Kettlebell squats: work the core, burn fat and strengthen lung capacity

Elena Romero Vargas

Russian weights or kettlebell They are the fashion accessory in the world of fitness. Its fame is more than justified, and it is that including it in your training brings a dynamism and depth that greatly enhances your training and you will be able to enjoy
many benefits for your body. Thanks to its versatility, you can incorporate it into almost any training routine, and one of the best exercises to do with kettlebells is the

By incorporating kettlebells to sports activity you work especially
force and resistance, and focuses on the shoulder, back and leg area. Squats, for their part, focus on the lower body, but it is a perfect exercise to work the whole body. That is why this combination not only enhances your physique, but also
improves your quality of life and trains you for day-to-day activities.

Benefits of training with kettlebells

Kettlebells not only focus on working your strength and endurance, by incorporating this element into your workouts
you improve your coordination and agility, since it requires greater involvement than other exercises. In addition, since it favors functional training, it will greatly facilitate the activities of daily life, such as going shopping, climbing stairs or doing household chores.

When you incorporate kettlebells into your training, the body requires a greater effort that translates into a faster metabolism and more efficient weight loss. Your core will be strengthened and it is an excellent complement to the
cardio workouts focused on losing weight. You will strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and also of the lower back, so it will be much easier
avoid injury.

Also you
lung capacity and your cardiovascular system they will be greatly strengthened and your health will improve. Not only physically, but also mentally, as exercises with kettlebells increase concentration, free you from stress and help you end up more tired at the end of the workout and, therefore, achieve a
better sleep quality.

Woman doing kettlebell squats/PEXELS

sumo squat with kettlebell

Although squats work the entire body, they are focused on strengthening specific areas, and in the case of sumo squats their main objective is
strengthen legs, back and, to a lesser extent, arms. Stand with your feet apart and the toes facing away from you. The key in this exercise is to keep your legs as wide apart as possible.

Now, pick up the kettlebell with
both hands forming a V with your arms. Once in this position, lower yourself as if it were a normal squat, taking care not to round your back and to keep your knees in the correct position. Focus the exercise on the gluteus and
do not force sudden movementsas you could injure yourself in the process. Better that you opt for slow and controlled ascents and descents that focus on meeting the objective of the exercise and taking care of your health.

Bench Squats with Kettlebells

This variation complicates the traditional squat, but also increases its benefits. In addition to the kettlebell, you will need a bench to support your legs, because to do this type of squat you need to position yourself with
one foot on the bench and the leg forming a 90ยบ angle. The other leg, in addition to being involved in the exercise, will help you maintain balance.

Woman doing kettlebell squats/PEXELS

With the hand of the leg that is on the bench
grab the kettlebell and perform the squat, taking care that the knee of the free leg does not exceed the toe to avoid injury and for correct operation. Your back and shoulders should be kept straight throughout the entire exercise. Then repeat the process with the opposite leg and hands.

Kettlebell goblet squat

The particularity of this squat model is that it helps you
perfect the technique of this exercise. Stand with the dumbbell in front of your chest held in both hands, elbows close to your body and feet shoulder-width apart.
Get down like you have a chair behind you, gradually increasing the range of descent until you perfect the technique. Try to keep your back and chest straight throughout the exercise.

The kettlebell goblet squat
emphasis on the abdomen, because by keeping the weight firm in front of the chest it puts these muscles to work more actively. In addition, it will greatly improve your gripping ability and work your
strength and muscle developmentwhich will be extremely practical for day to day.