Tiktok is already working on a paywall for the benefit of creators and obtaining premium content

The popularity of TikTok It’s skyrocketed, it’s growing exponentially, and loads of creators have built an incredible following on the platform. Well, apparently TikTok is coming up with a new way to help all of these earn money. According to The Information, the platform is working on the development of a paywall.

TikTok has confirmed that it is “testing” a new feature that would allow creators to charge a subscription. We say “testing” provisionally because the company hasn’t given many details about the potential new functionality in the app.

So far what is reported is that the new function would allow certain creators charge $1, or whatever price they choose, for access still video certain. Of course, we repeat, it is not entirely clear how the system would work or who could choose to put a paywall to its contents.

“We are committed to exploring new ways to create a valuable and rewarding experience for the TikTok creator community”Zachary Kizer, a spokesman for TikTok, said in an email.

TikTok wants to boost the income of its content creators

Of course, the announcement of this potential new app subscription feature comes at a pretty interesting time. Earlier this week, Instagram announced its own plans to allow creators to charge subscription fees, and let’s remember that both are huge competitors.

In instagramFor example, creators can share exclusive posts for subscribers, Reels, stories and other content that are not available to other followers and TikTok has already added the possibility for followers to tip creators directly, in addition to this new and future functionality.


Apart from this novelty, it is also reported that the application you would be planning to renew your Creators Fund. This currently stands at $3 billion to compensate creators for their content.

The new fund, however, would pay more to individual creators for its video content, while increasing the fund’s eligibility criteria to only those with at least 100,000 followers. It would also more than compensate for longer videos. In this case it is already confirmed that it is being tested in France and Brazil, and is scheduled to arrive in the United States soon.

With all this and an increasingly reticent United States for young people to use TikTok, the platform seems to resist including great improvements and bonuses for creators. However, so far users have expressed disappointment with the payments from the company itself. We will see how the company develops with these new functions.