How long will it take for me to receive the return of the 2022/23 Income Statement?

The 2022/2023 Income campaign began on April 11 and the time comes to know if you have to pay or, if you’re lucky, they’re going to pay you back.

With the campaign already active you can present your draft of the Income 2022/23, even know an estimate with this web simulator of the Tax Agency itself.

Be that as it may, you still want to know the time it can take for the Treasury to pay you the money from your annual statement.

The quick answer is that you have a maximum term of 6 months from the time the campaign closes permanently on June 30, so you have until December 31, but there are many nuances to consider.

How can you check the status of your 2022/2023 Income Statement

If when presenting the Income statement you have been returned, Surely you are curious to know how the status of your declaration progresses.

It is something that you will be able to see without problems on the website of the Tax Agency, in the section of your personal area within the Income campaign and it is a process that consists of several phases:

  • Your statement is being processed: indicates that the documentation has been sent by you.
  • Your statement is being checked: the technicians are checking if the data in the statement is correct.
  • The declaration with the indicated amount has not been recorded or is in process, check the amount: If this message appears, it is possible that it was not sent correctly and you have to review some element of the declaration.
  • Your statement has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, estimating the refund requested by you: The body has already verified that all the data is correct
  • Your return has already been issued: the payment will be reflected in a maximum period of 10 days in your bank account. If it does not happen, you must go to the administration of the Tax Agency closest to your tax domicile.

How long does the Treasury have to return the money?

From the first to the last phase of the process, the Treasury will have to pay within the six months following the end of the period established for the presentation of the declaration.

This means that, at the end of the Income campaign on June 30, The agency will have until December 31 to return the amount it owes you.

It must be taken into account that this is the maximum period that the Treasury has, but the most normal thing is that the organism makes the deposit in the account only a few days after the declaration is presented.

There is no exact answer about how long it can take in these cases, but the logical thing is that you receive it within 48 working hours.

What happens if the Treasury does not pay?

Although it is not common, there are times when the Treasury exceeds the 6-month period.

In this situation, the Personal Income Tax Law stipulates that the refund must be paid plus interest on late payment, which in 2022 is 3.75%, to the amount of the refund. Of course, provided that the cause of the delay is not attributable to the taxpayer.

That is to say, you will not have to do absolutely anything, since as is clear from article 31 of the General Tax Law, this late payment interest will be added without the taxpayer having to claim.