Benefits of spinning, Sienna Miller’s favorite sport to achieve a toned and slender body after turning 40


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succeed in
hollywood It has its counterparts and one of them is having to take care of your body a little more than ordinary mortals. Thus, famous actresses like
Julia Roberts either
Gwyneth Paltrow they take care of their body with more or less demanding exercise routines that adapt to their rhythm of life and their
physical state so as not to suffer damage with practice.

the new yorker
Sienna Miller She is one of the actresses who is most committed to taking care of her body, despite the fact that she has confessed on other occasions that she does not like the body too much.
sport. That is why his advice has more value, since he has had to search among the different
disciplines until you find one that helps you look and feel good.

The actress told the magazine
Vogue that whenever he has time he tries to practice
spinningeven the days that it is not enough
motivated. But it is not the only exercise that he does, since he also dedicates a few minutes to
yoga three days a week to balance and improve your posture.

When we talk about
spinning we refer to the indoor cycle, a type of indoor sport that is done by pedaling on a type of
bicycle with specific characteristics. That is, any
stationary bicycle It is not used for spinning.

Sienna Miller with toned abs / Gtresonline

spinning It has become very popular because it allows you to perform
High intensity and without impact, easily adapting to people who are in
low physical shape and also to people with injuries who cannot perform aerobic and
power. Spinning gets you hooked, mainly because you sweat and work a lot, it’s
fun and motivating and each one regulates his resistance according to his physical condition.

Benefits of spinning

1. It helps to lose fat and, therefore, lose weight

Spinning is an ideal workout for
Burn calories, because depending on the intensity it is possible to burn up to
700 calories in one session. Furthermore, the training
intervallic causes us not only to burn calories during the session, but also after the exercise as it accelerates the

2. Tones legs, buttocks and abs

In the spinning sessions, not only the resistance is worked
stencebut also improves muscle tone, especially in the area of ​​the
buttocks and the
legs. When we increase the resistance on the bicycle, the same effort is made as if you go up a hill, which favors the development of the
muscles of these areas.

3. Strengthens bones and joints

With spinning you will not only strengthen some muscles such as the
buttocks or the
hamstringsbut the
tendons and
ligaments surrounding these muscles will also be strengthened.

4. Improves Stamina

Being a training
intervallicspinning improves resistance both
aerobics as
anaerobic. Even if you are not an athlete, you will notice this on a day-to-day basis, for example, when
climbing stairs or when walking to work, since you will be less tired.

Sienna Miller in a white dress and black gloves/Gtresonline

5. Improves heart health

Experts claim that the
spinning helps improve function
cardiovascular considerably and, in addition, strengthens our vital organ, improves
heart rate and decreases the
pressure arterial.

6. Reduce stress

Like any form of physical exercise, the daily practice of spinning reduces the levels of
cortisola hormone released in response to
stress. In addition, it releases a series of chemicals in our brain, such as
endorphins wave
serotoninresponsible for making us feel energetic and lively.

7. Helps you sleep better

Serotonin not only
improves moodbut favors the production of
melatoninwhich is the hormone related to
dream. Therefore, practicing physical exercise also helps to sleep better. Of course, it is advisable not to practice it shortly before going to

8. Low impact for the joints

Spinning is considered a sport of
Low impactso it is possible to benefit from training without the
joints or the knees suffer it. Its practice is recommended even for those people who suffer

9. Reduces the risk of injury

run or practice
cross fitlow-impact sports like spinning are less likely to cause
injuries. But that does not mean that the intensity of the exercise is
minorsince several studies show that they continue to be just as beneficial for improving physical condition, cardiovascular health and sleep quality.