Weighted Stepping Forward Lunges: The easiest variation on a basic exercise that outlines the glutes and strengthens the core

Tamara Villa

Lunges are an excellent exercise because among other things they can be modified to provide a
safe and effective training for people of all fitness levels, and fits into most exercise routines designed to build upper body strength
leg and the
buttocks. Among those variations, the step forward with weight and step is fantastic.

Among the objectives pursued is
intensify he
quadriceps work and
posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings). You will need as a team some
dumbbells and a
step or a plyo box to get on. It is also worth a
bank. The rest is to make sure you perform the technique well. Just what you can read below.

How to do forward lunges with steps and weights

The first thing you have to do is situate yourself
standing in front of a step or plyo box holding some
dumbbells in your hands at shoulder height. give a
step up with the
right footpressing through the heel to
stretch right leg. carry the
left foot for
find yourself on the right foot at the top of the step.

bend right knee and
step back with your left foot. Lower your right foot to
meet on the left foot on the ground and you will have completed a weighted forward lunge. He has no more. The number of
repetitions and
series (usually two or three) it depends on your
goals and fitness.

Woman doing sports/PEXELS

Benefits of Weighted Stepping Forward Lunges

The forward lunge exercise with steps and weights is excellent for
develop strength in the
quadriceps (front of thigh). Building strong quads helps
protect knee and forward lunges, when performed correctly, create a
minimal stress in the knee.

You actually use your quads little when running or walking on level ground, so you may need to
exercise them for
keep them in balance if those are your main cardio activities.
Go upstairs It is that plus that makes this exercise functional.

How much
lower is the step,
more work the
quadriceps; how much
higher whatever the step, the more work will be done
hamstrings and the
buttocks. Beginners should start with a very low step (three or four kilos) until the movement is perfected. Then you can start increasing the load.

Women doing sports/PEXELS

This exercise
improves balance and the
stabilization because you have to control the weight as it moves up and down, back and forth. Another advantage is that
strengthens legs individuallygenerating the same force in each of them, ruling out a possible decompensation.

Step-ups can be done
almost anywhere, as the only equipment needed is a step, box or bench, and a pair of dumbbells. Is a
excellent alternative to
other exercises for the lower body, such as plyometric jumps, because it is easier to do and lower impact.

Common mistakes

To get the most out of this exercise and reduce your risk of injury, you should avoid certain
common mistakes. So,
protects the knee of your active leg by not pushing it past your toes as it comes up. Pushing the knee forward changes the muscles used and
generates more tension in the knee joint.

active leg knee has to
step over the second and third toes. Avoid letting it collapse in or out. In addition, the work must
come from the front leg, basically raising the rear leg as a deadlift. Pushing up with the lower leg reduces the load on the front leg. And how is it possible that you have to
lean slightly forward to avoid stressing the knee joint, try to keep your torso as straight and upright as possible without arching your back.