Pilates exercises to tone your body and speed up metabolism in five minutes

Elena Romero Vargas

To tone and keep the body in shape the
pilates It is one of the most acclaimed options thanks to its effectiveness and its benefits for the body. It is suitable for beginners, works all parts of the body and you can do it at home. In addition, to enjoy these benefits you do not need to dedicate hours to training: just one
routine of a few minutes to achieve your goals.

the pilates
tones without excessively developing muscle mass. Therefore, if what you want is to lose weight and tone your figure without having to mark muscles, this is your exercise. In addition, it is not necessary to customize the training according to the area you want to work, because Pilates works and tones the entire body at the same time.

Although the most striking thing is its effectiveness when it comes to losing weight, Pilates also has many other benefits, such as
correct body posture. These exercises are focused on strengthening the core muscles, which helps you stay upright and strengthen your muscles for day-to-day activities. But not only that, you will also look more stylized and
you will develop your coordination and flexibility.

Woman doing pilates/PEXELS

As we have said, you do not need much time to get down to work. enough
five minutes each day and a lot of perseverance to get it. Prioritizing physical exercise is not only good for your body, it is also good for your mind, so take advantage of those down times to do this routine and, incidentally, take advantage of it to tone up.

Exercises to tone the body in five minutes

Although a complete Pilates workout does not need to focus on the different muscles of the body one by one, this variant that shortens both training time
forces you to focus on a different muscle each time. The good thing is that since you will do the training daily, at the end of the week you will get the same results as if you did the full training every three days.

work the abdomen, lie on your back and raise your legs with the knees bent forming a 90ยบ angle. Inhale and raise your left arm as you straighten the opposite leg, and return to the starting position as you exhale. Repeat this exercise up to four times and then rest for a few seconds to start again until you complete the five minutes.

Another way to work the abdomen is through the
glute training. Support the weight of the body on the knees and the palms of the hands and stretch the left leg behind. Without bending the knee, bring your leg up while taking a deep breath, and lower it until the balls of your feet touch the ground. Repeat this exercise with the other leg and perform 10 repetitions with each one.

Woman doing pilates/PEXELS

Not only can you tone your buttocks and abdomen, Pilates also allows you to
define the waist. Get into a plank position with your arms outstretched and your back as straight as possible. Bring the left leg towards the left elbow. When you’re done, repeat with the other leg until you complete a total of four repetitions with each leg.

As you know, Pilates does not focus only on the lower body, it
the upper part is also exercised and tone up with these exercises. To do this, get on your knees with your arms out in front and your palms facing down. As you breathe, reach your arms behind you with your palms facing forward, drawing a semicircle as you bring them back to front, and vice versa.