This app notifies you when Trump causes panic in the stock market

donald trumpis the newpresidentof theUSA. The sooner we get used to the idea, the sooner we will get used to his outbursts and outbursts. Everytime thatTrumpgives a press conference makes the bread go up and the house go downbagcausing stock market panic among investors.

The fear of their appearances has reached such a point that an application development company has created a very original tool. It’s Trigger, in charge of notify you by means of a notification each timeTrumpbrings down a stockwall street company or a certain value.

There is no shortage of examples of these situations. Without going any further, in the last and controversial press conference the tycoon managed to make the shares of Lockheed Martin and pharmaceutical companies plummet. Donald Trump seems to have trouble measuring the consequences of his words as commander-in-chief of the world’s leading power.

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The app is not new. What is is the alerts tool, incorporated at the beginning of January, although only available for iOS. If you usually invest in the stock market or have shares of companies listed on Wall Street, from now on it is essential on your iPhone.

For the notifications to work you must tell the application which shares you own and which company. The message they display is quite brief, as can be seen in the following image.

This app notifies you when Trump causes panic in the stock market

Everything seems to indicate that The White House will be more than ever at the center of the controversy. Russia’s election hacking has been tacitly confirmed by Trump, while the CIA continues to publish reports pointing to possible Russian blackmail of the new president.

If this news is confirmed, the opposition could provoke an impeachment. It is a political trial caused by some illegal activity, such as submitting US sovereignty to a foreign power.

(Source: Business Insider)