We enter the house of Abe the Ape, the illustrator of the moment, and we want to copy the incredible eclectic decoration of his small apartment in Madrid

Like his Instagram account (@abetheapedeco), the house in Madrid of
abe the apethe alter ego of Abraham Menéndez (Gijón, 1977), is a reflection of the personality of the illustrator of the moment: a vast and disorderly erudition, an inexorable sense of humor, a total internalization of generational aesthetics and a certain propensity for

In his universe they fit from Avedon to Espinete. Laura, Manolito and I live in this dwarf apartment, in a 19th century building above the Lara Theater, he tells us. Manolito Peterssen is the rescue dog with whom he poses; Laura Cano, whom he refers to as “the Rembrandt girl”, is his partner, the author of the masterful portraits with an air of the Flemish school that “make our room look like the Hermitage”, jokes Abraham, who has just published the book ‘Divas: goddesses, stars and stars’ (Lunwerg).

The bedroom, with works by Laura Cano.

Painted in an almost tactile midnight blue by Farrow & Ball, and decorated with a chinoiserie print bedspread by Coordonné and an old trade counter turned into a desk,
the bedroom it is the epitome of the artist’s decorative style, something of a cultured and colorful horror vacui.

Illustrations and paintings by the owners. Photo: UXÍO DA VILA

Both in the rest of the house, and in the nearby workshop where Abraham works, there are unique antiques, such as a box of watercolors and a 1920s brass mirror (a gift from the interior designer and antique dealer Marisa G. Serna) in the living room. . About them, an experiment by Abraham: “I bought a horribly painted deer head for five euros, and with branches that I caught on a walk and birds from the bazaar I assembled this.”

Deer head customized by Abraham. Photo: UXÍO DA VILA

He says it with the same naturalness with which he admits to having “ragged” the houses in Asturias of his mother and grandmother, where elements such as the old oil lamp in the bedroom or the Sargadelos ceramics that are in the turquoise showcase that he bought years ago come from. to his friend Guille García-Hoz. «I don’t understand people who are stressed by colors; I feel peace and joy when I surround myself with crazy and loud tones », he explains.

On the fireplace, testa di moro, ceramics, kokeshis (Japanese dolls) and Alquián palm tree /

uxío da vila

The artist also has a soft spot for ceramics from La Oficial, art from the Échale Guindas gallery, and
pop culture. “Puppets drive me crazy”, referring to the original Mickey Mouse and the head of Tintin that I bought in a Parisian vide-greniers that preside over the aforementioned showcase.

Guille García-Hoz showcase. PHOTO: UXIO DA VILA.

In fact, his travels have also chiselled the
eclectic decor, either in the form of artisan plates from Uganda (on the display case wall), or Sicilian testa di moro and sculptural gilt-framed mirror from Florence, both above a fireplace made of plaster moulding. Laura always wanted a fireplace. With this molding, paint and led lights we have convinced ourselves that we have achieved it ».