.
Emily Ratajkowski is its maximum representative, although in our country we have another ambassador of this questionable fashion and it is

The singer who came out of Operación Triunfo proudly wears a
ab crack very marked, which according to experts can be a problem if you take it to the maximum consequences. Because the ab crack does not stop being a
abdominal diastasisor what is the same, a separation of the abdominal muscles, and if it is accentuated excessively, it can cause damage to your pelvic floor, alter your posture or even cause a hernia.

But in the middle is virtue, and you can get a
abdomen as marked as Aitana’s, even show off an aesthetic ab crack, without damaging your abdominal wall. To achieve this, in addition to carrying a
diet To help you eliminate abdominal fat, you must follow a series of exercises focused on strengthening your abs, and here we are going to explain the six best ones.

The six best exercises to strengthen your abs

We have gone to the social networks of
Crys Dyaz, personal trainer of celebrities such as Laura Escanes or María Pombo, and there we have found an exercise routine that you can do at home easily and safely. Is about
six exercises very easy to perform that you must do two or three times a week to notice the results without injuring yourself. Write them down and get to it:

V-sit with kicking

How it’s done: Lie on your back on a comfortable surface and raise your torso and legs so that your body forms a V. Next, begin to move your straight legs up and down, activating your core so as not to lose your posture and maintain your balance.

Elevated Leg Crunch

How it’s done: Lie on your back and perform a classic sit-up with your legs elevated and keeping your abdomen active at all times to avoid rocking your body. You must accompany the rise of the trunk with the arms to increase the resistance.

Woman in sportswear making a ponytail and showing ab crack. / Photo by Jorge Acre in Pexels.


How it’s done: How to do it: lie on your back and, with your trunk slightly raised, bring your hands to touch your hips in a row, activating your abdomen well. Thanks to this exercise you will work the obliques, which are none other than the lateral muscles of the belly, which will make your waist more marked.

Trunk elevation in three times

How it’s done: lie on your back and raise your arms up. The objective is to get up little by little, in three counts, until you are completely seated, for which you need to squeeze your abdomen very well. You must do the same when lowering, until you return to the starting position.

butterfly crunch

How it’s done: Lie on the floor on your back and bring the soles of your feet together, bringing your knees to the outside. Next, raise your trunk as if you were going to do a normal crunch and come back down controlling the movement. It is a variant of the classic abdominal exercise but adapting it to get the core to work more on each climb.

Hip Twist Plank

How it’s done: Get into the classic plank position, with the palms of your hands or forearms resting on the floor, the tips of your feet as well, and the rest of your body completely straight, from head to toe. During the entire time that the exercise lasts, you must rotate the hip from one side to the other to increase the work in this area.