This is what could happen if you receive a Bizum that does not correspond to you and you do not say anything

With barely 7 years of existence, Bizum continues to face the challenge of maintaining its great success based on continuing to increase its users and access possibilities, such as joint purchases to distribute expenses or implement the pay in companies and, of course, it is succeeding.

Despite all its success, today we are going to delve into a subject that surely has happened to someone: receiving a bizum that does not belong to you The big basic problem that the application has here is that, sadly, it does not allow the person who sends it to cancel it. We have all made a mistake at some point in contact and, unintentionally, the money It ended up on someone else’s account.

Here the responsibility lies with the recipient. It must be this person who realizes, if you do not notify him before, and returns your wrong shipment. As stated on the Bizum website, it has 7 days to reject the payment from the website itself. application. In this way, the owner will receive his money back.

“After removing that smile when you see unexpected money, the next thing is to contact your bank. They have made you a Bizum, but you think that it does not correspond to you, so it is time to fix it. The first thing is to call your bank and follow the guidelines to avoid scams”they explain from the web.


All this, logically, refers to a Bizum from someone unknown, not a person from your contacts. From the bank they will be able to provide you with help in order to know the identity of the issuer and they will put you in contact with him to clarify the error.

“It’s time to contact this person and return it. Today for you and tomorrow for me”warns the application itself on its website.

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What can happen if I receive a Bizum that does not correspond to me and I keep the money

This is when the problems come. If you suddenly see an unexpected Bizum that has arrived on your account and instead of rejecting it, you decide to keep it, we are talking about a crime named “misappropriation”.

To give you an idea and get rid of the desire, if the other person denounces, you could find yourself involved in a lawsuit that is punishable by prison sentences from 6 months to 3 yearsso think twice before keeping money that is not yours and that you have received via Bizum, they explain from Business Insider.