Benefits of surfing, the sport practiced by Elsa Pataky

Sara Flamenco

Elsa Pataky She is in love with sports, as we all know, all you have to do is take a look at her Instagram to discover her training routines, like the one below to get strong and defined buttocks. What you might not know is that
The surf it is one of his passions and living in Byron Bay, he does not surprise us in the slightest. The actress has shared on her social networks her meeting with Kelly Slater, the 11-time world surfing champion, with whom she enjoyed a day of surfing and family with her children and her husband, Chris Hemsworth.

But, besides being a highly instagrammable sport, what
benefits Can it bring us physically and mentally? Well, believe it or not, there are many. It is not easy to catch a wave and ride it, even if it is only for a few seconds, and to achieve this you have to have
a strong musculature and a good state of form.

Despite its difficulty,
The surf It is a sport that is gaining more and more followers, as it is an activity that is as fun as it is bucolic. And if it also tones all your muscles and
helps you lose weight, better than better, right? These are the benefits that surfing can bring you:

Benefits of surfing, one of Elsa Pataky’s favorite sports

tones the muscles

It is a very complete sport, since it works practically all the muscle groups of the body. On the one hand, he trains
the upper body (shoulders, chest and back) and on the other, it also strengthens
trunk and lower body (abdominal, lumbar, dorsal and legs).

The main movements involved in surfing are
rowing and standing up, both very physically demanding. But it is also that each surf session usually lasts at least an hour and usually lasts much longer, so it is not surprising that it shapes your entire body.

Strengthens ligaments and joints

Surfing is a very
little harmful thanks to his practice in the sea. This means that our joints do not suffer impacts, which helps us to
strengthen them without suffering the risk of injury, something that is very common in other impact sports such as running.

Helps with weight loss

Surfing is a sport in which you need a lot of energy, since, in addition to the physical activity that the sport itself entails, we must add that if you surf in areas of cold water
caloric intake multiplies, because the body needs those calories to maintain body temperature. In an intense and long-lasting surf session you can burn
1500 calories or even more.

Elsa Pataky posing in front of the sea in a white long-sleeved cropped top and a black bikini. /


Increase mobility, coordination, stamina and flexibility

Surfing is a sport that requires great
mobility and coordination to perform the different maneuvers, such as staying on the board. It also improves
endurance, since you will need to paddle long distances to catch a good wave. On the other hand, you
flexibility will be increased due to intense work on all limbs and joints.

Improves cardiovascular health

Surfing is an activity that requires being physically active for long periods of time, which makes the
heart rate rises and improves circulation
oxygen in the blood and the respiratory rate. This helps prevent problems such as high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia or diabetes.

Reduces stress and improves sleep

Contact with nature
relaxes the body and mind, since it reduces stress by experiencing the movement of the waves and paying attention to other factors, such as the tides or the wind. In addition, being outdoors you regulate the
Cardiac rhtyms thanks to the secretion of melatonin that is released when practicing sports in the sun.