Running gets old: the viral theory that has set the networks on fire

Sara Flamenco

More and more people have introduced the
sport in your day to day. He
gym It is no longer something you pay for not going, but rather it has become a priority because it makes us feel good on an emotional level, in addition to its
benefits for our health. One of the most pervasive activities has been
the runningespecially in celebrities like Amelia Bono, but now it turns out that it is not as good as it seemed.

At least that’s what he says
Dr Gerald Imberrenowned 82-year-old plastic surgeon specializing in treatments
antiaging in Manhattan. According to his theory, running
gets old the skin since the impact to which we submit to it makes it
it falls off. “Have you ever seen a long-distance runner who didn’t have
a haggard and old face?” he asks in the video. Dr. Imber stresses that he is “okay to run a little bit every day or run
three kilometers several times a week”, but everything that passes those limits is not positive.

The so-called
runner face It has been a matter of debate for a long time. Some say that it is because the
impact from running makes the skin of the face
pick up but others suggest that this sensation is due to the
low amount of fat body or to the greater exposure to the sun of the runners.

Woman running/PEXELS

The controversy is served

Dr. Imber already says it in his video, which has been seen by
more than two million of people: “Half of my patients
they love me for that, and half of my patients
they hate me for the same”. If you take a look at the comments of his video, there are
two streams very polarized. On the one hand, those who are delighted to have a
excuse so as not to go running: “You don’t have to tell me twice!” And on the other hand, running lovers, who consider their opinion a
“lack of professionalism”.

What does science say?

Well basically, what
something is right, although taking certain precautions we can avoid the dreaded runner’s face. On the one hand, although sport stimulates the
blood circulation and makes your skin more luminous, it also increases the production of
free radicalswhich generates premature aging.

Woman running/PEXELS

How do we avoid it? On the one hand, treating our skin with products
antioxidants (vitamin C is your great ally) and on the other by following a diet rich in antioxidant products such as
fruits and vegetables. Thus, although we cannot avoid the production of
free radicalswe give our skin the necessary tools to fight against them.

On the other hand, it is also true that the sports of
impact how running can help
sagging and flaccidity of the skin, since it is associated with a loss of elasticity in the
ligaments. But this effect can also be attenuated if we combine the
running with other low-impact sports such as swimming.

And what do we do with it?
aging Premature due to increased sun exposure? using
a sunscreen with a high FPS every time you go out to train. In this way, you avoid the appearance of
wrinkles and spots and protect yourself against diseases such as skin cancer.

In short, do you have to stop
run to prevent premature aging? No, don’t look
excuses silly. Combine this sport with other less harmful and
protect your skin before going for a run. In this way, you will be able to take advantage of all its
benefits and you will mitigate its negative effects.