The exercise routine to get the steel abs of Miley Cyrus

Sara Flamenco

Miley Cyrus has never stopped being current, but since he released his new video clip,
FlowersThere is not a day that we do not know something about her. What if her song is an ode to self-love, what if it is a poisoned dart to her ex
Liam Hemsworth... but if we are going to talk about something today, it is not about his sentimental troubles, but about the
great body What does he look like in this video? And it is that you only have to see it or take a look at the singer’s social networks to be impressed by her
abs of steel.

miley has always been
slimbut now you can boast of a defined body thanks to the
exercise, which is not only healthier, but also more aesthetic. «From the definition that we can see in his arms and legs, I think that
Miley Cyrus He has followed a strict training program alternating various HIIT, Functional, Pilates and Strength exercises,” he says.
Sara Alvarezco-founder and creator of the RETO48 method.

In the same video clip, she can be seen practicing different sports routines, such as
Battle Rope,
Animal Flow either
burpeesbut today we wanted to focus on your
smooth belly, in which you can intuit steel abs sculpted by exercise.

Singer Miley Cyrus in concert/@mileycyrus

Miley Cyrus’ abs routine

Here you have the
three exercises that the singer practices to show off that flat stomach and marked abs.

bicycle crunches

To perform this exercise correctly, stand
face up, raise your legs and flex them. Place your hands behind your neck and raise your upper body, pointing your left elbow to your right knee and vice versa. Makes
three series of 25 repetitions each.

hip twist

This exercise will help you define the
abdomen already reduce
waist. To perform it correctly, lie face down in a plank position with your forearms on the floor and keep your body elevated and straight. collapse the
abdomen and move the hip from one side to the other without touching the ground. Makes
three series of 15 repetitions each.

Miley Cyrus with defined abs/@mileycyrus

V up

lie down
face up with your arms straight, then lift your legs up and stretch them out to 45 degrees. Raise the trunk and place the arms parallel to the legs
forming a V. Once you get this position, raise and lower your arms and legs always forming a V.
three series of 15 repetitions each.

But only practicing this
routine i wouldn’t get those
ABS so well defined. Combine it with the practice of
pilateswhich he performs up to five times a week and
cardio outdoors, riding a bike, going for a run or simply walking at a good pace. And, as we always say, a
balanced diet it is key for all these efforts to obtain the desired results. Miley has always been
vegan but had to start consuming
fish due to some nutritional problems, but he always takes special care to consume legumes, many plants and seeds to balance the lack of