Netflix has raised prices in Spain by up to 50% since it landed in 2015, what is the reason?

Since Netflix made its appearance in Spain back in 2015 with prices ranging from €7.99 for the basic plan and €11.99 for the premium plan, things have changed drastically. And it is that, these prices are far from the current reality with a premium plan that, for example, now costs €17.99.

And it is that, just as we have seen how the price of electricity, gasoline or food has risen, the platform of streaming The most popular has also joined the inflation bandwagon, something that other platforms have decided not to do, such as HBO Max (at least not on a large scale).

This is something that we can see reflected in a latest study by HelloSafe, a financial product comparison platform, which invites us to reflect on the evolution of prices on the platform. Its headline “In 8 years the price of subscriptions to Netflix they have risen 50% in Spain”, it is even scary.

“Netflix was a platform that quickly took over a large part of the market, above all because it offered the possibility of downloading series and movies at the same time that several devices could be connected from a single account. The premium subscription has gone from costing €11.99 in 2015 at €17.99 per month today, which represents an increase of 50%”they explain.


What has changed in Netflix for us to talk about an increase of up to 50% in its prices?

There are many reasons that the platform may have for this crazy price rise and that we are not seeing on other platforms, and, of course, it is not just because many people share accounts as Netflix wants us to see. with your latest statements about your benefits.

In a nutshell, this platform is leaving behind the expansive growth model of the early yearsin which it reinvested all its profits, to now increase spending on the creation of new Netflix original content, which is what we have seen the most in recent months on many platforms.

And it is that, to this we must add that the number of subscribers unsubscribing has increased in recent years (and now more with the purpose of shared accounts), and there are many users who do not want to be paying monthly for a platform and prefer to do so when they want to watch a series or a complete movie and automatically unsubscribe.

Netflix Subscription Type Prices in 2015 Prices in 2023 increase percentage
Basic plan with ads €5.50
Basic plan €7.99 €8 0.13%
Standard Plan €9.99 €13 30.13%
premium plan €11.99 50.13%

This, logically, may seem somewhat counterproductive if we add the rise in prices, but in reality it is one of the reasons why prices have been increasing little by little (every two years). Netflix needs to earn more per user to keep the wheel turning.

Until now, Netflix has been raising prices from time to time on its standard and premium plan, although the basic plan is the one that, for now, has not dared to touchbut surely that very soon it will also do so since it is something that we have seen, for example, in the United States.

Goodbye third-party content and hello to the investment to generate your own content

It is estimated that in 2020 the platform spent 17,000 million dollars creating its own content, something that has become totally necessary to be able to compete with other platforms such as Prime Video or HBO Max that also have their own high-quality original content.

Netflix It is no longer just a platform that serves as a distributor of content for others, that is in the past. The competition is fierce and it may be considered that revenues have to be higher to continue operating in the streaming sector as it has been doing since 2015 (in the case of Spain).

Of course, it is important to note that this rise in prices It has not only been carried out in Spain. The platform has done it in all the countries where it has a considerable presence, because, although it is hard for us to believe, Netflix continues to be one of the most watched platforms in the world, although in Spain there has been a surprise from Prime Videoas shown by Kantar.


In addition, the fact that the trial period (2019-2020) has been canceled has caused many people not to register on Netflix to try it, since they have to pay from the beginning and with those prices…

Of course, it is a very risky bet, especially considering that other platforms have much more competitive prices and even have cheaper annual subscriptions, something that Netflix has not yet considered modifying and we have to wait and see what results it generates in 2023. .