These are the differences between Mastercard and Visa

If it is necessary to highlight which are the large electronic payment companies worldwide, the industry is dominated by four companies: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover, which they are responsible for handling the majority of card payments in the world.

However, in Spain Two of them stand out above the rest: Visa and Mastercard. Most of the cards Credit cards look the same: a rectangular piece of plastic with numbers on it. And most of the time, these cards would be stamped with the Visa or Mastercard brand logo.

A concept that you should first know is that Neither Visa nor Mastercard issue or distribute cards. The cards are issued by banks or financial entities and are what establish the interest, the gifts on the cards and other discounts.

Knowing this, now you will know what are the main differences between one and the other.

The differences between Visa and Mastercard

Indeed, the differences between Visa and mastercard they are less important to customers than what the card issuer (usually a bank) offers along with the card.

Visa and Mastercard only process payments, instead of deciding on the terms and benefits that the card offers. Besides, Both cards are accepted worldwide, so chances are you won’t have a problem paying with either of them, wherever you are.

Man and woman inserting an SD card into their head

Now, there are certain points of difference between one and the other:


  • Promotions and insurance applicable according to each country and issuing bank
  • Accepted in 30 million stores in 200 countries
  • Accepted at 2.1 million ATMs


  • Promotions and insurance applicable according to each country and issuing bank
  • Accepted in 24 million stores in 210 countries
  • Accepted at a million ATMs

So which is better, Visa or Mastercard? As stated above, the biggest differences between Visa and Mastercard lie in the banks that issue them. The benefits they offer their customers, such as discounts and promotions, vary from bank to bank.

Visa and Mastercard are very similar in Spain, and both are reliable options. Choosing one or the other will depend on your needs and which provider or bank best suits them. For example, if you’re traveling abroad, it might be worth having the card with the best exchange rate and making sure it’s accepted in the countries you visit.

Some They recommend using Visa in less developed countries, but if you are traveling to developed countries, it will not make any difference if you use a Visa or a Mastercard.

Twitter will remove blue verification in a few days, unless you start paying for it

It seems like a joke but it is totally real. Very soon (April 1) the Twitter accounts previously verified before Elon Musk arrived at the company they will lose their checkmarks unless they start paying for them.

The website has announced that “it will start to close your legacy verified program and remove any legacy verified checkmarks” April 1. If you remember, shortly after Elon Musk took over the social media platform, Twitter It quickly changed the way the verification process works.

Instead of going through a process to get verified, anyone can get the blue checkmark added to their profile from the social network paying $8 per month to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

The reality is that shortly after Twitter Blue first launched in November 2022, Elon Musksaid “there are too many corrupt legacy ‘verification’ checkmarks from Blue” and that the company will eliminate them in the coming months.

Twitter will remove legacy checkmarks starting April 1

The official Verified Twitter account has made the announcement, saying that individuals and organizations they can only maintain verified status by subscribing to Twitter Blue or registering with Verified Organizations, respectively.

The accounts Twitter Blue keep the blue checkmark, while organizations are highlighted with a gold checkmark. The basis of this commotion is that a multitude of celebrities or relevant people who obtained their verification before Elon Musk’s arrival on Twitter, have until April 1 to subscribe to Twitter Blue or they will lose this badge.

The truth is that it will be quite interesting to see how big celebrities take this novelty and if all of them are willing to pay the subscription once April begins. Surely more than one will show their opinion via social network.

For example, it was previously seen how Stephen King’s reaction showed that Elon Musk’s plan can cause relevant people to leave Twitter and look for new alternatives.

He commits to follow ChatGPT to create a million-dollar business and these are the results

This week Mr. Jackson Greathouse Fall has risen to fame because, although he had very little money to invest, his idea was to rely on artificial intelligence to ensure substantial and immediate profits. And he wanted to do it without paying consultants or other intermediaries.

The way Jackson got started was by using the well-known ChatGPT, a natural language virtual assistant that promised to help users make smarter financial decisions. Yes, the job of stockbrokers is also at risk.

Jackson decided to give it a try ChatGPT and began asking questions about how he could invest his money effectively. The virtual assistant responded with a series of suggestions, including buying shares in a start-up company and investing in cryptocurrencies.

At first, Jackson was a little nervous about investing in a volatile market like cryptocurrencies, but ChatGPT helped him better understand how they work and how he could profit long-term. The story is not wasted. Even if you don’t think it always works.

Artificial intelligence as your investment assistant

Over time, Jackson’s investments began to pay off. The shares of the start-up he had bought increased in value for him, and the cryptocurrencies he had invested in began to generate significant gains.

Thanks to ChatGPT’s advice, Jackson was able to grow his business and increase his income effectively. The investor claims to have found a useful tool and plans to continue using it to make smart financial decisions in the future.

Do you think ChatGPT is too light?  OpenAI wants to give it more personality and controversy

Thanks to ChatGPT, Mr. Greathouse Fall said he was able to raise $1,378.84 for his company in a single daythough Business Insider was unable to verify that amount.

This story is an example of how technology can help entrepreneurs and business people make smarter financial decisions and grow their businesses effectively… or not, since investments are always a lottery no matter how much we study and know the market.

How to know right now if the 2022/23 Income Statement will pay or return

Dear reader, if you are a good person and the arrival of the Income campaign worries you, we have very good news. And there is a website that allows you to know in advance if this year you will pay or return.

Thanks to the Treasury website, it is already possible to know if your 2022/23 income statement will be paid or returned. This free simulator is very easy to use, and in a matter of minutes it allows you to know what your result will be in this year’s income statement.

For it, you just have to enter your personal and financial information in the form on the website, which is very easy to complete. If you wonder if this is safe, don’t worry, it is managed by the Ministry of Finance itself.

Of course, with the web you will leave doubts as to whether this year’s income statement will be paid or returned. Yes, there are people who cannot wait for the few weeks that remain for the 22/23 Income Campaign to start.

To return or to pay? Get rid of doubts in minutes

This income simulator was launched a few days ago, and it has already become a very useful and valuable tool for thousands of people who have wanted to anticipate when making their declaration.

It is important to remember that the deadline to file the income statement is June 30 of this year, so having this simulator in advance can be a great advantage depending on the case.

Rent Dates 2022/23: request the draft and when you could have your return entered

Besides, If the result of the simulator indicates that it pays off, you can plan your budget in advance and not get unpleasant surprises.

For all of the above, it is advisable to use said page and make use of the 2022/23 income simulator. Of course, nobody assures us that the final data is exactly the same as that of the final declaration, there are always zeros that can be moved from one side to the other.

This is the figure that forces you to declare your sales in Vinted and Wallapop in the 2022/23 Income

Less than a month to start the process of the Rent 2022/23 (April 11), mention that the Tax Agency has already published the official dates. With all this, Now is when great doubts begin to arise regarding issues that seem to be not entirely clear.

A great example of this refers to the declaration of transactions in applications such as Bizum or even cryptocurrencies, but in this article we will delve into another relatively new aspect.: platforms for buying and selling clothes or other objects such as Wallapop or Vinted.

Both applications for buying and selling first-hand and second-hand objects have grown exponentially in recent years and have become clear platforms to obtain economic returns from them.

For this same reason, the Treasury has set its sights on them and the users who use it regularly to declare their benefits in the 2022/23 Income Tax are not going to be spared either. Of course, like the rest of the situations, There are certain limits that you must be aware of.

When should you declare a sale on Wallapop or Vinted to the Treasury?

Given the fame that you are Applications have earned in recent years, whether it’s selling that cell phone you no longer use for Wallapop or that dress you only wore once at the wedding of an acquaintance for Vintedyou must be aware that in certain cases you have to declare this income when you make the income statement.

To go directly to the point, the Tax Agency explains that Only those sales for which benefits have been obtained must be declared and this taxation is based on these:

  • 19%: up to 6,000 euros
  • 21%: from 6,001 euros to 50,000 euros
  • 23%: from 50,001
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Qualify that these benefits must also be included in the 2022/23 Income for those users who sell a lot in these applications and obtain an income greater than the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (1,080 euros gross from January 1, 2023).

In this case, the Treasury understands that you are carrying out an economic activity with these apps and that therefore you must be accountable (in addition to registering as a freelancer).


Buyers are not exempt either

Lastly, explain that second-hand buyers also have to pay tax through what is known as Property Transfer Tax in the modality of Onerous Property Transfers. this goes from 4% to 10% since it depends on the Autonomous Community.

The Tax Agency explains that, if these benefits are not declared, although it is not very common for inspections to be carried out for this reasonthe fine will be based on the amount of money you did not declare together with a surcharge that can go up to 150%.

“If there has been no profit, the Tax Agency can also establish sanctions for the incorrect presentation of the Income Statement whose amounts can reach 200 euros”they explain from Gefiscal.

What are the differences between a credit card and a debit card?

In today’s world, credit cards and debit They are essential tools for conducting financial transactions online and in physical stores. Come on, in a few words: to buy on Amazon and have a coffee at the bar, you need a bank card.

However, although both cards look similar, there are significant differences between them that consumers should take into account before deciding which one to ask the bank for once the account is opened.

Today I explain to you what differences there are between credit and debit cards. And, even more important, I will try to tell you what type of client is best for each of them.

Credit and debit cards they differ mainly in how they work and how they affect our personal finances. Some are better for a type of client or user, which has certain monthly expenses, and the other is focused on people with other fiduciary needs.

Explaining the differences between a credit card and a debit card

  • A Debit is linked directly to your checking or savings accounts, which means that every time you use the card, money is deducted directly from your account.
  • On the other hand, a credit card allows you to borrow money to make purchases and then pay off the debt at a later date, With interests. This is usually at the end of the month.

One of the main advantages of a debit card is that it helps you stay within your budgetsince you can only spend the money you have available in your account.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about interest or late fees—you’re not using borrowed money. However, a potential drawback is that if someone steals your debit card and uses it fraudulently, the bank does not have to insure you the money spent.

Elon Musk

On the other hand, a credit card gives you more flexibility in your purchases and expenses, since you can borrow money to make purchases that you could not otherwise afford. Also, if you use it responsibly, it can help improve your credit history, which can be helpful when obtaining loans or mortgages.

However, it’s also easy to fall into the trap of spending more than you have.which can end up being a poisoned weapon because you have to pay interest… and that’s why banks always want to sell us these cards.

Credit card

So which one is better for which type of customer? If you’re looking for a financial tool to help you stay on budget, a debit card is probably the best option.

On the other hand, if what you want is the flexibility of being able to spend more than you have in cash at the time and earn points or rewards on your purchases (ideal for people who travel for work), a credit card is the best option. Now that you know everything, it is your decision to make the best decision.

Warren Buffett’s wise advice that Steve Jobs rejected and Tim Cook did not let go

One of the great characteristic traits of some people is based on asking for advice from their relatives or people who consider that their knowledge will allow them to make good decisions and that is precisely what Tim Cook, current CEO of Manzana, decided to do with Warren Buffet.

Warren Buffett, for those unfamiliar, is an American businessman and philanthropist, widely considered the most successful investor of the 20th and early 21st century, having defied prevailing investment trends to amass a personal fortune of more than $100,000. millions of dollars.

What is remarkable about this news is that the same advice that Buffet finally gave Cook after his question was also initially given to Steve Jobs. However, it seems that Jobs decided to ignore him.

“When I’m inexperienced with something, I make a list of people I think are the smartest to contact for advice…Warren was at the top of the list”Explain Tim Cook.

Apple AirTag

Warren Buffet’s advice that Tim Cook did not let go

After a long conversation, Buffet’s advice was as follows: “Let me cut it out, if you think your shares are undervalued, you should buy their shares”. When Steve Jobs consulted with Buffett, the famous investor also advised him that Apple use his cash to buy back shares of the company. company.

“Tim may not be able to design a product like Steve, but Tim understands the world to a degree that very, very few CEOs I’ve met in the last 60 years could match”Buffett added.

review mac mini m2 pro

As mentioned before, this advice was totally ignored by Jobs. However, Cook’s consultation with Warren was an important part of Apple’s decision to start buying back shares of the company in late 2012.

“We’re lucky because when we buy our stock, we think that almost 50% of American households own Apple stock, either directly or indirectly through indexes and mutual funds.”. and so on,” Cook explains. “So help everyone or help a large number of people.”

Warren Buffett has praised the figure of Tim Cook on numerous occasions and his control over Apple. He considers him one of the best managers in the world, and of course, with Buffet’s invaluable help, what could go wrong?

10 cheap ways to replace the egg in your recipes now that its price is through the roof

Sometimes it’s as simple as you’ve run out of eggs and you no longer have time to go to the supermarket. But, other times, there is a real need, either financial, given the high prices of products like this, or physical, due to an allergy.

It is true that eggs are incredibly healthy and versatile, making them a popular food for many. They are especially common in cake shopwhere almost all recipes call for them but it is necessary to talk about their substitutes.

Although adding or not adding eggs makes the final product different, It doesn’t mean you can’t do without them. There may be a change in flavor and texture, but for the most part, the end result is still pretty similar.

That is why this article explores 10 cheap ways to replace the egg in your diet or cooked.

Cecotec Mambo 10090

10 egg substitutes for your daily recipes



Aquafaba is the liquid used to cook chickpeas, lentils or beans and keep them in cans. Many people throw it away because they are unaware of its many virtues.

It is a popular egg substitute because its composition of carbohydrates, protein, and other soluble plant solids mimics eggs: with this you can emulsify, foam, bind, gelatinize and thicken without any problem.



Arrowroot is a starch that comes from a tuber in South America and can be used in everything from sauces to cakes to thicken liquids.

As an egg replacement in baking, arrowroot is mixed with water to form a porridge before being added to the mixture you are cooking. In this case, we are talking about slightly sweeter and drier recipes, but, of course, it fulfills almost the same function.

commercial egg replacer

commercial egg replacer

There is a variety of commercial egg replacers on the market. They are usually made from potato starch and leavening agents. In this case, it is so to speak the perfect egg substitute since it should not affect the flavor of the finished recipe.

Each brand comes with its own instructions, but typically 1 teaspoon (10 grams) of powder is combined with 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 45 grams) of warm water to replace 1 egg.



Apple compote is a puree made from cooked apples. It is often sweetened or flavored with other spices such as nutmeg and cinnamon. More or less and to give you an idea, using about 65 grams of applesauce can replace one egg in most recipes.

Of course, it is best to use unsweetened applesauce. If you use a sweetened variety, you should reduce the amount of sugar or sweetener in the baking recipe.

Gelatin or Agar-Agar


the gelatin is a gelling agent that is an excellent substitute for eggs. However, it is an animal protein that is typically derived from the collagen of pigs and cows. If you avoid animal products, agar-agar is a vegan alternative made from a type of seaweed or seaweed.

Both can be found in unflavored powder form in most supermarkets and stores or even online.

Carbonated water

Carbonated water

Yes, as you are seeing it. Carbonated water can be used as an egg replacement andn recipes where eggs are used primarily as yeast.

Carbonated water can add moisture to a recipe, but it also acts as a great raising agent. Carbonation traps air bubbles, which helps make the finished product fluffy.

chia seeds

chia seeds

When ground flax or chia seeds are mixed with water, they form a thick mixture which can be used instead of eggs. They both absorb liquid, creating a gel-like texture that helps hold ingredients together, just like eggs.

It is true that the recipes will come out somewhat denser, but here it is recommended to moisten the seeds even more.



Tofu is condensed soy milk that has been processed and pressed into solid blocks. The texture of tofu varies according to its water content. The more water that is extracted, the firmer the tofu becomes, and the same is true the other way around.

On this last case, tofu has a high water content, which means it has a softer consistency. This is relatively bland, but can make baked goods dense and heavy.

Yogurt or buttermilk


Both yogurt and buttermilk are good substitutes for eggs. It is best to use natural yogurtas flavored and sweetened varieties can alter the flavor of your recipe.

Is one of the most popular cheap egg substitutes as it is a very common food in Spanish refrigerators.

Banana’s mashed

Banana's mashed

In this case it is especially useful for confectionery. Like applesauce, mashed bananas are an easy replacement for eggs in most recipes.

As expected, you should keep in mind that it will give off a clear banana flavor when cooked, so it is not recommended if you don’t really like the taste of it.

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As you can see, there are always alternatives to products that seem impossible as an egg, and it is interesting to know about them, especially now that their prices have skyrocketed.

By studying its properties and how it affects recipes, it is possible to find other products that perform the same function. It will never be the same, but sometimes it is no longer up to us whether or not to consume eggs.

5 habits that helped Bill Gates amass a fortune of more than 100,000 million

How did Bill Gates get to the top of the world and manage to amass an extreme fortune of more than 100,000 million dollars? This is one of the big questions that many ask themselves and want to know with the aim, who knows, of becoming the new guru of the technology.

As reported by Forbes, currently (as of March 2023), Bill Gates He owns $103 billion, and it seems his lifestyle, so often featured in many Computer Today articles, is to blame.

You will be surprised to know that he himself He attributes much of his success to a few habits he’s picked up over the years. From the ones you’ve had since childhood to the ones you learned in college after much trial and error.

That is why in this article we collect some of the most striking so that you can take note.

5 habits that helped Bill Gates amass a fortune of more than 100,000 million

In constant learning

This is something that for many may seem crazy or even boring, but Bill Gates incorporates reading into his daily routine, with the aim of being in constant learning and evolution. His goal, as he explains, is to read about 50 books a year and set aside at least an hour every day to read and learn something new.

To give you an idea, It has a huge library ranging from the book Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari to Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinciwhich he acquired at auction for $30 million.

Bill Gates

careful with money

Despite possessing such an amount of money today, this guru of technology He claims to have a very clear policy when it comes to money and spending. In 1998 he gave an interview in which he commented: “I want to have enough money in the bank to pay a year’s payroll, even if we don’t get paid at all, and I stick to that most of the time.”.

Among his large expenses, his continuous investment in those who have less stands out, almost above the rest. Also, he believes that investing in education is one of the most lucrative things that will return positively to you.

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Always follow the same routine

One of the great characteristics of the personality of Bill Gates is the perfect organization of your day to day. In addition, curling the loop and as he has explained on several occasions, everything is divided into a fixed time slot, with the idea of ​​not staying stuck for too long and avoiding distractions. This way of driving by objectives is something he attributes his success to.

no procrastination

The great issue to be dealt with by many is breaking with tasks by checking social networks or email, or simply starting to wander with other topics. In the case of Bill Gates, this is something he has struggled with since he was a teenager, managing to break away from those moments of loss of focus. Many claim that he is so strict that he said that he did not believe in vacations and holidays.

Perhaps it is possible to find a middle ground. Of coursethe human being also needs to disconnect and entertain himself.

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Passionate about his work and confident in his dream and vision

Finally, highlight something that really makes the figure of Bill Gates great. Many successful entrepreneurs say that you have to love your job to really achieve your goals. and even to be able to go further and this is something that Gates knew how to bring to perfection.

“You have to enjoy what you do every day, and for me that is working with very intelligent people”Gates said in 1998. “It’s working on new problems… Competition, advances, research make the field. I think I’m in the most exciting field there is,” Add.

With all this, Bill Gates is the clear example of tenacity and work and there is no doubt of the masterful control both internally and externally of his environment with a clear objective based on efficiency, love and good deeds.

Retirement simulator: how to know what pension you will have left

Surely someone already sees the possibility of retirement just around the corner and you are hesitant to know how much pension you will receive given your Social Security contribution. This would help to know the exact moment (given your purchasing power) to make the decision, but always with the peace of mind that the remaining pension will be enough for your day to day.

It is because in this article you will see how to run a simulationentering basic personal data, with the aim of calculating your pension as a guide.

First qualify that in 2023, this is the age legal ordinary retirement based on your contribution:

  • Proving less than 37 years and 9 months of contribution, retirement can be made at 66 years and 4 months.
  • If you are 37 years old and have a contribution period of 9 months (or more), the withdrawal can be obtained with a age 65 years old.

The Social Security website has a retirement simulator, which you can access and identify yourself. You can do it with your electronic certificate or [email protected], but you can also request that a text message be sent to your mobile (SMS) and fill out a form with your ID, date of birth and telephone number, to receive a security code and be able to enter


This is how the Social Security simulator works to calculate your pension

The first phase is already explained. Previously you will have to have entered the official Social Security website to access the lower part of the page and later to your account. In this case, the process will start through identification by SMS and in your own name.

After the identification process, the website will refer you to the simulator retirement. Next, a screen will appear where you can directly see the time you have contributed as a worker. In this case You can select any of the two options (See your contributions and Simulate your retirement to analyze your working life), but, in this case, you must go to the second one.


Once inside the option indicated in the image, will take you to a full display, previous variants (children, disability, gender gap… etc,) established and you will access the simulation through the button provided.

Of course, the aforementioned variations may also be modified in case of suffering any of them. This is really important to keep in mind as the result may vary.

On this final screen You will now be able to directly play, so to speak, with the possible retirement dates, with the aim of seeing how your final pension varies. You will be able to see your quoted days up to the current or future date. Clarify the aspect of future retirement. In this case, an indicative estimate will be made.


Note that at the end of the process you are allowed the ability to generate a PDF with all the established data and, if you have set different dates, more easily compare the results obtained.

Another way to calculate your pension, although more complex

Before going into the subject, let me tell you that this is not the only simulator that you can access. For example, MAPFRE also has a useful calculation tool, less complete, but with some simple data that you surely already know, such as the years of contribution, you will be able to find out your pension.

However, to calculate retirement leaving out Social Security data, You have an old tax simulator to carry out the same procedure. In this case, you must access the official website and select, in this case (assuming that it is the majority), the concept of “Civilians”.


You must enter the data requested by the tool. The complexity here, hence the Social Security has released a simpler simulator, is that, In the “Body” options, you must include how you have quoted in each of the jobs (the most recent the first), as well as the start and end date of the contract.

You must also include the “Type of Service”, either as practices or if the service is still active. After this, all you have to do is click on “Calculate Pension” and you will get guidance that can be key and that will surely clarify many doubts about your retirement.

As you can see, perhaps the easiest way to get a slight idea of ​​how your pension will look in the face of a future and long-awaited retirement, we find it at the beginning with the Social Security tool. By having all your data, you only have to establish certain variants or preferences to obtain a clear simulation.