The spectacular rented suit by Irene Montero on Women’s Day: sustainable, made in Spain and very feminist

raquel rodriguez

It is not the first time that we talk about the stylistic evolution of
Irene Montero. Throughout her political career, the Minister for Equality has been experimenting with clothing and now she dares with more special and original garments like this leather effect skirt.

An improvement that we have noticed today, in the
Women’s Day, when he has opted for a very sophisticated suit and different from what we are used to. In fact, you only have to see the elegant dress that she wore a year ago, on the same date.

Irene Montero has presided over an institutional act organized by the
Ministry of Equality to commemorate 8-M and held at the Teatro Pavón in Madrid. Under the name Now that you see us, this 8-M let’s talk, in this appointment the importance of sexual diversity and taboos related to sex have been addressed.

The Minister of Equality has starred in a round table in which they have participated, in addition to Montero; the Secretary of State for Equality, Ángela Rodríguez, Pam; various students and podcasters. And it was there that we have recorded one of her best looks so far.

This time, Irene Montero has shown herself to be much more consistent with her political discourse and the values ​​of the party she represents, betting on a style from a Spanish firm that advocates the values ​​of ethical and fair fashion:
Joplin Atelier.

This is a brand founded by the sisters Aida and Laura Molano, who
rent and sell their pieces are manufactured in Barcelona and always under a made-to-order system with which they avoid overproduction of garments and offer the rental of their sample book as an alternative to overconsumption.

In this way, Montero has set aside low-cost and fast-fashion garments to give voice and support to brands that thus contribute to a fairer fashion and without excess stock, thus betting on the
sustainability and thus being responsible with the environment and other areas.

Apparently, for this occasion, Irene Montero wanted to get a special outfit and has chosen to rent this
I brought two pieces to the Barcelona firm, made up of an oversized jacket and high-waisted pants printed in different shades combined with purple, the color that represents Women’s Day.

The Joplin Atelier blazer (350 euros).

Joplin Atelier pants (195 euros).

Did you like it and want to copy it? Well, you should know that “this suit is a
unique piece made with excess fabric, so no two are alike”, comment the founders of Joplin. Although they offer an alternative: this shiny purple suit made in Barcelona with the highest quality fabrics and using traditional tailoring processes that can be bought or rented.

The minister combined this pretty outfit with a discreet basic black T-shirt, thus giving the suit all the prominence, and completed the outfit with red heels and a flattering low updo with a parting in the middle and the front locks gathered up in crooked lines. She was gorgeous!