Keto, Hamptons, dissociated and intermittent fasting, we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the diets that celebrities do

Elena Romero Vargas

Whether due to script requirements or with the aim of improving some physical aspect or your health, there are many
celebrities who have undergone
more or less flexible diets that have marked his life and his diet. Adele, Elsa Pataki. Jennifer Aniston or Kim Cattrall are some of the many celebrities who have followed a diet at some point in their lives, however, what
they are truly beneficial?

In order to keep your
perfect shapecelebrities follow a lifestyle based on
Workout routines very measured and a
feeding based on the goal you want to achieve. The most acclaimed diets are those that help to lose weight and that, in general, are very effective, although they present some contradictions that must be taken into account.

Although some have as their main foundation the
food balance and the
adequate intake of nutrients, many fall into the category of diets
restrictivewhich although they imply very rapid weight loss, you run the risk of falling into the
rebound effect. Discover which are the most popular diets and the advantages and disadvantages of submitting to them.

Keto Diet

One of the most popular diets and most followed by celebrities is the
keto or ketogenic diet. Consists in
eliminate the
carbohydrates and build a diet based mainly on the consumption of
proteins and
fats. These foods are very satiating, so the appetite decreases, and since almost no carbohydrates are taken, the body takes energy from stored fat and thus produces rapid weight loss.

This diet, however, has many
detractors because it presents side effects that can be very harmful to health. Among them are some milder ones, such as the dreaded rebound effect,
Headaches or the
dizzinessto other more serious ones, such as the risk of suffering
hypoglycemialoss of essential nutrients, ketoacidosis or

Hamptons Diet

This diet became especially popular in the late 90s because of its reputation for being effective in
lose weight and
preserve youth. Among her followers are Kate Hudson or the protagonists of Sex and the City, especially
Sarah Jessica Parker, which has declared itself a faithful follower of this method on numerous occasions. This diet contemplates a
full action plan ranging from food to sports, through skin care.

Brown rice dish with egg and vegetables/PEXELS

The Hamptons diet consists of
reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and complement the
diet with oils free of polysaturated fats to speed up the weight loss process. The key is to do between
four and six daily intakes of
small amounts. It requires perseverance and progressive change, because if you nip the diet at the root, as the stomach gradually gets used to small amounts, it is very easy for a rebound effect to occur.

Severe Dissociated Diet

It is one of the plans to lose weight more
restrictive and what else
Negative effects has on your health. Consists in
separate food in groups of carbohydrates, protein and neutral, and design a diet in which there is no mixture between them. Scientific studies have shown that this statement
has no foundationsince the human body is perfectly prepared to digest proteins and carbohydrates at the same time.

In addition, from the scientific foundation that it presents, delving into this diet and even reaching
obsess with her I could take you to a
eating disorder. Experts advise against this practice due to its lack of scientific validity and because, in reality,
It is not as efficient when it comes to losing weight either.since it is a forced process that will make you regain the weight as soon as you have lost it.

Variety Plate of Food/PEXELS

intermittent fasting

Elsa Pataky She is one of the many celebrities who have declared themselves great admirers of the
intermittent fasting, and it has been shown that it is one of the most efficient methods when it comes to losing weight. Consists in
restrict feeding window a certain period of time in which you can eat whatever you want (better if you stick to a healthy diet), while the rest of the day you fast. The most famous is the
fasting 16:8in which you take advantage of sleeping hours to fast for 16 hours and eat in the 8-hour window.

This diet is
quite effective to lose weight, but it is not recommended for people with diseases such as
hypertension Or any
eating disorder. The obsession with this method can also lead to mental health problems that are not advisable no matter how much it helps to lose weight.