Scott curl (or preacher curls), how to do this high-level exercise that tones arms and shoulders well

Tamara Villa

Do you spend a lot of time in the gym but still don’t have the biceps you want? Maybe it’s that your weight training program isn’t effective enough. Luckily, there’s a simple and awesome exercise to get those dreamy biceps and tone your arms and shoulders: it’s the
curl scott.

Larry Scott was an American bodybuilder known for his massive biceps. Died in 2014 at the age of 75 from Alzheimer’s disease, he was the
first Mr. Olympia in historybut above all, it popularized certain muscle-building exercises that are still a reference in all gyms in the world today.

His most famous exercise is commonly known as the Scott curl (or “preacher curl”) and he practiced it on his weight bench. They are perfect movements for
increase the volume of muscle fibers and quickly acquire big biceps. It’s hard to cheat and gain momentum to bend your arms doing this exercise.

The Scott curl is the best work out possible for
isolate the muscles of the arms. The main muscles involved are the biceps brachii and brachialis anterior, and the supporting muscles are the brachioradialis (supinator longus) and the flexors of the forearm and fingers. When the arm is forward, the long part is inhibited and the short part is the one that works the most.

How to Do the Scott Curl

This biceps isolation exercise is simple to perform and effective. However, it is necessary
position yourself well so as not to injure yourself and get better results. The first thing to check is the fit of the seat. You should be able to rest your elbows on the rack while keeping your back straight. If you have to lean forward, your seat is too high or your shelf is too low. The top of the desk should be between 5 and 10 cm below the armpits.

Then sit in the chair, rest your torso on the desk and
take the bar in supine position so that the palms of the hands face the ceiling. Each hand should remain in line with the forearms and the wrists should not suffer during this biceps exercise. Close your legs and contract your abs. You are in the correct position to perform the movement.

Woman training arms/PEXELS

After completing the warm-ups and being in the correct position, you can start the
flexion exercises. Inhale and contract your biceps to lift the bar up and back to your chest. You must use an EZ bar. Elbows and shoulders should not move. When you reach the top, hold the contracted position, then exhale as you lower the bar back down, controlling the descent. To work your muscle fibers well, you need to lower the bar as slowly as possible. You should stop the descent just before your arms are tense.

be careful of
do not overload the bar. This exercise puts all the weight on the arms, without cushioning the back and legs. In addition to the risk of injury, the movement will not be effective because you will take your triceps off the bench and help your whole body to raise the bar. It’s something you should completely avoid. It is recommended to perform 8 to 12 repetitions.

things to remember

If your gym does not have a machine to be able to do the Scott curl, nothing prevents you from training in a
adjustable bench, inclined at 45 degrees. The exercise is performed unilaterally with a dumbbell or pulley, you will be standing and your shelf will be the bench. There are also weight machines that repeat the movement of the curl table.

The variations of the curl allow you to bring a bit of originality to your arm building session. The cable curl, alter curl, and inverted curl are some of the most effective variations. You’ll
create tension for full range of motion. Performing sets with a prone, neutral, and supine grip will allow for more complete biceps development, with the first two targeting the brachialis more.

Woman with defined back muscles/PEXELS

Scott curls are one of the most effective exercises for isolating the biceps because they
does not allow you to cheat with the weight when the going gets tough. As such, you’re more likely to get a lot of biceps growth doing this exercise with a barbell or dumbbells because most of the stress is directed toward the target muscles.