Josefina’s wedding, Mario Vargas Llosa’s granddaughter: from the royal dress to the most spectacular guest looks

raquel rodriguez

Mario Vargas Llosa continues with his single life after the separation with Isabel Preysler and the last act where we have seen him was at a very special family event: the
wedding of his granddaughter Josefina. The Nobel laureate has traveled to Peru to attend this ceremony that has left us with images as interesting as that of Ana, the daughter of Carlos Sainz.

Josefina has married in Lima with the Mexican engineer Emiliano Camarena and surrounded by family and friends among whom was also
Patricia Vargas Llosa, the ex-wife of the Nobel Prize. One more reunion of the many that we have seen lately and that pretend to show an idyllic family image.

The religious ceremony took place in the Basilica of San Pedro del Cercado and the subsequent celebration was in the Museum of Art of Lima, which had about 300 guests. Although it should be noted that it has been a multi-day wedding that began on Thursday with a meal and a cocktail and continued on Friday with a barbecue.

A pre-wedding where we saw the bride wear a beautiful sparkly dress with a bardot neckline. A striking and much more daring design that she wore during a party that Vargas Llosa also attended, whom we could see very happy and even dancing with his relatives.

This was the wedding dress of Josefina, the granddaughter of Mario Vargas Llosa. / GTRES

Josefina chose for the ceremony a
classic cut dress and very royal style. A tight-fitting body design with sleeves and a semi-transparent lace back, a high neck and a sash fitted at the waist from which a flowing skirt with an XL train emerged.

A beautiful dress that was accompanied by a tulle veil that arose from a wide headband and that also had a
lace matching the rest of the look. At the after party, we got to see that the skirt was actually a removable overlay that was removed to make way for a more comfortable straight skirt.

Mario Vargas Llosa upon his arrival at the wedding. / GTRES

The wedding was a massive event attended by many guests, in addition to the Vargas Llosa family, and which has left us
guest looks which are quite an inspiration if you have a similar event in sight, and taking into account the good temperatures that are right now in the Peruvian capital.

Some guests at Josefina Vargas Llosa’s wedding. /


The guests chose
long and very colorful dresses featuring bright colors and original and very vaporous patterns. Pink and red were the most seen tones at the doors of the church, showing that they are the colors of the season and, without a doubt, the most flattering.

Some guests at Josefina Vargas Llosa’s wedding. /


There was also no shortage of tight cuts, with different necklines, heart attack openings in the long skirts and we have also seen one of the favorite trends of the guests of the season: the foulard that goes around the neck as a chocker and that we have seen a lot in the last few months.

Some guests at Josefina Vargas Llosa’s wedding. /


Although without a doubt, the most common feature among the guests at this wedding has been the striking prints. And no, we’re not just talking about flowers, a
print Very common among the guests, there have also been ethnic proposals according to the location of the appointment. What is your favorite?