The OCU reveals the tricks so that you are not deceived when contracting a checking account where you can save your money

When choosing where to save your savings, there are many options to choose from. Sometimes you opt for the bank of a lifetime and in others because of a recommendation that you have received, but depending on each entity there are also a multitude of accounts available and not all of them may be the most recommended for your situation.

In order to choose which type of current account is the most useful for you, you must bear in mind that before opening one it is possible to negotiate any of the conditions with the aim of obtaining improvements. There is no need to accept the first one that is offered to you because it is very likely that there is one that suits you better.

In the OCU they have published an article on the matter with some advice that you should follow if you want to obtain the highest possible return on your savings and there is 5 tips that are of great interest.

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Join Disney and save two months with the annual subscription

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The banks They are increasingly demanding a greater connection, that you not only domicile your payroll, but that you have contracted other types of services or take advantage of a series of obligations, such as the minimum card expense or having insurance with them. Evaluate the available options before taking the plunge because it can be used to negotiate.

There are accounts in which they charge commissions, but others come to return money. Do not forget that you are the client, so you can ask about these types of accounts that are not as strange as they seem. In addition, there are entities, especially online banking, that They do not ask for requirements or charge commissions.

Keep in mind the number of ATMs you have nearby and the commissions that they charge in case of withdrawing money, you would be surprised with the conditions that some banks set.

Lastly, the OCU recommends compare and choose without haste or take the first thing that is put in front of you. You don’t want to lose some of your hard-earned quickly and consistently. Talk to your bank, negotiate and choose the best after reading each of the conditions. Then it may be late.