Organize your jewelry according to these tricks to save space and achieve a beautiful result

Elena Romero Vargas

When it comes to storing your jewelry and
pieces of jeweleryhe
order It is usually a maxim that is conspicuous by its absence. Even if you have a jewelry box or a special box dedicated exclusively to these accessories, many times
rush wave
accumulation of things makes it seem more like a mixed bag than a tidy space.

To avoid this
unnecessary catastrophe, have located all your beads and achieve a beautiful result that can even be part of the decoration of your house, we bring you the tricks that experts in order recommend for these cases. Take note of everything and apply it to your jewelry to get the
top game also when they are not part of your looks.

When organizing your jewelery the first and most important step is that you distribute each piece by
categories. Make sure that all the earrings, rings or bracelets are together, in this way it will be much easier to find what you are looking for. He
material or the
use that you give may be some of the criteria that you can follow when classifying each piece.

What you wear more
dailyleave it in one more place
visible and accessible so that every day you can access them without difficulty. Similarly, the
most special jewelsthose that are of a higher quality and that you have reserved for special occasions,
reserve them It is a special place that is more careful so that they do not get damaged or you do not lose them by mistake.

How to store your jewelry

There are as many options for storing your jewelry as you can imagine, but the most practical and simple is in a
jeweler, and the more compartments you have, the better. Ideally, each jewel occupies a
compartment, each pair of earrings is stored separately and each pendant has its individual space to avoid tangling. However, if you have more jewelry than compartments in the jewelry box, be sure to
separate them by category and try to put the
less number of pieces possible in each.


If you don’t have a jewelry box or don’t feel like getting one, you can allocate a
drawer from your dresser or closet to store jewelry. Of course, try to have some kind of
separator that helps you to have located and organized all the complements. Pay special attention to the earrings so that they are not mismatched and to the pendants, particularly the thinner ones, which have a tendency to

However, if what you want is to take advantage of your jewelry to enhance the
decor from your house, opt for a
jewelry hanger that allows you to have them organized and in sight. The hangers are used both for pendants, which is perhaps the most obvious option, and for the rest of the pieces. Just find the one that suits you best and try
take care of order of the decoration so that there is a result that is pleasing to the eye.

The most creative ones will find here a world of possibilities, because not only can you explore your creativity when it comes to organizing the jewels, but you can also
make your hanger to give it that personal touch that adapts to everything you need. Get down to work and get all your
creativity to achieve the perfect decoration and order.

Organized Jewelry/PEXELS

Take care of the cleanliness of your jewelry

For them to look perfect, the order is as important as the
parts cleaning. From use and the passage of time, the pieces wear out and get dirty, and when they look less beautiful when you wear them. So that this does not happen, try to subject it to a cleaning when you think they need it. The best way to clean the
imitation jewelry It is with a mixture of bicarbonate, toothpaste and cold water. For her part, the
silver requires vinegar and baking soda to remain radiant, and for the
gold just rub it in with a little dishwashing liquid and warm water.