How to renew the decoration of your corridor: ideas and tricks

Ana Calvo

Although a priori we think of the living room, bedroom or kitchen as the most important rooms in the house, we cannot forget
the hall and corridors. For this reason, today we bring you a few tricks and deco ideas to make the most of them and also make them look beautiful.

As its own name indicates, the hall is the one that welcomes our home and acts as a ‘letter of introduction’ of what we are going to find later. The
hallwaysmore than lost spaces that connect rooms, they can become, well used, perfect areas to gain extra storage space.

Tricks that work to renovate your hallway

renovate your hallway or hallA trick that always works is to play with the walls: change the paint (choose light colors if it is a dark or narrow area) or bet on wallpaper to give the area personality and act as a transition between rooms. In addition, it is essential that
make the most of the light natural to make it appear larger and, if necessary, do not hesitate to include indirect lighting points to enhance it, such as floor lamps in the corners, auxiliary lamps on consoles or sideboards, and even sconces on the ceiling moldings to give more height.

Ideas to renew your hallway with this vintage console from Maisons du Monde.

When choosing furniture, the
dressers and sideboards They will help you gain storage space while fulfilling a perfect ornamental function, just like the
coat racks and barefoot benches, very practical to leave the ‘street clothes’ as soon as you enter the house. The
Mirrors, like good lighting, will help you expand the space and make it bigger, no matter how small or narrow your hallway or hall may be. Finally, special details such as table lamps,
ornaments or vases with flowers and plants will add the perfect deco point to these areas.

Zara Home wooden console

Elegant, classic and with a perfect rustic chic touch, this
Zara Home acacia wood console (299 euros) It is perfect for narrow halls and corridors, since its light structure with crossed legs and its depth of just 40 centimeters adapts to any space. Decorate it with flowers or plants to bring color and freshness and add a point of indirect light, and the result will be simply perfect.

IKEA bench coat rack

This IKEA proposal, in addition to being beautiful, is very practical. He
bib with barefoot bench built-in (Panget model, 299 euros) is ideal for leaving coats, shoes and accessories when you get home. Its minimalist white design combines perfectly with any deco style and we love how it is combined with a
mirror in contrast, which also helps to visually expand the space.

Marble Side Cabinet with Gold Legs from Maisons du Monde

If what you are looking for is to give a sophisticated, elegant and very glamorous touch to your hallway, we have found the perfect pieces at Maisons du Monde. This
rounded console with brass-colored metal legs and white marble, it is a jewel (it costs 339 euros) that, in addition, will not take up much space. Combined with
gold-tone trima vase with feathers and a good mirror, you will be able to create a decoration worthy of a magazine.

The sideboard that ‘disappears’ from El Corte Inglés

One of our favorite decorating tricks to make the rooms of our house seem larger is to use PVC, methacrylate or transparent furniture, since it blends in with the space until it almost ‘disappears’ but without losing its functional character. this simple
tempered glass sideboard (350 euros) that we have found in El Corte Inglés is perfect: it will give a very current and modern touch to your hallway or hall.

Sklum Functional Side Table

Finally, we are left with this simple, functional and latest Sklum proposal, which uses its
most versatile side table (104.95 euros) to place decorations in the hallway or hall while serving us to leave everything we carry in our pockets when we get home. We love how its minimalist rustic aesthetic is transformed thanks to the decorations in a perfect mix of styles: a golden mirror that expands the space, candles that provide warmth, a vase with feathers that adds a very sophisticated touch…