Ahorro.net, a Spanish startup to manage your expenses


Allows you to group expenses to see in which categories you can save. You can view the evolution of the balance with graphs and reports generated on the fly. Set spending objectives and goals to save the amounts you propose.

In the middle of the economic crisis, the efforts of families are invested in control expenses to the max. Just after Christmas, the situation of the savings it’s a little more complicated than usual and more and more households have to tighten their belts to overcome the January slope. In all this situation, management tools such as saving.net they will help you a lot. As soon as you try it, you will say goodbye to all those complicated Excel templates.

Of Spanish development, saving.net It is presented as an online service to manage personal finances in a simple way. To do this, it uses a system of categories that allows you to group the different movements and analyze in which sectors you can spend less money. All the results are presented in a very visual way, thanks to the graphs and reports automatically generated. In fact, the aesthetic section is one of the great strengths of the application: the interface is very careful both in design and in functionality. They have also recently included a calendar viewvery useful to face the movements planned for the next dates.

Analyzing the movements is only the first phase. After finding out which categories you are in spending more than is due, action must be taken in this regard. Living up to its name, Ahorro.net incorporates several tools to be able to save effectively. One of them is spending limits or Goals. You only have to configure a maximum amount for the most problematic categories and the application will alert you if you get dangerously close to the established limit.

Controlled expenses, you may want to set aside a few euros. If you need to settle a debt or want to organize a trip for the summer, the tool Goals will allow you to create a savings plan to collect the required amount within the proposed period. you can create as many Goals as you want and sort them by priority and deadline. You will see how rewarding it is to meet the goals set, without the balance curve twisting more than necessary.

saving.net It’s still in beta and an invite is required to join, but it usually arrives without much delay. In addition to the application, they also have several blogs where they show tips to save when shopping, organizing trips or DIY tasks.