Platform sneakers: the trick for short girls with the most style to be comfortable and look taller

Elena Olivero

Find suitable clothes when you are
short it is a complicated task. The sizes are made in a standard way, valuing a medium height and surely you have ever had to hold the bottom of a pair of pants or have seen that a jacket was bigger than normal, for that very reason. Few brands have a specific section for women with this feature. So, we will have to play with types of garments that most favor our body.

There is an even easier solution: wear heels. With high heels we gain centimeters effortlessly and we get pants, skirts and dresses to fit us better, without dragging the fabric. Also, also
stylize silhouette and give the sensation of longer legs and a slim figure. However, wearing this shoe on a daily basis is unsustainable, unless we have bulletproof feet. But don’t worry, because we have found the key to obtain the same effect as with a heel, but while being super comfortable, and these are
low cost platform sneakers.

Trainers type bamba with platform

If you are short, do not worry about what to wear, since with these sports all the clothes you choose for day to day will suit you much better. In addition, they are super modern and trending versions that will update your look. And the best thing is that they have a
super affordable price. Do you need to add centimeters? Check one of these shoes.

zara We find several models that are super wearable and easy to combine so that you can wear them in all your looks, such as these
sneakers type bamba, in leather effect fabric, white. It has a flat sole with a seven-centimeter ribbed platform. The toe is round and has a lace closure. It costs 29.95 euros, from 35 to 42.

Track shoes with maxi sole

The second option is just as practical, but has a much more modern and youthful design. These are
combined sports shoes in white. They incorporate a
maxi platform with volume and curved structure, with a toothed sole, seven centimeters. The toe is round. And, they have a pull on the back and a lace-up closure. Get them at 39.95 euros, from 35 to 42.

Black platform sneakers

If you prefer the versatility and elegance of a darker shade, opt for these black mixed fabric trainers. They have pieces in leather effect fabric and suede. The tip has rubber. They include a contrasting curved platform, in white, with a notched sole. And, the closure is laces. You can find them for 39.95 euros, from 35 to 42.

High-top canvas sneakers with platform soles

Instagram is full of a particular design that the best dressed are passionate about and here we bring you its low cost alternative, which you will buy at
Bershka. They are some
high-top sneakers in black. The sole is notched, with a contrasting platform, four centimeters. It has a cane at ankle height. The toe is round and they have laces. Get them at 29.99 euros, between 35 and 41.

Ankle boots with invisible wedge

For those who want to add many more centimeters, they also appear in Bershka, these
high-top sneakers, with combined pieces in white and raw. It has
invisible inner wedge on the outside, as well as a flat platform sole. The closure is laced and incorporates a pull tab on the tongue. Its price is 39.99 euros, from 35 to 41.

Trainers with platform in pink tones

Finally, we come to the cheerful and flattering model proposed by
Stradivarius, very youthful. They are combined sports shoes in pink tones. They have star details on the toe. The closure is laced. In addition, they include a flat and notched sole, with a platform. They are available for 27.99 euros, between 35 and 41.