This is the 20-euro Zara dress that will be in Sassa de Osma’s spring wardrobe

Carla Dominguez

Although we are in the middle of winter, surely your head is already in “spring mode”. This does not mean that you go down the street in sandals, but rather that you are already getting some acquisitions for the good weather or simply have them on your wish list. That has happened to us in
zara and in this store we have registered a dress that could be worn by her own
Sasa de Osma.

Surely it has happened to you that you go shopping and instead of finding something for yourself, you see for everyone. Or what is the same, when you see a garment it perfectly comes to mind who could wear it. Something like this has happened to us with this Zara dress that we immediately saw Sassa de Osma wearing.

Christian from Hannover’s wife is one of the
royalsbest dressed along with Queen Letizia, or the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton. However, Sassa’s advantage is that she doesn’t go to many official events and she has more freedom to create a profile on social networks and tell what she wants.

The designer lives in Madrid but also frequently makes trips to Peru (where she was born). On her trips to Peru, she usually opts for rest plans in paradisiacal areas and enjoys the good weather. In most of her looks, we usually see Sassa wearing long, somewhat flowing dresses in brighter colors and even with tropical prints.

It is noted that in the summer season he likes to bet on color. From fuchsia tones to fluorescent green. He also dares with yellow. And if there is something in common, it is that most of the time she tends to go for very comfortable long dresses that she wears accompanied by comfortable flat sandals.

Another of Sassa’s tricks that his followers like a lot is that he perfectly mixes low-cost garments with other luxury ones. In his closet there are clothes from Massimo Dutti, Mango and even Zara. On several occasions we have seen her wear Inditex garments, as I did in 2022 with the most successful Marine jeans from the Galician company.

For this reason, and following the path of her outfits a bit, Sassa would surely add this yellow dress from Zara to her wardrobe. It is a midi dress that you will find right now in the special prices section of Zara and about 20 euros.

Zara dress in mustard color. Photo: Zara.

It is an ideal dress in mustard color, impeccable and without any print. It is a dress with a poplin design, with buttons in the central part, a voluminous skirt and a lapel collar. It is a dress available in many sizes, from XXS to XXL. Although it is true that due to its price and design it is running out at least on the Zara website.