How to know right now if the 2022/23 Income Statement will pay or return

Dear reader, if you are a good person and the arrival of the Income campaign worries you, we have very good news. And there is a website that allows you to know in advance if this year you will pay or return.

Thanks to the Treasury website, it is already possible to know if your 2022/23 income statement will be paid or returned. This free simulator is very easy to use, and in a matter of minutes it allows you to know what your result will be in this year’s income statement.

For it, you just have to enter your personal and financial information in the form on the website, which is very easy to complete. If you wonder if this is safe, don’t worry, it is managed by the Ministry of Finance itself.

Of course, with the web you will leave doubts as to whether this year’s income statement will be paid or returned. Yes, there are people who cannot wait for the few weeks that remain for the 22/23 Income Campaign to start.

To return or to pay? Get rid of doubts in minutes

This income simulator was launched a few days ago, and it has already become a very useful and valuable tool for thousands of people who have wanted to anticipate when making their declaration.

It is important to remember that the deadline to file the income statement is June 30 of this year, so having this simulator in advance can be a great advantage depending on the case.

Rent Dates 2022/23: request the draft and when you could have your return entered

Besides, If the result of the simulator indicates that it pays off, you can plan your budget in advance and not get unpleasant surprises.

For all of the above, it is advisable to use said page and make use of the 2022/23 income simulator. Of course, nobody assures us that the final data is exactly the same as that of the final declaration, there are always zeros that can be moved from one side to the other.

Is Plex Free on PS5? [Quick & Easy Installation Guide]

Every media enthusiast out there has heard of Plex and its capabilities to organize their entire media library and stream it on any device imaginable!

One of those devices is also the newest PlayStation 5, which you can easily convert into a media center by installing Plex via the PS Store.

But is Plex free on PS5? The short answer is: yes. The Plex app is free on every platform it supports, but it does have a subscription tier too!

Below, we review the paid plan and tell you how to install the app!

How to Install Plex on PS5?

Installing Plex on your PS5 couldn’t be easier as it only includes a few basic steps:

1. Start the console and log in to your PS account;

2. Navigate to the ‘Media’ tab (top ribbon);

Is Plex Free on PlayStation 5

3. Scroll to the left and open the ‘All Apps’ menu;

4. Navigate to the bottom of the list to find ‘Plex’;

5. Click on the Plex icon and press ‘Download’;

6. Wait for the ‘Ready to use.’ message to pop up.

Plex will download and install within seconds, after which you can go back to the home screen to access the app via the ‘Media’ ribbon menu at the top.

Is Plex Free on PlayStation 5

How to Login to a Plex Account on PS5?

To access all your media content via the PS5, you first have to log into Plex and set up the connection between the console and the Plex server:

1. Ensure your Plex server is up and running;

2. Start your PS5 and launch the Plex app;

3. Navigate to the ‘Sign In’ tab from the side menu;

4. Write down the alphanumeric code that appears;

5. Visit ‘plex.tv/link’ on your desktop or mobile;

6. Log into your Plex account;

7. Enter the four characters when prompted to do so;

8. Choose your Plex media server from the list;

9. Select the media categories for your library.

After pressing ‘Continue’ during the last step, you’ll land in your Plex home screen, where you’ll be greeted by thumbnails of all your media files. The only thing left to do at this point is to choose the film or show you want to watch, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Is There a Paid Version of Plex for PS5?

Yes, there is! You can go pro with Plex Pass, which is the brand’s subscription tier that comes with additional functionality across all supported platforms. Regardless of whether you pay for the monthly ($4.99) or annual plan ($39.99), you can do all of the following:

  • Unlock the mobile app—unless you get Plex Pass, you can’t stream your home media to your mobile devices;
  • Access the Plex Labs apps—you get Plex Dash, which is a handy dashboard to monitor your server, and Plexamp, a beautiful music player;
  • Record TV content—you can schedule and manage your DVR recordings via most platforms, including your PlayStation;
  • Watch trailers and extras—you can access extra content for your home movies and TV shows, including interviews and behind-the-scenes material;
  • Add lyrics to your songs—you can add lyrics to your music via LyricFind;
  • Skip credits and intros—we know you are bothered by intros and outros when binging your favorite shows. Premium Plex allows you to skip them!
  • Use Hardware-accelerated transcoding—perhaps the most essential addition to Plex Pass since it allows for smooth media conversion and playback;
  • Apply HDR to SDR tone mapping—if you want to preserve HDR video colors when streaming it to SDR devices, you need this feature!
  • Early preview access to new features—be the first to know about and test all recent Plex developments with Plex Pass.

While only some of the above benefits are usable on your PS5, you can still try them out after installing Plex on your other devices.

That said, if you believe that Plex is the app for you, you can also get lifetime access to its premium features with a one-off payment of $119.99.

Issues with the Plex App on PS5

Typically, using Plex on PS5 is a hassle-free experience, but some app issues are known to crop up now and then, the most common of which include:

  • Missing format support—while Plex supports a variety of formats and codecs on other platforms, the PlayStation media support is limited. To avoid any playback issues, stick to using MP4 files in a 1080p or lower resolution;
  • Buffering Issues— users also report frequent buffering issues even for lower-resolution videos (1080p), which are most likely the result of outdated codecs and/or an unreliable network connection. However, while you can upgrade your network, there’s nothing you can do about the PS5 capabilities to transcode your files properly;
  • Lack of support—last but not least, unlike the main Plex apps for desktop and mobile, the PS5 one is not updated regularly and does not get the necessary attention from the Plex support team. So, users with an issue are left to fend for themselves.

As you can see, you shouldn’t expect any issues with Plex on PS5 as long as you stick to standard 1080p resolution and have a decent home network. That said, when playing 4K videos, you’re better off using Plex on a different device.

Bottom Line

Now that you know Plex is free on the PS5, you should install it the next time you boot up your console. That way, you’ll greatly expand its functionality from a gaming platform to a full-blown entertainment center that meets all your media streaming needs. Just remember, to get the best experience, you need to purchase or subscribe to Plex Pass.

Upper body training for beginners: how to strengthen chest, arms and back

Tamara Villa

If you’re just starting to lift weights, you probably know that you need to do it to
all your muscle groups: chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core and lower body. That sounds like a lot, but actually
you don’t need to do so many exercises to get the benefits of lifting weights: lose body fat, get stronger, feel safe in your movements and do daily activities with total comfort.

beginners often start with a
total body exercise programBut that’s not the only option. These workouts are shorter and may fit better into a busy day. Can
split easily your workouts for
work on different muscle groups on additional days. To your liking and need.

training of the
upper body for beginners It is perfect for those who want to start training
force. Includes easy-to-follow dumbbell exercises that target all
muscles of the upper body, as well as in the
core. The idea is to start building strength and muscle to create a solid foundation that allows you to move on to more challenging workouts.

Is essential
choose weights carefully. It is better to sin by default than by excess. At first, use weights
lighter So you can
perfect your technique. Focus on doing the exercises correctly. Once your body has gotten used to them, you can try using heavier loads.

And various things you should remember before… Start with a c
5 minute encouragement Light cardio or use very light weights with each exercise to warm up your entire body. Perform each exercise with
1 series of 15 repetitions. The last repetition should be challenging, but doable. Modify or delete any exercise that causes you pain or discomfort.

Modified push-ups (chest)

Starting on the
hands and the
kneesmove your hands forward until the
back flat and the
hands be
wider than shoulders. Bend your elbows and do a pushup, landing as deep as possible. It’s okay if you can only go down a few inches at first. Make sure the
head and the
neck be

Woman in sportswear/PEXELS

If it’s too hard for you, move the m
years back to take some weight off the upper body. You can also try a modified version, such as a
incline pushup or one
wall bending if the push-ups on the floor are complicated. You may need to strengthen your upper body and core to move on to more challenging pushups.

Lat pulls with band (back)

sit or stand
standing while you hold a
resistance band with both hands. Your hands should be about 2-3 feet apart, although you may need to
adjust the position of your hand to get
more or less tension. The closer the hands are, the more difficult the exercise will be.

To start, put the
straight arms and, keeping the left hand in place, squeeze the right side of the back and open the band, pulling the
right elbow to rib cage. Return to the starting position and repeat. Beam
15 repetitions with the right arm, then switch and do 15 with the left side.

Back extensions (back)

Lay down
face down on a mat and place the
hands on the ground next to the ears, with elbows bent. Engage your abs and slowly lift your chest off the floor, concentrating on using your
lower back muscles. You can use your hands gently for support if you need to, but try to use your back muscles as much as possible. Go down and repeat.

Woman in sportswear exercising/PEXELS

Biceps curl (biceps)

bicep curls, you may be able to use a heavier weight. Get up with the
feet hip-width apart and hold the
weights in front of the thighs with the palms facing out. Squeeze your abs and bend your elbows, bringing the weights toward your shoulders. Make sure your
elbows don’t go forward, but stay on your torso. Slowly lower your back without losing tension in the muscle and repeat.

Lateral raises with bent arms (shoulders)

For the lateral raise exercise, you will need to go a little lighter. Get up with the
feet hip-width apart and hold dumbbells with your arms bent at 90 degrees, palms facing in. keeping the
90 degree angleRaise your arms straight out to the sides, keeping your elbows in a fixed position. lift up to
shoulder level. At the top of the movement, your arms should be parallel to the floor. Go down and repeat.

Triceps kickbacks (triceps)

For this exercise, you can place your foot on a
step or platform and support your body with one hand while you work with the other side. Otherwise, hold a
weight in right hand and tilt it from the hips until your torso is at about a 45-degree angle, or if you can, parallel to the floor. rest your
left hand on thigh to support your lower back. She begins by raising her right elbow so that it’s right next to her back. Keep your arm in that position as you extend your right arm back, squeezing the back of your arm. Go down and repeat.

What is Ballet Fit, the exercise to burn fat and correct posture that is sweeping celebrities

Elena Romero Vargas

Ballet Fit was born in the United States and the United Kingdom with the aim of fusing the
benefits of classical ballet with those of fitness. This technique is a hit among the famous because it helps to lose weight while improving coordination and balance, increasing flexibility and toning. All this accompanied by different musical rhythms that result in a dynamic and fun session.

One of the great advantages of Ballet Fit is that it is not only positive for your body, but also for your mind, because it focuses on
connect all aspects of the person to get full benefit. This exercise is perfect for releasing tension and getting rid of stress while enhancing your physical shape.

Ballet Fit classes are usually guided, so it will not be difficult to find one that
adapts to your level and physical condition. If you are not used to this type of training, it is better that you start from a more basic level that will help you get into the rhythm of the session without problems and let yourself go and enjoy the exercise to the fullest.

How to do the Ballet Fit

This discipline merges
15 ballet poses with fitness exercises to work in depth the whole body. It starts with a
heating It helps prepare the body for subsequent training. It focuses on the muscles and joints that are most involved to avoid injuries derived from incorrect preparation.

Paula Echevarría in a Ballet Fit session/@balletfitoficial

Next, a
cardio work focused on exercising the whole body. One of the great attractions of Ballet Fit is that it is dynamic and the most fun, and proof of this is how this activity is carried out: with a
aerobic choreography of the most cane with music from yesterday and today that makes anyone dance.

After this intense part, the work focuses on the abs and buttocks with
mat exercises on the floor. Toning is the central objective of this step, but flexibility and elasticity are also worked on, both qualities that will make your day-to-day tasks much easier.

The finishing touch is put on by the last step, which focuses on working inside and focusing on your
personal growth. The objective is to improve the person’s quality of life and their inner growth, favoring calm after exercise and ending the session with a feeling of complete well-being.

Ballet Fit Benefits

The great attraction of the Ballet Fit is that
the results will not take long to be noticed. Of course, discipline and perseverance are essential to see that the work done bears fruit. Although at first it may seem very demanding, the truth is that the frenzy of the session and the dynamism that it includes means that it is not a complicated practice to do and enjoy!

Woman training Ballet Fit/ @balletfitoficial

Ballet Fit allows you
take care and enhance your figure to the maximum. Since it works the whole body, especially focusing on the abdominal and gluteal muscles, you will see how with a few sessions you will feel better with yourself and with your physique. Well-being is complete and the motivation is none other than enjoying the exercise.

Plus, it’s perfect for
complete other sports disciplines. Prepare your body to give you ease and energy in day-to-day activities, but also in the performance of other aerobic or strength-type sports activities. But not only that, it also corrects your posture and will make you
look as graceful as a ballet dancer.

A flat abdomen in just seven days with this viral workout that only takes 15 minutes

Sara Flamenco

Have the
flat stomach It is one of our most desired objectives, but we do not know how, fat tends to accumulate in our area
abdominal and there is no way to get rid of it. In addition to following a good
feedingone of the keys to say goodbye to that fat is to continue
a HIIT workoutas Elsa Pataky knows well, and you can combine it with specific exercises to strengthen the abdominals.

But of course, as always, the
time it is scarce and you have to optimize it to the maximum to reach everything you have to do. This is not why you should give up
exerciseyou just have to look for a routine that, in a short time, achieves the same
results than a longer series of exercises.

And does that work? Well according to
Vietnamese coach Thanh Lê Yes, and we are going to tell you why. The expert has managed to go viral with a series of videos in which she teaches you how to do it in
a single exercise that, if you practice it in
between 15 and 20 minutes a day, you can see the first results in just a week.

It is very easy to do, since it consists of
jerk the hips, which causes the pelvis to move in anteversion and retroversion, that is, forwards and backwards. The goal is to activate the muscles
ABSstrengthen the core and reduce the
Abdominal fat.

You gotta keep your feet firmly planted on the
floor and move the
hip forward while the
stomach pulls back to the rhythm of fast music. In this way, you activate and strengthen the muscles
ABS in just a few minutes.

Woman with flat abdomen /

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.

In short, the exercise
consists in:

1. Get high
standing Feet slightly apart and knees slightly bent.

2. Collapse the

3. Don’t move
feet or knees in any moment.

3. Slide the
hip forward and, at the same time, carry the
stomach backward.

4. Put out your chest, carry the
stomach forward and the
hip backward.

Of course, like all these videos that go viral on
TikTok and that promise almost magical benefits with little effort, has its
detractors. There are experts who warn that this move should be made
slowly and not abruptly, to avoid damaging the lower back.

Furthermore, for
lose belly fat a caloric deficit is necessary, so it is almost as important to follow a
feeding balanced consuming less
calories than the ones you spend through your
metabolismactivity and training«.

In short, the experts say that no, with being
15 minutes a day putting in and taking out gut, you are not going to get rid of the
Abdominal fat. You should worry about a plan
feeding long-term healthy
caloric deficit and exercises of
cardio and of
force that works all the muscle groups of the body, not just the

Our joy in a well.

This is the figure that forces you to declare your sales in Vinted and Wallapop in the 2022/23 Income

Less than a month to start the process of the Rent 2022/23 (April 11), mention that the Tax Agency has already published the official dates. With all this, Now is when great doubts begin to arise regarding issues that seem to be not entirely clear.

A great example of this refers to the declaration of transactions in applications such as Bizum or even cryptocurrencies, but in this article we will delve into another relatively new aspect.: platforms for buying and selling clothes or other objects such as Wallapop or Vinted.

Both applications for buying and selling first-hand and second-hand objects have grown exponentially in recent years and have become clear platforms to obtain economic returns from them.

For this same reason, the Treasury has set its sights on them and the users who use it regularly to declare their benefits in the 2022/23 Income Tax are not going to be spared either. Of course, like the rest of the situations, There are certain limits that you must be aware of.

When should you declare a sale on Wallapop or Vinted to the Treasury?

Given the fame that you are Applications have earned in recent years, whether it’s selling that cell phone you no longer use for Wallapop or that dress you only wore once at the wedding of an acquaintance for Vintedyou must be aware that in certain cases you have to declare this income when you make the income statement.

To go directly to the point, the Tax Agency explains that Only those sales for which benefits have been obtained must be declared and this taxation is based on these:

  • 19%: up to 6,000 euros
  • 21%: from 6,001 euros to 50,000 euros
  • 23%: from 50,001
Is it profitable to mine Bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

Qualify that these benefits must also be included in the 2022/23 Income for those users who sell a lot in these applications and obtain an income greater than the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (1,080 euros gross from January 1, 2023).

In this case, the Treasury understands that you are carrying out an economic activity with these apps and that therefore you must be accountable (in addition to registering as a freelancer).


Buyers are not exempt either

Lastly, explain that second-hand buyers also have to pay tax through what is known as Property Transfer Tax in the modality of Onerous Property Transfers. this goes from 4% to 10% since it depends on the Autonomous Community.

The Tax Agency explains that, if these benefits are not declared, although it is not very common for inspections to be carried out for this reasonthe fine will be based on the amount of money you did not declare together with a surcharge that can go up to 150%.

“If there has been no profit, the Tax Agency can also establish sanctions for the incorrect presentation of the Income Statement whose amounts can reach 200 euros”they explain from Gefiscal.

What is Nordic walking and why walking with poles helps you burn more calories, increase your strength and improve your heart

Tamara Villa

It is not surprising that more and more people are seen on the street
walking with sticks and with a face of the healthiest. They are doing
nordic walking (or Nordic walking), a sport that is causing a sensation for many reasons. It’s fun, for all ages, and has many proven health benefits.

Nordic walking is a bit
like cross-country skiing, but without snow. You walk with the help and impulse of poles similar to those used in skiing. It first developed in Scandinavia, but did not spread to the rest of Europe until the last two decades. And it is now when he is at a moment of popularity that seems unstoppable. And here you can read why.

burn more calories

As far back as 1995, researchers scientifically proved that Nordic walking
burns more calories than normal walking. In fact, they found that it burned up to 18% more calories than walking for a lifetime. Numerous studies have since confirmed these findings, suggesting that Nordic Walking could be an excellent form of exercise for those looking to lose weight.

Other studies have found that overweight people lose pounds faster doing Nordic walking compared to normal walking. While Nordic walking doesn’t burn more calories than more intense forms of physical work, such as running, it can be a great option for those looking for a
low impact exercise or have certain limitations for sports practice.

Couple doing nordic walk/PEXELS

Increases core strength

Nordic walking also involves the
core muscles (including those of the abdomen and back) more than normal walking. More involvement of your core muscles helps strengthen them, which in turn can improve posture. Better core strength can also
improve balance and range of motion.

Lowers the risk of falls

Unfortunately, as we get older we are more likely to stumble and fall when we walk. This is mainly due to decreased muscle strength, balance difficulties, and problems with the way we walk. The benefit of Nordic walking is that
you place the poles on the ground at the same time you use your legs. This improves your balance and makes you less likely to fall.

good cardiovascular health

Research shows that Nordic walking can improve cardiovascular fitness in as little as four weeks. In addition, Nordic walking in postmenopausal women has been shown to
improves sugar levels in the resting blood, which is important for preventing diabetes and improving blood cholesterol levels.

Reduces pain in extremities

Using canes while walking helps
distribute weight through arms and torso, putting less stress on your back, knees and hips. This helps reduce possible back pain when walking. If you suffer from back, hip or knee pain, Nordic walking could help you, as it redistributes your weight a bit. But the first thing is to consult your doctor.

Woman doing nordic walk/PEXELS

Improves upper body strength

Nordic walking involves more of your arms and shoulders than normal walking, and this could improve your strength. Research has shown that Nordic walking can not only increase hand grip strength, but also
increases muscle activity in the shoulders.

Upper body strength, including grip strength, is
important to many of the things we do every day, from taking our purchases to putting you a coffee. Increased muscle strength is also important for injury prevention, as it helps stabilize and protect joints.

you walk faster

Nordic walking can help you walk faster than normal walking. In fact, it can increase the average walking speed
up to 25% compared to normal walking. As a consequence, you can burn more calories. You see: Nordic walking can be especially good for people who don’t like other types of exercise, like running, but want to do something more intense than brisk walking.

The worm, the easy exercise that activates all the muscles, accelerates metabolism and improves resilience

Tamara Villa

worm exercise, inchworm in English, is one of the most underrated physical jobs. You don’t need any equipment to do it correctly and as you move from one position
standing on a plank and you come back you’re training total body strength and mobility while working your obliques, upper body and entire front end.

It is a movement of
functional training, so it also has benefits in your daily life. you build
resilience so that when you have to run for a bus or catch something before it falls, you have really good core strength that can
prevent injuries by a sudden movement and your body reacts with agility and effectiveness.

The worm exercise is also a great way to
raise your heart rate without impact. You increase it from the very moment you work the legs and upper body. Here’s everything you need to know to perform the inchworm exercise with perfect form and take advantage of its
lots of benefits.

How to do the inchworm exercise right

technique is key to getting the most out of the inchworm exercise and working all those muscles. Make sure that at each step of the process you are training with good technique so that you do not injure yourself and become
stronger and more agile as a result. Knowing the technique is essential, although it is a very basic exercise.

Begin standing with
feet hip-width apart. Bend at the hips and lower yourself (imagine you were a dead weight) until your hands reach the floor, focusing on the
core activation and spinal alignment, while keeping your legs as straight as possible.

Woman doing sports/PEXELS

crawl forward on your hands with your legs straight and your hips locked until you are in a plank position, aligning your spine correctly. Now come back. Move your hands one by one back to your feet.
Reverses the weight movement dead to get back on your feet. That’s a repeat.

The benefits of doing the worm exercise

The inchworm works the
functional strength. This is how we move in daily life. It is an exercise that includes positions that you need for daily life, standing or bending over. It also helps improve your
alignment while
you work the abs. There is a lot of core strength involved. The more you activate and contract everything, the stronger you become.

It also improves
mobility. Multiple joints are working throughout the caterpillar exercise. You’re getting mobility training in your shoulders, in your hips, and even a little bit in your ankles, which is great. Allows you to acquire mobility in some
key areas of your joints.

Woman doing sports/PEXELS

if you have the
push ups Within your regular exercise routine, doing inchworm is a perfect way to prepare for that other job. You will already be activating all the key muscles necessary for the push-up movement, but it is
faster, is not sustained. It’s a
perfect warm up.

The worm exercise is a
low impact cardio and for people who just want to get a bit of a heart beat boost into their workout, it’s really nice. Besides,
relieves hamstrings tense by opening the rear of the body while strengthening the front.

If you’re wondering how often you should do the worm exercise to maximize the full-body benefits, the answer is quite simple:
every day. It is also a perfect job as a warm-up. Start with the
basic version and then work with more
variations as you get stronger.

Easy exercises to tone your legs and improve circulation that you can do at home

Elena Romero Vargas

Exercising the legs is not only a matter of sports lovers, but rather it is a habit that we should all include in our routine, especially if our day to day is more inclined towards a sedentary lifestyle than an active life. Spending many hours sitting can take its toll on your legs in the long run, but don’t worry, because with these super simple exercises you can keep your legs healthy and toned.

If the circulation in your legs suffers, you may notice several symptoms that generate
discomfort and annoyance. This can be a problem especially after 40, when you have to pay more attention to these issues. Practicing exercises to activate circulation favors blood flow,
Avoid liquid retention and helps prevent fat from accumulating in the area, so it will also favor your figure.

The best option to take care of your health is to wear a
active lifestyle and incorporate sports activity into your routine. However, the lack of time in daily life can be an impediment when it comes to finding a place to exercise. Therefore, these exercises that you can do
no need to leave home and in a very short time they will help you keep the health of your legs at bay.


To perform this exercise,
stand up and stand on your toes. Go up and down to this position about ten times. This will help stimulate the contraction of the calves and promote venous return. To give it a plus of intensity,
walk a few steps on the balls of your feet to strengthen your muscles. You can also alternate toe and heel for a more complete exercise.

bike on the ground

lie down on the ground and
move your legs as if you were pedaling. This exercise exercises the leg muscles and promotes the return of blood to the heart. Support your back well on the ground and place your hands behind the neck, and from this position, raise your legs and perform the pedaling movement. A few minutes will be more than enough for it to be effective.

Woman training in the gym/PEXELS

leg extensions

Lie face down on the floor, with your body weight supported on your forearms and knees, which should be at hip height.
Raise and lower your legs, straightening them when you raise them, and perform about 10 repetitions with each leg without actually supporting the knee of the leg that you are exercising on the ground. When you complete this series, switch legs. If you keep your abdomen contracted, this exercise will also help you
work the core.

jump rope

This exercise, in addition to being the most fun, is one of the most complete not only for your legs, but also for working the rest of the body. Jumping is an aerobic workout that helps
burn calories, improve lung capacity and tone the whole body, and especially work the legs. Of course, watch the technique to
not harm your joints.

leg separation

This is one of the star exercises when it comes to activating circulation, and it is especially easy to do. you just need
lie on the floor and stretch your legs up. In this position, he opens and closes his legs and repeats this exercise several times. In order not to lose balance and facilitate the activity, you can help yourself from a wall and open and close your legs guiding you along it.

Woman training legs/PEXELS

foot push-ups

This exercise not only activates circulation, it is also great for strengthening muscles. The best:
you don’t even need to get up from the chair to do it. Sit with your heels flat on the ground, raise your toes and stay in that position for a few seconds, and alternate with raising your heels. Perform about 20 repetitions of each exercise.

CaCo method, the best way to start running to lose weight and gain muscle mass

Sara Flamenco

It is very common to think that
the running is available to everyone, but when you start to
run you can make mistakes that lead to a
injury or abandonment. And why are you going to leave? Because you think that it is easier than it seems and that it is not so hard but, when
you go running as if you had been doing it all your life, you realize that it is not like that, that you are exhausted, with
muscle pains And you don’t last too long at a time.

The first thing you have to know is that
it happens to all of us. If you are not used to exercising
cardiovascular, your resistance is zero. But there is a very friendly way for beginners to start running. Its about
caco methodwhich will help you gain stamina and
Strengthen muscles little by little to establish a routine without suffering.

What is the CaCo method?

It is basically a training that combines
running and walking. Besides for beginners, the
caco method also suitable for
runners who have been doing it for years and return to their old ways after a break. And the best thing is that if you have started running for
lose weightthis type of running training will also help you lose weight.

The goal of this training is to get your
musculature Gain strength little by little so that you can win
endurance and lasting longer and longer
in a hurry. It is an eminently training
cardiovascular in which the muscles of the
lower train (quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, soleus…). The ideal would be to combine this cardiovascular work with
a strength program that completes your training effectively and efficiently.

Woman in sportswear /

Photo by Los Muertos Crew on Pexels.

It is advisable
don’t run every day and, on rest days, do work
strengthening of the musculature to protect bones and joints. Remember that the
running It is an impact sport in which the knee joints or the pelvic floor can suffer, for example. The stronger our
musclesless risk of injury you will have.

Example of training with the CaCo method

Our goal should be to reach
run 30 minutes no need to stop
a maximum of 8 weeks if you are a beginner we must perform
three days a week training and always leaving at least
a day off among them.

A correct progression could be this:

Week 1: 1 minute running and 3 walking. Repeat 6 times. Overall: 34 minutes.

week 2: 90 seconds running and 3 walking. Repeat 5 times. Overall: 33 minutes.

week 3: 2 minutes running and 2 walking. Repeat 5 times. Overall: 30 minutes.

week 4: 3 minutes running and 2 walking. Repeat 5 times. Overall: 35 minutes.

week 5: 5 minutes running and 2 walking. Repeat 3 times. Overall: 31 minutes.

Week 6: 8 minutes running and 2 walking. Repeat 3 times. Overall: 40 minutes.

week 7: 10 minutes running and 1 walking. Repeat 3 times. Overall: 43 minutes.

week 8: 15 minutes running and 1 walking. Repeat 2 times. Overall: 42 minutes.

Week 9: Running throughout the workout.

Remember that before starting the activity you should
heat the musculature, for which it is recommended to walk
five minutes at a brisk pace. At the end of the exercise, you should also have a period of
cooling with another five minutes of brisk walking and a round of
stretching by the end.