The best deals on Amazon Prime Day robot vacuums


Ana Calvo


For two days, on July 11 and 12, the special offers of the
Amazon Prime Day They revolutionize the online market with discounts that exceed -50% on their flagship products. Electronics, mobile phones and computers, beauty, decoration, fashion and, of course, small electrical appliances lower their prices and leave us with real bargains that we jump to take advantage of. One of the most wanted? The
robot vacuum cleaners.

But why do we like robot vacuum cleaners so much? Very simple: as it happens like kitchen robots, we
make life easier at home, they take work away from us and save us time on housework. Buy it, program it and let it clean for us while we do much more fun things. What more could you want! Well, since we are on Amazon Prime Day… have them
discountlike these models that we have found greatly reduced.

Tidy Robot Vacuum Cleaner! Mellerware Gyro, the most discounted

With a discount of -58%, the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Tidy! Gyro from Mellerware goes from costing more than 300 euros to
only 127 euros with Amazon’s Prime Day deals. But, in addition to its reduced price, it has a 4.5-star rating for its compact design, its suction power, its six cleaning modes and its ability to clean more than 150 square meters on a single charge. And it can be programmed and controlled from your smartphone through its App.

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Lefant M210P: the best value, at half the price

With over 2,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, the Lefant M210P robot vacuum is discounted -54% during Amazon Prime Day and stays
reduced to 119 euros. Users value its incredible suction power, its good value for money, its very low noise level and its anti-stain capacity. In addition, it is optimized for cleaning carpets and carpets and has an improved built-in anti-collision infrared sensor that detects obstacles with greater sensitivity.

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Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mapping LS1, the most intelligent

The Lefant firm is the one with the best and biggest offers on robot vacuum cleaners this Prime Day. The LS1 model incorporates an effective mapping system with artificial intelligence that efficiently plans the cleaning route and allows cleaning to be scheduled with greater precision. In addition, it can be controlled through the smartphone app or the voice command of Alexa and Google Home. This
reduced to 229 euros52% less than its usual price.

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OKP K3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, perfect if you have pets

In addition to being very cheap (it is reduced to
114 euro on Prime Day), what makes this robot vacuum cleaner different is that with its strong suction power and unique air intake design, pet hair doesn’t get clogged like other models with rotating brushes, which makes it a favorite for families with pets at home. In addition, it has an ultra-thin body and four intelligent cleaning modes, with automatic charging and control from the App.

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Roborock Q7 MAX+, for houses with several floors

Let’s start with the important thing, the Roborock Q7 MAX+ is the most expensive product in this selection (
479 eurosdiscounted price), but it is also one of the most complete and exclusive: it offers four weeks of managed cleaning service (when it finishes cleaning, it returns to the charging station and cleans itself), it has twice the power of its competition direct, clean and vacuum at the same time, it has intelligent control and its intelligent navigation and mapping system is perfect for multi-story houses and multiple cleaning areas.

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