The very cheap bedding sets from Zara Home and Primark Special Prices that will transform your bedroom this spring

Ana Calvo

bedroom it is our sanctuary. Place of rest and relaxation, reading, privacy, dreams. For this reason, as important as taking advantage of every centimeter to make it more functional (with these beds with drawers, for example) is choosing the textiles and bedding that add beauty and comfort to what is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms. of our house.

Trends have marked the colors that are sweeping this season: from the fashionable Pantone pinks to the soft tones that herald the imminent arrival of spring or the green and yellow combinations that we see everywhere. For this reason, when we have discovered the selection of bedding sets of the
Zara and Primark Home Special Priceswe have launched for them to renovate our bedroom for prices that are a real bargain.

The most beautiful and cheap bedding sets from Zara Home and Primark

100% percale cotton and satin fabrics in elegant shades in
Zara Homeand the commitment to organic and sustainable premium fabrics in
Primark they remind us that what is good and beautiful can be (and is) cheap. With quality as a premise and trendy design guaranteed, these five
bedding sets They will add a sophisticated and luxurious note to your bedroom for very little money.

Bedding set with maxi flowers from Zara Home

This duvet cover made in
200 thread count percale cotton With an XXL floral print design on a vanilla yellow background, it exudes delicacy, romance and elegance on all sides. Available in different sizes, it is a sure bet to dress up your spring bedroom and is available from
35.99 euros at Zara Special Prices.

Primark Home Pastel Bedding Set

Soft and candy colors have taken over Primark Home’s spring deco collection. Mauves, powdery pinks, aqua greens and vanilla yellows are the leading tones of the season. That’s why this bedding set with
arty print in a pastel palette it’s up to date and will add a ‘triple B’ trend note to your bedroom: it’s high quality, it’s beautiful and it’s available
from 23 euros.

Zara Home floral print bedding set

floral pattern It is, without a doubt, the great classic of spring. But, in this case, instead of falling into the typical cliché of pinks, Zara Home opts for a timeless palette in which greens with different shades are the protagonists. Elegant and very easy to combine, it is available at Special Prices
from 35.99 euros and is made of 100% percale cotton with 200 threads.

Primark Home Classic Bed Set

vintage inspiration and a ‘coastal grandma’ point (the deco trend that is inspired by grandma’s beach house), this proposal by Primark Home is a resounding yes for several reasons: white never fails and makes spaces appear larger and bright, it is timeless and never goes out of style and, in addition to being extremely cheap (
from 30 euro) is of a premium quality for its organic and sustainable cotton.

Zara Home jacquard bedding set

Elegant, sophisticated and with a finish that seems luxurious, this wonderful duvet cover made of 300-thread-count satin with
paisley print In greenish tones, it is the piece your bedroom needs to look like a five-star hotel room. The best, besides its beautiful design? It is discounted at Zara Special Prices
from 45.99 euros.