These are the differences between Mastercard and Visa

If it is necessary to highlight which are the large electronic payment companies worldwide, the industry is dominated by four companies: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, which they are responsible for handling the majority of card payments in the world.

However, in Spain Two of them stand out above the rest: Visa and Mastercard. Most of the cards Credit cards look the same: a rectangular piece of plastic with numbers on it. And most of the time, these cards would be stamped with the Visa or Mastercard brand logo.

A concept that you should first know is that Neither Visa nor Mastercard issue or distribute cards. The cards are issued by banks or financial entities and are what establish the interest, the gifts on the cards and other discounts.

Knowing this, now you will know what are the main differences between one and the other.

The differences between Visa and Mastercard

Indeed, the differences between Visa and mastercard they are less important to customers than what the card issuer (usually a bank) offers along with the card.

Visa and Mastercard only process payments, instead of deciding on the terms and benefits that the card offers. Besides, Both cards are accepted worldwide, so chances are you won’t have a problem paying with either of them, wherever you are.

Man and woman inserting an SD card into their head

Now, there are certain points of difference between one and the other:


  • Promotions and insurance applicable according to each country and issuing bank
  • Accepted in 30 million stores in 200 countries
  • Accepted at 2.1 million ATMs


  • Promotions and insurance applicable according to each country and issuing bank
  • Accepted in 24 million stores in 210 countries
  • Accepted at a million ATMs

So which is better, Visa or Mastercard? As stated above, the biggest differences between Visa and Mastercard lie in the banks that issue them. The benefits they offer their customers, such as discounts and promotions, vary from bank to bank.

Visa and Mastercard are very similar in Spain, and both are reliable options. Choosing one or the other will depend on your needs and which provider or bank best suits them. For example, if you’re traveling abroad, it might be worth having the card with the best exchange rate and making sure it’s accepted in the countries you visit.

Some They recommend using Visa in less developed countries, but if you are traveling to developed countries, it will not make any difference if you use a Visa or a Mastercard.