Mango is inspired by Kate Middleton for her latest look with timeless basics

Carla Dominguez

Most of the women of the European royal family exude style. Among them is
Kate Middleton. The Princess of Wales is one of those who invests the most money in fashion, although it is true that every time we see her betting on affordable brands such as Mango, Zara, among others.

The style of Kate Middleton, current princess of Wales is far from other members of the British royal family. Camila Parker-Bowles has a more classic look, the late Queen Elizabeth II had a predilection for color and Lady Di was one of the most modern for her time.

As for Kate, she has her own style. She is usually quite classic, and she likes to choose timeless basics at her official events. We rarely see her wear patterned clothing, unless it’s a coat. She notices that she doesn’t feel very comfortable with very striking prints, except in spring-summer when she gives more free rein to her floral dresses.

But if we had to define Kate Middleton’s style, without a doubt, the term basic wardrobe would enter. The style of the Princess of Wales is clear and among some of the colors of her star for her day to day is the blue that she usually mixes with black clothes or camel-colored coats.

If you like his royal style, and his faithful fondness for basics for life; At the Catalan firm Mango we have found a style that is very Kate Middleton and that is quite similar to one that the monarch wore in January 2023 in Liverpool with her husband, Prince William.

Take a good look at this look. It is January, when the princes of Wales made their first public appearance after rumors of Prince William’s infidelity. Both appeared as always, smiling and oblivious to any media uproar.

For this occasion, Kate turned to blue again, with a midi skirt, a fine sweater of the same color, and a black belt. Matching her, she wore pointed-heeled salons with blue velvet. For a bit of contrast she wore a green and navy tartan plaid coat.

Now check out this Mango outfit and tell us if it doesn’t match Kate Middleton’s look. It has practically identical details except for the coat and the salons that are in black. The rest is very similar and has the same clothes that Kate usually wears and almost identically combined: midi skirt, thin belt and sweater.

Mango styling with midi skirt, sweater and coat. Photo: Handle.

It seems to us a top-of-the-line look, and above all, the most trendy and elegant made up of timeless garments that you can wear not only now but also for many years to come. Also, if you want to give this look a twist, you simply have to change the coat, as Kate has done with a classic checkered pattern.