Mindful eating, the method that is sweeping celebrities and that teaches you to have a healthy relationship with food

Elena Romero Vargas

To learn to eat in a healthy and beneficial way for your body, it is not necessary to undergo demanding and restrictive diets, quite the opposite. He
mindful eatingor mindful eating, teaches you to develop a lifestyle where the goal is neither to lose weight in a miraculous way nor to achieve magical goals: just
Look for your relationship with food to be healthy and therefore your life too.

The key to mindful eating is in
mindful eating. To do this, you have to know your body and the needs it has at all times. Neither eat to eat, nor go hungry for pleasure: the way to develop a healthy relationship with food is by eating s
According to what your body needs at all times.

Pay attention to the
emotions you feel at meal times. The feeling of hunger or satiety will give you the necessary keys to know the demands of your body. The way to become aware of this is by stopping to listen, to
distinguish between physiological and emotional hunger, no longer feel guilty when you eat what you think you shouldn’t eat. Meditation, conscious breathing and self-awareness are good tools for this.

Learn to distinguish the different types of hunger

Not always when you feel hungry it is because your body needs to eat. The feeling of hunger comes
produced by different stimuli, and it is essential to know how to differentiate them to achieve this goal of developing an adequate relationship with food. Visual hunger, olfactory hunger or oral hunger are not real hunger, since they are motivated by
sensation that provokes our senses come into contact with food. Just because you like it doesn’t have to really mean that you like it.


When your body needs to eat is when the
hungry stomach which is associated with the feeling of an empty stomach. However, it is essential that you know your body well, because at peaks of stress or anxiety the same symptoms usually occur without the need to eat. Before eating it is recommended that you ask yourself
what do you really need to feel good, and go for it.

Benefits of mindful eating

benefits of mindful eating for your body and for your mind are many. Not only on a physiological level, with what it means to give the body exactly what it needs, it is also very beneficial for your mental health, because
thoughts as negative as guilt or anxiety derived from food gradually disappear as you exercise this ability.

Conscious eating causes
more pleasure and satisfaction. Try to savor each bite, not to crave, but to enjoy and chew your food well. Take your time at each intake and avoid, as far as possible, eating fast or ‘gobble’ food. This way you will not only enjoy the process much more, you will also give your body time to take the
correct rhythm in the processes of assimilation and digestion.

Group of friends eating pizza/PEXELS

you will enjoy much more the taste of food and each intake will be a most pleasant experience. But not only that, it will also be
very beneficial for your digestion. When the body undergoes this process without haste and without having to digest copious amounts, the process is much faster and easier and many more nutrients are absorbed that, in the long run, strengthen your body.

Take note of all these tips and benefits and put into practice this method that is sweeping because, without being a diet as such,
greatly benefits your body and health. Taking care of the relationship with food is a fundamental pillar to lead a healthy life, and conscious eating is the first step for it.