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Mongibello, the beautiful hotel that brings the most luxurious spirit of la dolce vita to Ibiza

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Patricia Highsmith chose the name that the locals give to the
Etna volcano, Mongibello, to name the idyllic Italian seaside town of
The talent of Mr. Ripley. There the protagonists of his novel drank martinis and spritz by the sea in the purest spirit of the dolce vita of the Amalfi coast in the 50s.
Mongibello Hotel, which will open in July on the Balearic island.

Mongibello is not a typical hotel. Not many other places will you find a 70’s jukebox in the lobby, a
Alfa Romeo Spider at the entrance, an Italian baroque-style fountain with a
testa di moro (like the ones at the hotel in the second season of The White Lotus), a gazebo or kiosk for weddings, concerts or photos, and a cart of fresh lemonade to refresh you after bathing in Es Caló des’Alga.

A scooter, an Alfa Romeo Spider and a fountain with a head of Moro decorate the entrance to the Mongibello hotel in Ibiza. /


Concept Hotel Group, which currently manages seven hotels on the island, thus makes its debut in the area of
Saint Eulalia with the remodeling and change of concept of the Don Carlos hotel. The hotel manager commissioned the comprehensive reform and redesign of the new Mongibello to
interior design studio ILMIOdesign, which was inspired by Capri and the Amalfi coast, adding the informal and fun touch of Ibiza.

Tribute to 32 characters from Ibiza at the Hotel Mongibello

The hotel recalls in its 32 suites local or famous people who have been able to enjoy the island, from
Tony Pike, the English hotelier who was the host of George Michael or Freddie Mercury; to the motorcycling champion
Angel Nieto; the actress
Angela Molina; the musician
Nacho Cano; the founder of Pacha,
Ricardo Urgell; the fashion designer
Paola Fendi; the comic trio
tricycle; he philosopher
Jose A. Escohotado; Formula 1 driver
Niki Lauda; or the sculptor
Lawrence Quinn, among others. All the suites are decorated with an illustration by the Ibizan artist
Mark Torres.

The Mongibello Hotel suite dedicated to Tony Pike. /


In addition, it has a secret room that bears the name of Lola’s in memory of a mythical club in Ibiza in the 60s and 70s. And in the bar, images of
Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni symbolize that way of enjoying the pleasures of life, day and night, with all the senses, that Italian cinema spread internationally thanks to titles like
La dolce vita, by Fellini.

Corner of the bar of the Mongibello hotel in Ibiza. /


A beach club for vacationers of life in Mongibello

The Mongibello hotel intends to become a haven only suitable for vacationers of life, just seven minutes from the
walk of Santa Eulalia. As novelties with respect to the previous establishment, it has a
restaurant with direct access to the beach, Managed by the creators of Silencio, Silencio de París and El Silencio de Ibiza, in Cala Molí. It will also open a
beach club under the lifestyle brand Wanderlust.

Aerial view of the pool of the Mongibello hotel in Ibiza. /


Those responsible for the reconceptualization of the hotel seek to attract the international client who visits Ibiza regularly and also the local public. His intention is that both can experience the latest trends in urban culture at the hotel and share cocktails and street food at large community tables, following the spirit of a neighborhood party.

“We have put a lot of care into the creation of this new brand, so far the most elegant of the group, although with a touch of rebellion,” says the CEO and co-founder of
Concept Hotel Group,Diego Calvo. “It is a project that we really wanted because, in addition to the fact that it transmits summer and joy on an aesthetic level, on a conceptual level it links very well with the island due to the message we are sending: the art of living.”

Diego Calvo, CEO of Concept Hotel Group at the Mongibello hotel in Ibiza. /

concept hotel group

Exercises with elastic bands to strengthen and stylize your legs and buttocks

Sara Flamenco

There are many ways to exercise your body. If you like the gym, you can choose between group classes, such as
the pilates either the boxingor the use of
machinesbut you can also exercise from home, using the weight of your own body or different
tools fitness.

There are many
tools that can help you make your exercises more intense and the
elastic bands They have become the favorite accessory, especially because they are an accessory
economicversatile and practical for training at home without taking up much space.

elastic bandsThese are tools that are used for training with the aim of increasing muscle thanks to the
endurance that it provides when stretching them. They can be used to strengthen various muscle groups, but are especially effective in the
legs (especially in the
thighs), managing to tone and stylize them.

The key to getting the most out of them is knowing
where to put themchoose the degree of
endurance appropriate and, above all, do the
exercises suitable to get the most out of it. Get your elastic bands at any sports equipment store and write these down
seven basic exercises to have legs of heart attack:

1. Front squat

Grab some elastic bands
longstep on them with both feet in the middle of the band, pass it behind the shoulders and hold them by the
extremes with the hands. With each repetition, you should stretch the band and
control descent using for this the quadriceps, femorals and glutes.

Woman working legs/Photo by Gustavo Fring at Pexels

For the rest, the
position is the same, standing up, with your feet shoulder-width apart, you must go down slowly and controlling the movement until the
thighs parallel to the ground concentrating all the tension in the muscles of the
legs and buttocks.

2. Glute Bridge

Place the
elastic band fair above the knees, lie on the back and place the feet flat on the floor so that the knees are bent at an angle of
90 degrees. Next, he raises his hips to shoulder height by contracting his

The goal is to keep your legs apart and hold the
strain of the elastic band throughout the exercise. So you can work the external face of the

3. Work adductors

Get some elastic bands of the most
long and fasten them to a column passing the opposite end through the ankle. Stand on your side so that the foot that is holding the bench is the one that is furthest from the
column and raise the leg to the side, away from the midline of the body.

to work the
inner thigh position yourself in the same way but placing the foot that holds the band closer to the spine. Next, bring the leg in from the midline of the body.

Woman training legs/PEXELS

4. Walking on the side

Get in the position of
half squatwith the legs separated to the width of the shoulders and the bands placed just above the
ankles. Then move your body by walking
sideways and opening the distance with one foot and closing it with the other.

5. Lateral squat

Place the rubber band on your
thighs, above the knees, and spread the legs until the rubber is taut. To the
descend To perform the squat, spread your legs out to the side, with a
stride broad, bringing the buttocks back. Going down, she brings one leg up
a sidewhile when you rise and descend again, you will have to perform another lateral displacement.

6. Glute kick

Place the elastic band on your
ankles and stretch one of the legs back, so that the elastic band is stretched. After,
raises the leg stretched up to activate the muscles of the
buttocks with a kick back with the leg

7. Quadruped side kick

Place the rubber band on your
thighsabove the knees, and place yourself in a position of
quadruped with hands and knees on the floor. Keeping her back straight, she raises one leg up
side overcoming the resistance of the elastic band thanks to the activation of the muscles of the
buttocks. When you finish with one leg, do the same movement with the other.

The 2000 calorie diet: a perfect eating plan to lose weight without going hungry

Tamara Villa

2,000 calorie diets are standard for most adults, as this number is considered adequate to meet most people’s energy and nutrient needs. Even so, the
individual needs vary based on your age, gender, weight, height, activity level, and weight goals.

Calories provide your body with the energy it needs on a day-to-day basis. Because each person’s body and lifestyle are different, people have
different caloric needs. Depending on activity level, it is estimated that adult women require 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day.

However, caloric needs vary drastically and some people require
more or less than 2,000 calories per day. When the number of calories you burn is greater than the number you consume, you are in a calorie deficit, which can result in weight loss.

On the contrary, you can
gain weight when you consume more calories than you burn. Weight maintenance occurs when both numbers are the same. Therefore, depending on your weight goals and activity level, the appropriate number of calories to consume differs.

Can a 2000 calorie diet help you lose weight?

Following a 2,000 calorie diet can help some people lose weight. Its effectiveness for this purpose
depends on age, gender, height, weight, activity level and loss goals of weight. It is important to note that weight loss is much more complicated than simply reducing your calorie intake. Other factors that affect weight loss include your environment, socioeconomic factors, and even gut bacteria.


What is certain is that caloric restriction is one of the main objectives in
prevention and control of obesity. For example, if you reduce your daily calorie intake from 2,500 to 2,000, you should lose a pound in a week. But on the other hand, a 2,000-calorie diet would exceed some people’s calorie needs, likely leading to weight gain. However, the figure is a good guide and also a
good starting point For those who want to undergo a weight loss plan and find it very hard to start with a restrictive diet.

food to eat

A healthy, well-balanced diet includes plenty of whole, unprocessed foods. While it is vital to ensure
getting enough carbs, protein, and fatfocusing on food rather than macronutrients may be more helpful in creating a healthy diet.

Plan each meal including
high-quality protein and fiber-rich foodssuch as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Also dairy products such as reduced or full-fat natural yogurt, kefir and cheeses, along with lean meats such as turkey, chicken, veal, lamb, veal, etc., as well as fish. The
legumes They play another important role, as do nuts and the ever-recurring olive oil, with all its healthy fats.

Studies suggest that adding a source of protein to meals and snacks may help promote
feeling full and help lose and maintain weight. Also, watching your carbohydrate intake and choosing the right types of carbohydrates can help you maintain weight.


Foods to Avoid

Is better
avoiding foods that provide little or no nutritional value, also known as “empty calories”. These are typically foods that are high in calories and added sugars, but low in nutrients. A small amount of these foods can ruin any nutritional plan and a goal of maintenance or weight loss. Run away from them.

The list of foods you should not eat is
simple and you can imagine: added sugars (baked goods, ice cream, candy), fast food, processed and refined carbohydrates (white bread, cookies, snacks, sugary cereals), fried foods, soft drinks and sugary drinks, etc.

But there is no reason to be strict either because
It’s okay to win a prize from time to time. It’s okay to occasionally indulge in less healthy foods. However, regularly eating the foods on this list can not only be detrimental to your health, but also delay or hinder weight loss or even disrupt your efforts to maintain weight.

The tricks you need to make your cheesecake perfect, told by the creator of the best-seller in Barcelona

Aloña Fdez. Larrechi

With Easter just around the corner, and with it its delicious French toast, it seems that we have no appetite for other sweets. Except if it is a cheesecake, because there is always room for good desserts. And more if you can prepare them at home with the tricks you need to make it perfect, told by the creator of the
cheesecake Best seller in Barcelona.

An aeronautical engineer by training and a cook and pastry chef by vocation, this Bilbao native who has lived in Barcelona since he was six years old has become a
a real teacher of the cheesecakes. And a good example of this is the place that bears his name in Barcelona, ​​which is so successful that sometimes they have to hang the “All sold/Sold out” sign on the door.

Cake, whose passion for cheesecakes comes from “I really liked them a lot,” explains over the phone that making a good cheesecake at home depends on several factors. «I think you have to do a lot of tests, because we always give tricks, we tell a thousand stories and really
every oven is a thingeach cream cheese works in a different way and each mixture is made in a different way”, he explains.

In his book Joncake: the
cheese cakes more gourmet, we can find dozens of different recipes and each of them has a cooking time. “But we have included a note that makes it clear that these times can vary greatly from oven to oven. If you put a very large cake in a small oven, it is not the same as in a larger one or in a professional one. “For me,” she continues, “one of the keys is that, testing, is premise number 1.”

The oven, key ingredient in cheesecakes

It is also important “that the oven is at maximum temperature, a few
220-230 degrees with air. This is important so that the cooking is rather homogeneous. If we do it with heat above and below, because there are many people whose ovens do not have air, I would even raise the temperature a little more ».

With this level of heat, cooking would be much faster, “about 20 or 30 minutes. The distance between 20 and 30 is a lot, but it depends on each oven. We cook
until it’s goldenthe time is around 23-27 minutes.»

In 20-30 minutes we can have our cheesecake ready. /JONCAKE

Continuing with the necessary materials to get a cheesecake that you will fall in love with, the pastry chef points out that a removable metal mold is preferable to make it, a material that “communicates heat better and helps
the cake cooks better from the outside in.” And he explains that he only puts baking paper between “the base of the mold and the cookie, I leave the sides without paper.”

After knowing our oven like the back of our hand, Jon Cake points out that another of the keys to making the perfect cheesecake is that we use «
quality ingredients, this is non-negotiable. If we want to make a quality cheesecake we have to start from something that is of quality”. Obviously, «there must be cheese present, which gives it a differential flavor. And if we want to do something different, we can go to other things ».

Nougat, cookies and donuts to accompany the cheese

The confectioner dedicates his own section in his book to these other things, with creations that are as innovative as they are surprising. Cheesecake and coffee with Lotus biscuits, your favorite, chocolate and smoked chilies, white chocolate and matcha tea, from
Jijona nougat, dulce de leche, Donuts. Jon has not stopped experimenting since he opened his own workshop and now he shares with us the tricks to make a cheesecake something more… If we feel like it.

As for the cheese, Cake reckons you can make a cheesecake “practically” out of
any cheese». «I have always said that for me the only ones that do not make sense to use are the soft ones, such as Burgos cheese, Mató or Ricottas. In the end, if you are going to use cream cheese, the flavor has a certain acidity and the presence of those cheeses will load, you will not notice any flavor. They only help you to get textures or lower intensity », he explains.

Cheesecake and donuts, because in the world of sweets there is no impossible union. /JONCAKE

Another of Jon Cake’s tricks to make his cheesecakes is to use a
kitchen robot, a grinder or turmix instead of a rod mixer, because the latter “incorporates a lot of air and the dough is not so fine.” And it is that the latter, the density of the dough, is another point to take into account when making this dessert, something that is achieved by adjusting the ingredients ».

«If we add a lot of cream, the cheesecake will be more liquid, and if we add
more cream cheese than cream the texture will be denser. In the end it is about playing with the amounts and correcting them based on the result”, he details. «»If when you make a recipe you see that later the cake has become very liquid, your thing would be to replace part of the cream with cream cheese, and if it is very dense, on the contrary».

The confectioner points out that, for him, and despite the purists, “it is very important to
cookie base And the butter, for me is something that makes the difference, because it gives it a crunchy touch and the flavor of butter”. “As a teacher of mine used to say,” she points out, “without a cookie it is “a dessert for people without teeth, the one without it is a creamy cake, the one that does add a crunchy touch that makes it more interesting.”

Taking the cheesecake out of the oven

When we have made the cake, Cake points out that we should keep an eye on the temperature. When removing it from the oven “it is important that it lose heat and then rest
an hour in the fridge, so that the texture acquires consistency. For those who are in a hurry, the cheesecake specialist points out that “fifteen minutes in the fridge for the temperature of the whole cake to balance” would be enough.

Although you have to take into account the outside temperature, the one with which the cake will be when it comes out of the oven, so it will not be the same to make a cake in winter than in summer, nor in Asturias than in Murcia. The ideal is «
let it rest when it comes out of the oven two or three hours” and then put it in the fridge for between fifteen minutes and an hour.

Joncake’s successful tiramisu. /JONCAKE

Joncake: the most gourmet cheesecakes The author has also included the recipes for some of the most popular creations, such as those by La Viña, Oriol Balaguer or Zuberoa, by Hilario Arbelaitz, his favorite because “I’m a fan of
blue cheese». With this section, Cake wants to pay tribute to its authors “because I managed to make my cheesecakes thanks to everything they had already done.”

And if tiramisu is your favorite dessert, the Planeta Gastro book also interests you, since the pastry chef has included his recipe. A license that has a good reason because “my wife doesn’t eat cheesecake, because she doesn’t like cheese, but
Tiramisu He freaks out even though it has mascarpone. When we met, I made a tiramisu cheesecake for her and now it is one of the best sellers and the one that our clientele likes the most », he confesses.

Six easy exercises to lose fat and tone your body in just 15 days

Sara Flamenco

It seems that we have finally realized that the
sport is something essential, not only for our
health, but also to have the body that we have always wanted to have. Of course to follow a
balanced diet is another fundamental pillar, but doing sports regularly is just as important and one thing is not
effective without the other

But depending on what your goal is, you should follow a
Training plan or another. You don’t have to do the same if you want
lose fat than to gain muscle mass. The workouts to lose fat and lose weight have to be workouts where the
pulsations be high to speed up the
metabolism and thus burn more. Before they assured that to achieve it it was worth carrying out
cardio exercises, but it has been discovered that the ideal is to combine it with
force work.

following a
balanced diet and training in this way about four times a week, you will begin to see results from the
15 dayssince at the beginning you will begin to eliminate the retained liquids and then the burning of

write these down
six exercises that cannot be missing in your training routine to
lose fat. Not only are they easy to do, but you can do them comfortably in your
homewithout the need to go to the gym and lose a
time which maybe you don’t have:

Woman doing exercise routine to lose fat. /

Photo by LyfeFuel on Unsplash

jumping jacks

This exercise works globally on the
large muscle groups, thus activating the body completely. They are carried out by coordinating
arms and legs simultaneously, separating legs by means of a jump at the same time that we raise the arms laterally above the head.

jumping jacks provide cardiovascular and respiratory benefits, improving the
oxygenation of blood and tissues. Depending on the intensity with which you perform them and your physical condition, you can burn approximately
350 calories for 30 minutes of exercise.

Shuffle (side step)

This exercise is intended to strengthen
thighs and buttocks comprehensively, actively working on
quadricepsthe gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the

To do it correctly you must stand up, with your feet parallel and your torso upright while you contract your knees.
ABS. Next, move one leg to the side and plant the foot on the ground while bending the knee and lowering the body. He
thigh of the displaced leg must be parallel to the ground and always
foot and knee They must point in the same direction.

Woman doing exercise routine to lose fat. /

Photo by Samuel Rios on Unsplash


burpee born from the union of
push ups chest, the
squats and the
jumps vertical and with it you work the
abdomen, back, chest, arms and legs. Allows you to tone and increase muscle mass in less time, which can contribute to accelerating the

Start by placing yourself in
squatting and then place your hands on the ground keeping your head up. Then he moves the
legs back with your feet together and do a
flexion until touching the ground with the chest. Then pick up the legs again to return to the
initial position. To finish, lift your entire body up
vertical jump raising hands and giving a
slap overhead.

squat with press

This exercise is one of the best to work the body in its
whole. By having the
dumbbells on the shoulders or the
bar in front of the body, the legs are worked when performing the
arms and the
abdomen. In addition, it helps to increase the burning of
calories because it requires the participation of several parts of the body at the same time.

It can be done with both
dumbbells in each hand as with a
bar with discs on the sides. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly out, and
weight chosen in the hands. Push your hips back and lower yourself into a standing position.
squatting, doing a squat. Returning to the starting position,
raise your arms with the weight above your head and lower them back down before starting the lift again.

Woman doing exercise routine to lose fat. /

Photo by Jacob Bentzinger on Unsplash

push ups

push ups It is one of the most typical and complete exercises since it increases the
force and not only in the upper train. In addition, it stimulates and accelerates the metabolism, like all the exercises with which
body weight. And, above all, it improves our posture and postural hygiene.

Get in position to
ironwith the hands separated the width of the shoulders, the fingers separated and the tips of the feet resting on the floor maintaining the
straight and firm body. Lower slowly, bending your elbows out (if you want to work your
triceps you would keep your arms close to your body) until your chest almost touches the ground and returns to the starting position.


This is a very
easy to carry out but at the same time very complete, since you set in motion different
muscles of the body and the work that is done with it is very effective. Help to
tone up the whole body, since it activates the muscles of the
arms, legs, abdomen and backand especially the hamstrings.

To do it correctly you must place yourself
standing with your legs open, making sure that your feet are at shoulder or hip height. You then start to
tilt the body forward and you go down until you rest your hands on the ground, in front of your feet. From here, you start
advance with arms and hands to the front, first forming a
triangle with the body and then extending it until it is in the position of
iron and with a straight back.

These yoga poses relieve muscle tension and are perfect to do before bed

Elena Romero Vargas

Stress and anxiety from day to day are the big
enemies of rest and general well-being, and this can translate into tension in the neck and back that causes pain and discomfort. To avoid this situation, although it seems inevitable given the frenzy of everyday life, you can include small habits in your routine to feel better.

A healthy diet, devoting time to meditation, exercising and sleeping well are key to ensuring your general well-being, but if you need extra help, you can incorporate into your routine some yoga postures that are perfect to do before bedtime and that will They will help relieve stress and get a restful sleep.

Good rest is essential to lead a healthy lifestyle and an active life. Many times what makes it difficult for us throughout the day is not having slept well. Therefore, if you are one of those who find it difficult to fall asleep, these yoga postures will be your solution to
sleep like a baby and, by the way,
release you from tension that accumulates in your body throughout the day.

child’s pose

One of the best poses for relieving concentrated tension in the back is Child’s Pose, which focuses on
stretch pelvis, thighs and ankles to achieve total rest of the body when the exercise is finished. Get on your knees and put your weight on your heels. Lean forward so that your forehead touches the floor and stretch your arms out in front of you with your palms facing you. Then, take a deep breath and stay in that position for a few seconds.

Seated Forward Pose

This pose stretches the back, lower back, and hamstrings, but also promotes a
better digestion and relieves the pain of menopause and premenstrual syndrome. Sit with your feet stretched out and your back straight. Breathe in and slowly lean your back forward so that your head meets your knees. Hold for a few seconds in this position and perform as many repetitions as you need.

Woman doing yoga/PEXELS

cat pose

The area of ​​the body that accumulates the most tension and, therefore, suffers the most in these cases is the
neck and cervical. The cat pose focuses on relieving these tensions and ensuring the well-being of body and mind, because it also
alleviates the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Support yourself on the palms of your hands and knees with your back straight and your abs contracted. Inhale and arch your back at the same time, and as you exhale round your spine by bringing your chin to your chest. Repeat these exercises several times to feel relief.

Sage’s Twist

This posture is so
simple and effective in relieving stress and the tension. Sit on the floor and place your right hand behind your back and your left on the opposite knee. Next, take a deep breath as you turn your body to the right side. Then, repeat the same exercise but towards the left side.

corpse pose

Don’t let its name scare you: this position, despite its gloomy name, is going to become your reference position, because in addition to
calming the body also relaxes (and a lot) the mind. Lie on your back with your feet turned out and your arms close to your body with your palms facing up. With your body completely straight, take a deep breath and exhale slowly, seeking complete relaxation.

Woman doing yoga/PEXELS

sail stance

The main objective of this position is
improve circulation, which greatly favors rest and well-being. Lie on your back and raise your legs on a wall, with your buttocks resting on it and your knees and back straight. You just have to stay in this position for a few seconds and take a deep breath.

Benefits of walking before breakfast: it helps you burn more fat, lose weight and clear your mind

Tamara Villa

There are some negative side effects associated with jumping out of bed and doing physical labor on an empty stomach first thing in the morning if high intensity exercise (HIIT) is your thing. But since in reality the vast majority of humanity is content with
take a brisk walkhere’s the good news about heading out before breakfast: it’s
very good on many levels and it will help you burn more fat, lose weight and clear your mind.

So if you’re doing more moderate intensity exercises, like
brisk walk, research has shown that going out at first light has many benefits. And at all levels: from
functional improvements to physical and mental. Backed by science.

If you are curious to know the
surprising (positive) side effects that your body will experience when you go out in the morning before having breakfast, read on. You will find, among other things, how going for a walk before breakfast helps you lose weight, think better and even live longer.

you will burn more fat

According to a 2017 study published in the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology and Metabolism, obese people who walk for an hour before eating breakfast may
turn on your ‘fat burning’ genes stored much better compared to those who go out to exercise after eating something.

Woman walking on the beach/PEXELS

A more recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that participants who engage in cardiovascular exercise before their first meal of the day experience the
double fat burning compared to those who exercise afterwards.

You will reset your biological clock and prepare your body to sleep better

Research has observed
significant improvements in sleep quality among insomniacs after they started walking and exercising in the morning. Light advances the biological clock and at night, when you want to go to sleep, your body is ready for that. If you’re having a hard time sleeping at night, it could be because you’re not getting enough light in the morning.

It is important
reset the biological clock every morning with exposure to blue light in the morning, to which our receptors are especially sensitive. Light exposure also suppresses the production of melatonin, the hormone that encourages us to sleep, another aspect to watch out for if you have sleep problems.

you will clear your mind

A 2019 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that doing
30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise in the morning, like brisk walking, not only improves cognitive performance, but also improves cognitive functions associated with smarter activity and better decision making. While sedentary behavior is associated with impaired cognition, exercise can
sharply improve cognition.

Woman walking/PEXELS

better concentration

Scientific research has routinely linked brisk walking with a
greater creativity and better concentration. Getting fresh air and exercising first thing in the morning transforms you. Instead of being tempted to mindlessly scroll through social media for an hour, you prepare to arrive at your workplace or start chores with your brain already working.

You will reduce your risk of heart disease

According to recent research, a 30-minute walk every day is enough to
reduce your risk of heart disease by up to 40%. Plus, a walk before breakfast can also improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and help prevent (or control) diabetes.

you will live longer

A large study published in 2015 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a brisk 20-minute walk every day, regardless of the time of day, could
reduce your risk of death by more than 30%. In summary: going for a walk in the morning allows you to live longer… and better!

Is Plex Free on PS5? [Quick & Easy Installation Guide]

Every media enthusiast out there has heard of Plex and its capabilities to organize their entire media library and stream it on any device imaginable!

One of those devices is also the newest PlayStation 5, which you can easily convert into a media center by installing Plex via the PS Store.

But is Plex free on PS5? The short answer is: yes. The Plex app is free on every platform it supports, but it does have a subscription tier too!

Below, we review the paid plan and tell you how to install the app!

How to Install Plex on PS5?

Installing Plex on your PS5 couldn’t be easier as it only includes a few basic steps:

1. Start the console and log in to your PS account;

2. Navigate to the ‘Media’ tab (top ribbon);

Is Plex Free on PlayStation 5

3. Scroll to the left and open the ‘All Apps’ menu;

4. Navigate to the bottom of the list to find ‘Plex’;

5. Click on the Plex icon and press ‘Download’;

6. Wait for the ‘Ready to use.’ message to pop up.

Plex will download and install within seconds, after which you can go back to the home screen to access the app via the ‘Media’ ribbon menu at the top.

Is Plex Free on PlayStation 5

How to Login to a Plex Account on PS5?

To access all your media content via the PS5, you first have to log into Plex and set up the connection between the console and the Plex server:

1. Ensure your Plex server is up and running;

2. Start your PS5 and launch the Plex app;

3. Navigate to the ‘Sign In’ tab from the side menu;

4. Write down the alphanumeric code that appears;

5. Visit ‘’ on your desktop or mobile;

6. Log into your Plex account;

7. Enter the four characters when prompted to do so;

8. Choose your Plex media server from the list;

9. Select the media categories for your library.

After pressing ‘Continue’ during the last step, you’ll land in your Plex home screen, where you’ll be greeted by thumbnails of all your media files. The only thing left to do at this point is to choose the film or show you want to watch, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Is There a Paid Version of Plex for PS5?

Yes, there is! You can go pro with Plex Pass, which is the brand’s subscription tier that comes with additional functionality across all supported platforms. Regardless of whether you pay for the monthly ($4.99) or annual plan ($39.99), you can do all of the following:

  • Unlock the mobile app—unless you get Plex Pass, you can’t stream your home media to your mobile devices;
  • Access the Plex Labs apps—you get Plex Dash, which is a handy dashboard to monitor your server, and Plexamp, a beautiful music player;
  • Record TV content—you can schedule and manage your DVR recordings via most platforms, including your PlayStation;
  • Watch trailers and extras—you can access extra content for your home movies and TV shows, including interviews and behind-the-scenes material;
  • Add lyrics to your songs—you can add lyrics to your music via LyricFind;
  • Skip credits and intros—we know you are bothered by intros and outros when binging your favorite shows. Premium Plex allows you to skip them!
  • Use Hardware-accelerated transcoding—perhaps the most essential addition to Plex Pass since it allows for smooth media conversion and playback;
  • Apply HDR to SDR tone mapping—if you want to preserve HDR video colors when streaming it to SDR devices, you need this feature!
  • Early preview access to new features—be the first to know about and test all recent Plex developments with Plex Pass.

While only some of the above benefits are usable on your PS5, you can still try them out after installing Plex on your other devices.

That said, if you believe that Plex is the app for you, you can also get lifetime access to its premium features with a one-off payment of $119.99.

Issues with the Plex App on PS5

Typically, using Plex on PS5 is a hassle-free experience, but some app issues are known to crop up now and then, the most common of which include:

  • Missing format support—while Plex supports a variety of formats and codecs on other platforms, the PlayStation media support is limited. To avoid any playback issues, stick to using MP4 files in a 1080p or lower resolution;
  • Buffering Issues— users also report frequent buffering issues even for lower-resolution videos (1080p), which are most likely the result of outdated codecs and/or an unreliable network connection. However, while you can upgrade your network, there’s nothing you can do about the PS5 capabilities to transcode your files properly;
  • Lack of support—last but not least, unlike the main Plex apps for desktop and mobile, the PS5 one is not updated regularly and does not get the necessary attention from the Plex support team. So, users with an issue are left to fend for themselves.

As you can see, you shouldn’t expect any issues with Plex on PS5 as long as you stick to standard 1080p resolution and have a decent home network. That said, when playing 4K videos, you’re better off using Plex on a different device.

Bottom Line

Now that you know Plex is free on the PS5, you should install it the next time you boot up your console. That way, you’ll greatly expand its functionality from a gaming platform to a full-blown entertainment center that meets all your media streaming needs. Just remember, to get the best experience, you need to purchase or subscribe to Plex Pass.

Upper body training for beginners: how to strengthen chest, arms and back

Tamara Villa

If you’re just starting to lift weights, you probably know that you need to do it to
all your muscle groups: chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, core and lower body. That sounds like a lot, but actually
you don’t need to do so many exercises to get the benefits of lifting weights: lose body fat, get stronger, feel safe in your movements and do daily activities with total comfort.

beginners often start with a
total body exercise programBut that’s not the only option. These workouts are shorter and may fit better into a busy day. Can
split easily your workouts for
work on different muscle groups on additional days. To your liking and need.

training of the
upper body for beginners It is perfect for those who want to start training
force. Includes easy-to-follow dumbbell exercises that target all
muscles of the upper body, as well as in the
core. The idea is to start building strength and muscle to create a solid foundation that allows you to move on to more challenging workouts.

Is essential
choose weights carefully. It is better to sin by default than by excess. At first, use weights
lighter So you can
perfect your technique. Focus on doing the exercises correctly. Once your body has gotten used to them, you can try using heavier loads.

And various things you should remember before… Start with a c
5 minute encouragement Light cardio or use very light weights with each exercise to warm up your entire body. Perform each exercise with
1 series of 15 repetitions. The last repetition should be challenging, but doable. Modify or delete any exercise that causes you pain or discomfort.

Modified push-ups (chest)

Starting on the
hands and the
kneesmove your hands forward until the
back flat and the
hands be
wider than shoulders. Bend your elbows and do a pushup, landing as deep as possible. It’s okay if you can only go down a few inches at first. Make sure the
head and the
neck be

Woman in sportswear/PEXELS

If it’s too hard for you, move the m
years back to take some weight off the upper body. You can also try a modified version, such as a
incline pushup or one
wall bending if the push-ups on the floor are complicated. You may need to strengthen your upper body and core to move on to more challenging pushups.

Lat pulls with band (back)

sit or stand
standing while you hold a
resistance band with both hands. Your hands should be about 2-3 feet apart, although you may need to
adjust the position of your hand to get
more or less tension. The closer the hands are, the more difficult the exercise will be.

To start, put the
straight arms and, keeping the left hand in place, squeeze the right side of the back and open the band, pulling the
right elbow to rib cage. Return to the starting position and repeat. Beam
15 repetitions with the right arm, then switch and do 15 with the left side.

Back extensions (back)

Lay down
face down on a mat and place the
hands on the ground next to the ears, with elbows bent. Engage your abs and slowly lift your chest off the floor, concentrating on using your
lower back muscles. You can use your hands gently for support if you need to, but try to use your back muscles as much as possible. Go down and repeat.

Woman in sportswear exercising/PEXELS

Biceps curl (biceps)

bicep curls, you may be able to use a heavier weight. Get up with the
feet hip-width apart and hold the
weights in front of the thighs with the palms facing out. Squeeze your abs and bend your elbows, bringing the weights toward your shoulders. Make sure your
elbows don’t go forward, but stay on your torso. Slowly lower your back without losing tension in the muscle and repeat.

Lateral raises with bent arms (shoulders)

For the lateral raise exercise, you will need to go a little lighter. Get up with the
feet hip-width apart and hold dumbbells with your arms bent at 90 degrees, palms facing in. keeping the
90 degree angleRaise your arms straight out to the sides, keeping your elbows in a fixed position. lift up to
shoulder level. At the top of the movement, your arms should be parallel to the floor. Go down and repeat.

Triceps kickbacks (triceps)

For this exercise, you can place your foot on a
step or platform and support your body with one hand while you work with the other side. Otherwise, hold a
weight in right hand and tilt it from the hips until your torso is at about a 45-degree angle, or if you can, parallel to the floor. rest your
left hand on thigh to support your lower back. She begins by raising her right elbow so that it’s right next to her back. Keep your arm in that position as you extend your right arm back, squeezing the back of your arm. Go down and repeat.

What is Ballet Fit, the exercise to burn fat and correct posture that is sweeping celebrities

Elena Romero Vargas

Ballet Fit was born in the United States and the United Kingdom with the aim of fusing the
benefits of classical ballet with those of fitness. This technique is a hit among the famous because it helps to lose weight while improving coordination and balance, increasing flexibility and toning. All this accompanied by different musical rhythms that result in a dynamic and fun session.

One of the great advantages of Ballet Fit is that it is not only positive for your body, but also for your mind, because it focuses on
connect all aspects of the person to get full benefit. This exercise is perfect for releasing tension and getting rid of stress while enhancing your physical shape.

Ballet Fit classes are usually guided, so it will not be difficult to find one that
adapts to your level and physical condition. If you are not used to this type of training, it is better that you start from a more basic level that will help you get into the rhythm of the session without problems and let yourself go and enjoy the exercise to the fullest.

How to do the Ballet Fit

This discipline merges
15 ballet poses with fitness exercises to work in depth the whole body. It starts with a
heating It helps prepare the body for subsequent training. It focuses on the muscles and joints that are most involved to avoid injuries derived from incorrect preparation.

Paula Echevarría in a Ballet Fit session/@balletfitoficial

Next, a
cardio work focused on exercising the whole body. One of the great attractions of Ballet Fit is that it is dynamic and the most fun, and proof of this is how this activity is carried out: with a
aerobic choreography of the most cane with music from yesterday and today that makes anyone dance.

After this intense part, the work focuses on the abs and buttocks with
mat exercises on the floor. Toning is the central objective of this step, but flexibility and elasticity are also worked on, both qualities that will make your day-to-day tasks much easier.

The finishing touch is put on by the last step, which focuses on working inside and focusing on your
personal growth. The objective is to improve the person’s quality of life and their inner growth, favoring calm after exercise and ending the session with a feeling of complete well-being.

Ballet Fit Benefits

The great attraction of the Ballet Fit is that
the results will not take long to be noticed. Of course, discipline and perseverance are essential to see that the work done bears fruit. Although at first it may seem very demanding, the truth is that the frenzy of the session and the dynamism that it includes means that it is not a complicated practice to do and enjoy!

Woman training Ballet Fit/ @balletfitoficial

Ballet Fit allows you
take care and enhance your figure to the maximum. Since it works the whole body, especially focusing on the abdominal and gluteal muscles, you will see how with a few sessions you will feel better with yourself and with your physique. Well-being is complete and the motivation is none other than enjoying the exercise.

Plus, it’s perfect for
complete other sports disciplines. Prepare your body to give you ease and energy in day-to-day activities, but also in the performance of other aerobic or strength-type sports activities. But not only that, it also corrects your posture and will make you
look as graceful as a ballet dancer.