Is it possible to use Bizum with two banks at the same time? This is the only way to get it

With bizum can send money to someone elseor receive it, using only the mobile phone. The question is: can it be used? bizum with two banks at once?

As you probably already know, because it is used by 23 million people in Spain, Bizum is a payment system created by the Spanish banking that allows payments between individuals In a simple way.

From the app of your bank just select a phone number from your agenda, or type it yourself, and send the money you decide In the same way, you only have to give your mobile to another person, so that they “make you a Bizum”, that is, they pay you. That money will go to your bank account.

The process is similar to pay in cash, in the sense that if you send money to someone, even by mistake, that money can no longer be recovered, unless they return it voluntarily. This has led to many scams.

Using Bizum in two banks at the same time

bizum It has been a great success since its premiere. They already use it more than 23 million peopleand more than 1.7 billion transactions have been made.

For some time it has also been possible to use it for buy in online stores. They already accept it more than 43,000 stores. And soon, it will be available in the physical stores. Bizum has reached an agreement with Discover, to be able to pay in physical stores.

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As we see, bizum works by associating a bank account still mobile phone. But, what if we have money in more than one bank? Many people have an account in several entities.

It’s possible use Bizum with two banks at the same time in the same phone number? Well, as Business Insider tells us, the truth is that no.

this is the big weak point of bizum. for now does not allow to use more than one bank with each phone number.

The only solution, if you want use Bizum with two banks in a single mobile is… use two SIM cards in a mobile DualSIM, each with a phone number. And you use one or the other depending on the bank account you want to use.

It’s not a very elegant solution, but for now it’s the only way to use Bizum with two banks in the same mobile.