Exercises recommended by experts to increase endurance

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Physical resistance is one of the qualities that is worked with exercise and that we use the most in our day to day. Strength, flexibility… everything matters, but having a
physical resistance worked out makes any daily activity easier for us, such as going up the stairs or running to catch the bus.

But in addition to making life easier for us, physical resistance is necessary to maintain
healthy heart and lungs. For this reason, it is essential to perform physical exercises that include the large muscle groups of the body, at a moderate intensity and for a long period of time, which will greatly strengthen the

For best results it is essential to combine
aerobic trainingfocused on cardiovascular capacity, and the
anaerobic, focused on strength. But, what are the exercises that can help us gain greater physical resistance?

The seven essential exercises to increase resistance

The fitness experts from
Metropolitan Club They tell us the seven exercises with which to tone the cardiovascular system and achieve greater physical resistance.


According to Club Metropolitan experts, running is one of the most
complete that exist, since it activates most of the musculature of the body, in addition to the pulmonary and cardiovascular system. The recommendation is to start
little by little, with intervals of 1 to 5 minutes running and 1 to 2 walking to recover. According to these experts, “although it can be expensive at first, when resistance is built, improvement will become a personal challenge and one of your favorite practices.”

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2. Biocircuit System

It is a training system.
personalized Made by the experts of the Metropolitan Club that allows you to train in a circuit with a predefined time. combine
cardio and strength exercises, with the aim of working all muscle groups and cardiovascular resistance. They can include strength exercises such as the Leg Press, Chest Press or Total Abdominal and cardio training with the treadmill or stationary bike.

3. Zumba

Zumba is an aerobic discipline at the rhythm of
Latin music that allows you to burn calories and tone your muscles through fun dance choreographies. Through this type of training you improve the
health in general, you strengthen the bones and muscles and put the heart, lungs and circulatory system in general working.


HIIT is a workout
High intensity that improves our cardiovascular system, burns fat, tones the muscles and speeds up the metabolism. In addition, it activates the cellular mitochondria that are the main producers of
energy. It has been proven that it produces improvements in hypertensive people since it helps to regulate tension, and in type 2 diabetic people, improving their sensitivity to insulin.

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5.HBX Boxing

Under the acronym HBX (Human Body Exercise) this sport is a training program
cardiovascular with musical support that combines the main techniques of martial arts such as kick boxing or mixed martial arts but without contact. This activity combines aerobic exercise with activities that enhance
physical strength and endurance. The practice of this discipline increases fitness, improves respiratory and cardiovascular health and accelerates the burning of calories, among others.

6. Elliptical

The elliptical is a fitness machine designed to exercise
aerobic. It is made up of two platforms, on which you can rest your feet, and two long bars that are grasped with your hands, in such a way that your whole body will move in harmony when you start the exercise. On the elliptical you can
regulate the intensity of the exercise, starting with flat programs and gradually increasing the inclination.

7. Exercise bike and Cycling

This exercise is a great activity.
cardiovascular and aerobic that you can regulate in intensity depending on your physical form. Beyond its use on an individual level, one of the great benefits of this machine is its fun component when participating in group sessions called
cycling (like, for example, spinning). Due to the conditions in which it is practiced, directed by a technician, in a group and with audiovisual elements, cycling is an extremely fun and highly effective activity.